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BRIGHTEST DAY continues as the truth about the Indigo Tribe members is revealed along with their Entity: the enigmatic Proselyte.

Plus, don’t miss a special Green Lantern movie image!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
"DC 75th Anniversary" Variant cover by FRANK QUITELY

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Classic cover!

  2. It is a nice cover.

    Do you know when War of the Lanterns starts. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Cripes, there’s ANOTHER lantern war coming…

  4. Yes. I am guessing this Lantern War will run into the end of Brightest Day. Hopefully there will be a cataclysmic wrap up to all these Corps and entities of every conceivable color. I think it was mistake not to take a breather from it all, but I am committed to see it through to that end. If they want to keep going with Rainbow Bright and the Skittles brigade after that, I may have to walk.

  5. I’m enjoying this as a book but its not driving my interest in the DC universe anymore.

  6. @jimbilly4 I think that point was not to take a breather and we’ll see that everyone is basically running themselves ragged and it will effect them in War or the Green Lanterns

  7. Showing them running themselves down is a good bit of character work, but the stories since Blackest Night have not been as good as those before, in my opinion any way. And a lot of that seems to me because Johns keeps picking up and dropping stories every issue, not letting anything interesting develop. This is because he is juggling Seven different Corps, if you count White, and is trying to expand on all of them. I think it is part of putting all of his pieces in a row for a cataclysmic conclusion to the Lantern War and Brightest Day, but in the meantime it makes things clunky and uneven. Fortunately the art by Mahnke is regularly super-awesome, so even if we spin our wheels with 8 pages on the latest entity before jumping on to the next color, I have been entertained.

  8. Great homage covers this month.  This one evokes Green Lantern #52

  9. Love the cover, if I find this I might get it but am a little tired of GL lately. Haven’t read it in several months.

  10. Last issue was really good because it focused on Hal Jordan! Shocking I know, to focus on the central character in his self-titled series. But it was fun to read and having the other lanterns on the sideline made it much better to read. Hope we get more of it here even though the ending kinda made it look like it won’t.

  11. Why don’t they just put the original cover in and ask Quietly to do his own design?

  12. Awesome preview page here:

    This has me even more excited now!

  13. I was kinda late jumping on the GL bandwagon, but now that I got all caught up on the trades like a year ago, I get so much more outta the issues these days.  I’m loving everything Johns has been doing with this book.

  14. @Minion – my feelings exactly. I feel like It’s time to drop it, but then I realize that I still enjoy it month to month, it just isn’t THE dc book for me right now. I didn’t know about the Lantern War, but I hope that they maybe kill off a few corps/corps members so that in future years and stories their resurgence can mean something again.
    I think Johns is doing great juggling all the different stories while keeping them tied together. Could you imagine how hard that’s got to be for a writer?!?

  15. @Fvckstick: I actually dropped this from my LCS pull months ago, but oddly still picked every new issue since then.  I feel that GL is just one really bad issue away from me not even doing that.

  16. I haven’t been dying for a big focua on Hal like a lot of people seem to be (it’s been done to death), and as fatigued as I was after BN, I’m still not bothered by the attenion being paid to the various corps. At the end of the day, I’m still curious about them all, and I’ll take Larfleeze and Atrocitus over Hal seeking redemption and arguing with the Guardians any day.

    However, I would like to slow down and focus on some of the ideas Johns has put forth for more than an issue or two. I was stoked for Larfleeze and Hal vs. Ophidian Hammond, but that was over as soon as it began. And Queen Carol has potential but we’ve already moved on from that too. I’m sure he’s building to something enormous and continuity-rocking, but I wouldn’t mind a more narrow, steady focus.

  17. Surprised they didn’t put out a Parallax Flash cover, wanna see what happens with that.

    @WheelHands  Been enjoying the Corp-centric focus as well, cus given Hal is considered the greatest GL there is, he will always have to interact or deal with the other Corps, I think it’s smart that the focus on the other Corps, and on my boy Larfleeze in particular, is through Hal’s perspective.  So even though some may complain that these stories are not focused on Hal, to me they actually are. 

  18. @Franktiger:  Ooo!  I almost forgot Parallax Flash.

  19. @WheelHands  Yeah we have been moving around a lot. He seems to be doing the same thing that Hickman is doing in FF. Hopefully they both pull their stories together in awesome ways

  20. Really hoping for a home run this month. This book, IMO, has been dragging since Blackest Night.

  21. Yeah what the hell happened to Hector Hammond and Ophidan going together? That got dropped so fast after it was introduced one issue and now we haven’t heard of them in several months.

  22. I got off right after Blackest Night but now I feel like I’m ready to come back to GL refreshed.  Is it worth backtracking or should I just pick this up?

  23. @cutty: Normally I’d say jump on in, but with the plotline fluxuating the way it has been, you may benefit from backtracking. Nothing earth-shattering has happened since BN, but there have been a lot of small events which may turn out to be bigger deals down the line. Besides, it’s only been seven months since BN, so there isn’t that much to re-read if you don’t mind spendin the dough.

