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BRIGHTEST DAY marches on as the Main Man, Lobo, goes head-to-head with Red Lantern Atrocitus – with Hal Jordan caught in the middle! It doesn’t get more brutal than this! Plus, Hector Hammond returns… to join the new Guardians?

Written by GEOFF JOHNS

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Can someone give me a quick bio on Lobo. I don’t read much DC except GL, Flash and Batman and I’ve never read anything with Lobo. What’s the gist with him?

  2. @Zeppo: The gist is he’s stupid.

  3. @Zeppo: The gist is he is awesome……if written properly.

    This is just gonna be big, dumb fun. There’s no other way of putting it. 

  4. I think I may be dropping this after this issue. I dont know why but the last couple of issues havent been working for me, and I kind of doubt the addition of Lobo is gonna change my mind. Doesnt mean I’ll be off the GL train altogether, maybe I’ll pick up corps or emerald warriors. 

  5. @conor/TheNextChampion

    So…he’s like Deadpool? (In that people have bi-polar reactions to him)

  6. Any appearance by Lobo means I immediately drop the book.

  7. I don’t get the hate on Lobo – he’s great in small doses and I imagine Johns will pace this correctly.  Besides, word is Johns put together an awesome Lobo/Atrocitus fight here and I for one will gladly enjoy it.

  8. Lobo is exactly like Deadpool, except he has no on-going books of his own and Deadpool has approximately eighty. The modern Lobo was originally a spoof on the "oh-so-hard" characters, like Wolverine and the PUnisher that had become so popular at the end of 80s. He then exploded in popularity as a healthy percentage of the reading public missed the parody aspect or liked how bad ass he was even if he was parody. To some he seems like a joke that went on too long. Others still find him funny/tough. There were a lot of REALLY BAD Lobo comics in the 90s. I imagine if you read too many of them that is a taste you never get out of your mouth.

  9. @Zeppo: I’ll give a straight up answer.

    Lobo is an indomitable intergalactic bounty hunter. He can regenerate quickly even from a single blood cell. He is practically unstoppable. He was created as a parody of hyperviolent cynical characters but took on a life of his own. He is generally written in an exagerrated and comedic manner having. Lobo barely has a moral compass

  10. Have every issue of the current GL run so unless it gets really bad for a while Im on this book for the long haul. 

  11. It’s been a while since we’ve / I’ve seen anything with Lobo.  And, to my knowledge, Johns has never done anything with him.  So, I say, "Bring on Lobo!"  This could be fun.

  12. Johns was part of 52 and Lobo was in 52, but I believe Morrison wrote those parts. Still, not completely virgin territory.

  13. @JumpingJupiter

    Thank you. I think that will probably be enough to get me through the issue.

  14. Man, I loves me some Lobo. The Deadpool analogy is right on, and fortunately I fall on the "pro" side of that debate.

    Aw, now THERE’S a crossover waiting to happen/piss off a lot of people! 

  15. I love the alliances that are forming. Red Lantern’s as heroes? Awesome. Who cares if they use the blood of their victiums to fuel dark rituals?

  16. I really hope this is Lobo’s only appearance in the book. I just don’t care for him at all–the only time I really tolerated him was in 52.

  17. I’m all in this for the Lobo fight. But also Lobo’s dog vs Dex-Starr as well (which Johns also hinted at). This is gonna be loads of awesome.

  18. Johns can make a good story with anyone in the DCU.

  19. Hmm. I may just wait and see what Conor has to say about this issue. If he doesn’t hate it despite Lobo’s presence I’ll consider it worth a peek next week.

  20. Hey, its da main man!

  21. I dropped GLC this month when filling out my Previews order at the shop….  I REALLY want to hang on with GL, though.  To be quite honest, I’m just kind of burned out on Lantern stuff after Blackest Night.  I read EVERY SINGLE Blackest Night book, and at this point, I’m just ready for it to be over.

    So yeah, I REALLY want to hang on to the main GL book, and not drop it…


    but Lobo is not helping me to stay on.  I hope this is a one issue thing…



  22. Lobo is not my cup of tea but its GL, I’m looking forward to this the most this week. Can’t wait

  23. Oh, a little Lobo won’t hurt you for just one issue.  Plus we get to see some Red Lantern action as well?!  Stop your bellyaching.

  24. I think this should be an interesting fight issue.

    If he’s as popular as Deadpool, he’s gotta be some kind of bad ass, and Atrocitus is being built up to be the ultimate bad ass…this should be a kick ass fight.

    Would DC let their classic tough guy loose to their new tough guy, or is this just going to end will Hal seperating them and calling a time out as they are both the ultimate hard ass

  25. Do yo need to be reading Brightest Day to understand/enjoy the current GL arc? 

  26. @jordanlyall: I don’t think so, but your milage may vary.  It’s hard to say at this point.  Nothing has *really* happened in Brightest Day so far, at least not in the GL title.  And, what’s happening in the GL title is interesting outside of what’s going on in Brightest Day.

  27. @jordanlyall

    I asked the same thing a few week ago after the first brightest day issue. I didn’t like 53, but 54 was straight forward, and I didn’t read Brightest Day.

