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BRIGHTEST DAY continues with the revelation of the identity of the cloaked figure that’s been collecting the Emotional Spectrum Entities! But how does its end goal involve the Butcher, the personification of rage?

Plus, another being seeks the red entity – The Spectre! And he has no patience with his former host Hal Jordan, who happens to be in the way…

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant cover by ALEX GARNER

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Feels like this just came out the other day and I’m really excited for this issue.

  2. The revelation last issue was pretty shocking (even though @PraxJarvin claims he knew it was gonna happen :P) Wonder if we will get Alamy as inker or Champagne again?

  3. The last issues inking really helped but who knows! This book has FINALLY started to pick up! Thank goodness cause it was almost cut

  4. @NextChamp Christian Alamy is a colorist.

  5. Now this is gonna be fun.

  6. @PraxJarvin: You so don’t listen to Around Comics.

  7. Nice cover. Lookin forward to it as always.

  8. Last page cliffhanger predictions? Spectre possessed by the red emotion entity, or as a Red Lantern? Or someone else? 

  9. @PraxJarvin No, she’s an inker, at least for this series. Remember when we talked about how different this series looked with Champange as the main inker?

  10. @PraxJarvin, @TheNextChampion:  Listen yo.  Seriously.  Alamy is an artist.  He has been doing mostly inking lately.  He was a semi-regular on the Around Comics podcast like this one in which the panel tries to get him to spill on Blackest Night/Brightest Day GL stuff.  

  11. This will probably be my POTW again unless I like Tec better.  Green Lantern has been so good lately.  I don’t know why so many people say it hasn’t been up to par since Blackest Night, I like it just as much if not more.

  12. It didn’t follow up the last issue at all, but it was an excelent Red Lantern One Shot. I think Johns is just using these as leverage to get a series for the other Corps.

  13. Johns is juggling this massive story like a true master. What he’s doing here is great.

  14. I would whole heartily support cancelling the Guy Gardner series and starting a Tales of the Latern Corps series.

  15. Was all excited that a ‘Kim’ was going to be like a new DC villain, but the Butcher just came and went.  This and Emerald Warriors has been consistently very good.

  16. This was great! I loved it!

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