  24. My eyes rolled back into my head when I saw the Barryllax cliffhanger last month, but I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. And that’s largely because of the bonerrific work of Doug Mahnke. Goddamn this guy is good! He gets better with every issue. The title page with Barry pulling all those moves on Hal was gorgeous. The whole damn issue crackles with kinetic energy. The color was terrific as usual, and nobody does creepiness and filth like Mahnke.

    This cliffhanger has me excited. Kinda predictable given Krona’s history with Nekron, and a lot of us could see it coming (I thought it was Appa Ali Apsa, but whatevs), but it still has serious potential and is bound to have major ramifications. Can someone tell me why he’s tiny now? I always thought he was larger because he was killed (the first time) when the Guardians were still on Maltus. And he can’t have evolved like the rest of them because he’s been a ball of energy for eons or whatever. Am I missing something?

  25. “I am Krona and I am MAD.”

    This was my POTW because it was a lot of fun to read and Johns continues to follow Hal for the majority of the issue. These last two issues have felt fresh from before the Brightest Day nonsense and I like it how the Guardians are now relegated to the sidelines. Also, I thought the art looked really sharper then from before. I think it has to do with the fact that Keith Champagne, and not Christian Alamy, was doing the inks. But it doesn’t ruin Doug Mahnke’s pencils any more then it improves them. Overall a great issue and I can’t wait to see where this is gonna go.

    5/5 (POTW) 

  26. I like this. Not great but I like.

    But dude, I can’t figure out how it works continuity wise how Barry is parrallax here but something entirely is going on in his own book.

    Go ahead and slap me on the wrist for that but, c’mon, it’s the same guy writing both books.

    Do the delays affect the timeline? What happenned before what is what I’m curious to know…

  27. this was definitely the best Green Lantern issue since the close of Blackest Night

  28. Best issue in a while.

  29. damn the art in this is just damn good

  30. @JJ There’s nothing that Barry does in this issue that contradicts what was going on in his own book? Recall, contemporaneous Barry doesn’t appear in issue Flash #7, so just pretend he shot over to Hal and sussed all this out. 

  31. @PraxJarvin  I suppose that works. But he was already here last issue. I been scratcing my head since.

    Oh well, no big deal really. Both stories are cool.

  32. @JJ You’re vastly overthinking it. Continuity isn’t meant to account for every minute of every character’s life. It’s just to give you sense of how the books relate to each other. Again, there’s nothing that Barry says or does that contradicts anything happening in his own book, regardless of when he appeared last issue. This book could be set a week after Flash #6 even though it came out a month or week before. That’s how comics work. Each title might be on a different time frame, even in the same month. Note that Sinestro just left this issue to go to the events in Green Lantern Corps, even though he’s been in that book for two issues already. 

  33. @PraxJarvin  Yes you are right. It’s not stiffling my enjoyment of either books as I pointed out. Continuity is a curiousity for me more than anything else.

  34. I’ve been enjoying GL this whole time but it’s really starting to heat up again.  Good issue.

    The artwork is fantastic.  Tons a great sequences here.  Love the image of the entities being removed.  Doug Mahnke gets it done every month but because of that he often gets forgotten as one of the best artists working currently because he delivers so consistently.

  35. Same old, same old. Insert coloured ring or “entity” into character & let fight scene commence.

    My guess for the last page teaser of next issue — The Spectre being possessed by an entity or wearing one of the multi-coloured rings, saying something like “OK Hal, let’s rock” & he’s making a guitar construct.

  36. Love this comic..everything a superhero comic should be.  Not sure why it has fallen out of the good gracs with the ifanboys.  Still the most fun book on the market.

  37. @JumpingJupiter – interesting that you would bring up the continuity thing because I loved the little scene they put in this issue with Sinestro that ties right in to GL Corps.  I’m actually more excited for the next GL Corps book now that we know Sinestro’s on his way!

  38. @Malecema  Yeah, it’s cool when they do that!

  39. This is the first GL book I picked up since Blackest Night.  Ironically the reason I dropped it was because I got tired of seeing a different lantern/entity/whatever posess different characters over and over again, and the first page is ParaFlash.  I really did enjoy it though, I think its a function of just coming back to GL refreshed and ready for all the madness.  No clue who Krona is, but it was still a cool reveal.

    I was going to leave it on the shelf, but that Gary Frank cover is ridiculous. 

  40. Interesting how Sinestro can seemingly construct a separate entity, so it answered my question as to whether that power was relegated to just Larfleeze and the Orange Lantern, but not the case apparently.  Was that construct someone Sinestro killed though, like it is with the entities Larfleeze constructs?

    Good issue with great art overall. but the, “And I am MAD,” part was kinda corny, is that meant to be his emotional spectrum?

  41. @Franktiger: They can all create “entities”, but they’re more like semi-sentient constructs. Back when Hal was a POW after One Year Later, I remember him constructing an entire OR complete with surgeons to heal Cowgirl, and there have been several times where he’s recreated scenes from his memory. With Larfleeze, I think it’s more a matter of him being powerful enough to maintain an entire core of constructs than a trait specific to his ring/battery. In other words, I don’t think his constructs have to be his victims, he just likes it that way. Cuz he’s crazy. As for the identity of Sinestro’s construct, it looks a little like Arkillo but it has a nose and the teeth aren’t quite big enough. It’s probably just a random Sinestro Corps member.

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