  28. Thanks @ctrosejr and @Zeppo, I’ll give it a shot. Leading up to Blackest Night, I caught myself up on GL and GLC, only to find out that BN had a lot to do with the DCU at large. Just give me the Geoff Johns Green Lantern goodness, no hawk people for me, thank you.

  29. @jordanlyall

    Honestly I never read any DC before last year, and I think I understood enough Blackest Night to enjoy it.

    Though I can understand why a GL fan would just like some straight up space battle style story. I’m enjoying the ride over here, but some of my favourite titles have got tied up in big events, I’m not getting the sort of stories I prefer.

  30. how does this thing at 9:51 am have avg rating of ten!!!!!!WTF???

  31. ten out of five?


  33. 5/5, POTW for me.

    Just big, dumb (like Lobo) fun with this thing. Everything about this was entertaining and when it did have to get serious (like the beginning with Spectre) it just all clicked. Plus Mahnke is still killing it with this issue. Just…..and then you get to Dex-Starr’s origins! How can you not love this issue with an origin for the kitty of death? Fantastic issue. 

  34. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one. I was convinced it would be a throwaway. Definitely my favorite Lobo appearance. It also did a lot more to justify the alliance of the New Guardians than I expected. The twist at the end was awesome too. Good stuff.

    Also, Mahnke can stay on this title til he’s dead as far as I’m concerned. 

  35. If it went for the back up this book would have gotten at 3, average at best. The Dex-Starr origin more than made up for it. Those 6 pages were worth the cover price alone. Great stuff very reminiscent of We3. I had to give my cat a big huh after reading that

  36. The Dex-Starr story made me cry.

    @mikegraham6 agreed. Very We3ish.

     Dex-Starr good kitty.

  37. That was a lot of blood and fighting and violence!

    I liked it.

    That Dex-Starr story made me miss my kitty and was actually rather touching and tender and sad.

  38. This is my pick of the week for the Dex-Starr backup. It choked me up and then I handed it to my wife who was in tears. Good Kitty indeed.

  39. Really good issue, with some implications for down the road. Yay, Atrocitus is layered! Mahnke killed this book, yet again! 4/5 And the Dex-starr origin was awesome!

  40. Dex-Starr for the win! I wonder what it says about me in that my favorite characters are always the animals, like Dex-Starr here, the cat from Power Girl, Ein from Cowboy Bebop and so on.


    I’m still really enjoying this series, and this issue keeps the wheels moving on the plot involving the Entities. Great stuff.

  41. Awesome issue. I haven’t finished all my books yet but this is looking to be my POTW. The art was beautiful and you can’t go wrong with Lobo and Dex-starr. The origin story was great.

  42. Awesome issue, sometimes it’s nice to break from the story and just have a punch up. Back up story was interesting to flesh out someone who’s no doubt going to become a much more important character. Well worth it!

  43. Man, I am really not into this book since Blackest Night. If not for the killer art, I would drop it. Not sure if it’s the lack of story or the shitty one that there is that’s bothering me, but it’s not working for me. Blue kitty origin story? lol C’mon. Not to be a fun-hater, because I’m sure plenty of people had fun with it, but what a complete waste of time/pages. 

  44. @WadeWilson Ever since Rage Of The Red Lanterns, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for a Dex-Starr story. I’m so happy that they finally delivered this.

  45. This book was fantastic. Really seamless and and funny dialog and great action pieces. The only other time I’ve seen Lobo was a bit in 52 and I didn’t think much of him at the time but he was used perfectly here. Hal riding the motorcycle and snapping a construct muzzle was great and Carol, Sinestro, and Atrocitus’s powers were put to really clever visual effect. Also great was the Hal-Lobo debate about colors and shades of grey. I thought it really summed up to two charachters well and really appealed to lack of Lobo lore. Pick of the week no contest.

  46. The Dex-Starr part really exceeded expectations.  I was anticipating something goofy and instead got a really touching story that accomplished alot in just a few pages. POTW for me.

  47. The art in this was stunning, the contructs are so fluid and detailed and powerful looking. I remember liking Mahnke on JLA drawing Kyle Rayner a few years ago but he’s gotten so much better. Art = 10.

  48. My girl friend and I have just got our first cat, I showed her the origin of Dex-Starr and it made her very sad.

    Loved the issue though.

  49. I don’t care about Lobo at all but if Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamay drew and inked a Lobo series I would probably buy it. Also the Dex-Starr part made me very sad and made my girlfriend cry.

  50. The art by Mahnke was fantastic as always, and the Dex-Starr origin was great. If Lobo wasn’t in this comic it would have been wonderful. This was my first exposure to Lobo. Never again please.

  51. maybe im just a heartless bastard but the dexstarr story fely very cheesey and pointless

  52. Dex-Starr > Spider-Ham

  53. I just got around to reading this today and it felt like filler. Half an issue with Lobo, half a story about a cat. I love this book but I just wish this Brightest Day stuff would be over already. It’s spinning its wheels and waiting for something. . . 

  54. My only problem with Dex-Starr is that I was dissapointed to find he was an Earth cat. I know it is just a goof, but power rings don’t go to non sentient beings. I hold out hope that he is still an alien, crash-landed on Earth or some such.

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