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BRIGHTEST DAY continues as Adara, the Hope Entity, finds a host in a young girl who may be destined to be a great savior. Can this young student hope to contain such a powerful force – and what will drive Hal Jordan on a spiritual journey unlike any he’s ever taken?

Plus, the Spectre sets his sights on the Rage Entity!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant cover by ALEX GARNER

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. As much as I love the Lucky Charms of comic books, I am starting to feel that it might be time for a break from Skittles-mania and find a story line that does not involve some sort of tortured emotional metaphor monster. I really like the Power Rangers, but are there really  5 years of non-stop stories onvolving them? Let’s take a break and fight a Space Gorilla or something…

  2. I hear a lot of ppl saying they are getting bored of the rainbow lanterns. Me I’m loving this, I love green lantern and this makes that world so much bigger. Love it and can’t wait for this issue

  3. I don’t think it could hurt to spend an issue fighting a space gorilla, just as a break between arcs

  4. Johns has a plan. Taking a break from that plan to tell a story about a space gorilla just to appease the small minority would be pretty senseless. This is the formula of the GL main title. Villain-of-the-month stuff hasn’t been happening for years, and it won’t be happening for the forseeable future. Get used to it.

  5. I agree, I need a break from this as well. It’s to many major stories following each other.
    You can still have fun stand alone issues that don’t take away from your overall storyline. Look at the short Alpha Lanterns storyline that took place before rage of the red lanterns. The alpha lanterns didn’t really show up again till the blackest night storyline over 6 months later.

  6. After the snooze-fest from last issue, I am too looking forward to more stories not involving the various Corps. This plot about the white entity finding host doesnt even sound that interest. Spectre fighting the Rage entity for Round 2? Now that sounds like fun.

    Also, this was also delayed which is highly annoying from DC. 

  7. The problem I find is that while the multi-colors provide a wide range of great stories, every single color does not seem to be an equal fountain of awesome. For some time it has felt like Johns has been trying to fully flesh out the entire spectrum, from Corps to Entity, whether or not a solid story comes along with it. I think everyone would be well served by Johns juts focusing on the best stories. If he doesn’t have a great Indigo Compassion Nok Luk story right now, it can wait until he does. Anyway, clearly we are in the middle of the Entity capture storyline and Johns is not going to stop now, but I think the stories have suffered a bit thanks to a "Collect-Them-All" mentality. Don’t get me wrong. I still like it. I just think there has been some weaker sauce lately.

  8. A make or break issue for me.  Again, the book is not bad. Just not excited about it much anymore.  Just may need a break and come back to it later.

  9. I’m enjoying this run almost as much as Batman & Robin!! I’m so glad I got all caught up with all the GL trades and the GLC issues right before Blackest Night!!  Johns on GL is probably the best run that was ever recommended to me by anyone!!

    I love the rainbow lantern stuff but I wouldn’t mind if they took a little time off to do a regular space cop story again like in the beginning of Johns’ run.  Another Batman team up or another Green Arrow team up, you know?

    Too bad Johns can’t get Flash to be like this run!!  I’m about to drop Flash already, but I wasn’t down with the art style from the frontdoor, so I am not surprised!!

  10. @jimbilly4: Careful. I brought up the power ranger comparison a while ago and some people lost their shite over it 

  11. Excited for this issue. It seems this book is back on a semblance of a monthly schedule.

    @Edward It’s not entirely wrong, but it’s a lazy, inaccurate metaphor. 

  12. @PraxJarvin: Sorry, i’m not really entirely familiar with the power ranger canon but i do know that they look a lot like the coloured lantern corps 

  13. Wanted to see more of Dex-Starr, and maybe some more origins stories of the different corps members.  Hopefully some of the more prominent members of the different Corps will face off at some time.

  14. Not tripped out on colors, yet, but not expecting it to be POTW.  Still in.

  15. oh man, I can’t wait to watch those free Power Rangers DVDs I got at NYCC!

  16. Hahaha @ the Power Rangers comparison.

    Yeah, I’m getting to the same point as it seem others are. Enough with the nonstop epicness. Let’s dial it down a tad for a bit. Without a calm before the storm, how impactful really is the storm? Without darkness, what’s so great about the light? I think this series could really benefit from some more basic storytelling. Not to mention a change of pace would just be nice.

  17. @robbyzwonar

    I wouldn’t give up on the Flash jut yet. John’s has plan. I don’t like the first GL trade from his run, I think it’s called No Fear. I think it might be worth sticking with Flash until Flashpoint, if that does nothing for you, maybe it’s not meant to be.

    I’m really enjoying Flash.

  18. I like the long drawn out storytelling. I’d be really annoyed if it suddenly became a farce for a single issue and then returned to normal.

  19. People are calling for a return to the status quo of sixty years of comics before Johns took over . . .

    Cats speak from both sides of their mouth on this topic.

    If this book would have started out as Rainbow Corps. fools would be complaining about a couple years of only Green Lanterns in the book.

  20. I’m burnt out. I was down for all the lantern titles since way before sinestro corps. I’ve now dropped Corps and Emerald Warriors. This and Brightest Day are more than enough for me. I’m hoping the next story arc maybe moves away from the spectrum stuff even for just 5 issues. Won’t happen.

  21. It doesn’t have to be only green lanterns in the book, it can have the spectrum stuff in it but it should be focused on a green lantern.  Hal is pretty much a background character in his own book right now.

  22. JimBilly 4 President


    Had me laughing for a good long while.


  23. I want a Red Lantern book. I really do. And Larfleeze just got awesome again. I love Angry Larvleeze. Now that I’ve accepted that this isn’t a Hal centric book I don’t really care. The supporting cast are all interesting enough that they could have their own book but I know that they will never get one.

  24. Great issue, Mahnke continues to be one of the top 2 or 3 DC artists in my opinion.

    How many people out there would love to see Atrocitus’ brand of brutal, merciless justice carried out like that?  Just wipe them out the murderers, rapists, and pedophiles Atrocitus style, i.e. with no due process.  Sinestro’s stoicism while watching all that was just like him, was so amused by that.

    Glad to see we’re starting to get some Larfleeze back story, adding depth to this almost absurd but excellent character. 

  25. The only thing, though, was that I didn’t know Larfleeze could make his own constructs, thought the Orange power ring centered around creating constructs of specific entities that are killed by other Orange entity constructs, hmmm.

  26. Okay this issue sealed the deal for me on one thing:

    This isn’t a Green Lantern book anymore.

    Hal is so far down in terms of importance as a character here. Larfleeze, Atrocious, Sinestro, and Carol are getting much more time then anyone else. (Hell I forgot about Saint Walker until I saw the cover) This is not a bad comic by any means, but the lack of a strong GREEN LANTERN presence is getting a bit annoying now. I want Johns to slow down and give us some breathing room here. There’s no DCU event going on (that we know of at least) that Johns is setting up too. He should give us some time to at least get our bearings.

    The art by Mahnke is fantastic as usual. Although the, seemingly, long line of inkers in this showed with some weird faces through out the book.


  27. Good issue, although lately I feel the book is losing its direction, artwise and storywise. The scene with Abraham and Larfleeze was incredible.

    @TNC, I agree, not enough Green Lantern in Green Lantern.

  28. @Franktiger I assume that he can only create his corps when his power level is over 100% Simple constructs are much easier

  29. @Minion – Ah brilliant, cus you could almost deduce that from that panel of him struggling to construct his entities, it is a reasonable enuf explanation; but does that mean other Lanterns can do the same thing, or is the ability to contruct entities in the way Larfleeze can exclusive to the Orange Lantern power ring, just as only Red Lanterns spew from their mouths, because apparently, Red Lanterns can use their rings to a certain extent as well.  Are we able to categorize what or whether each Lantern has a particular capacity that no other ring can do?  Like does the Green or Yellow Lanterns have a particular ability that is reserved for those rings, cus it’s not so obvious with those at least.

  30. @FrankTiger I think Hal made his own Corps in Agent orange when he was supercharged and wearing a blue ring. It wasn’t people he killed though.

  31. Yea, but would like to think that each ring has it’s own special characteristics, driven and based on the motivational emotion behind it, like since willpower is the driving force behind GLs, the type of contructs they can make are different from ones that are inspired by fear or love.

  32. Maybe creating your own construct Corps is a possibility when over-charged.  Larfleeze was often running 10x maximum power during Blackest Night.  Hal’s green ring was over-charged when he wore the blue one.

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