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BRIGHTEST DAY shines its light on the “New Guardians” who have been forced to make Earth their new home! Why? You’ll have to read it to believe it. While Hal is forced to deal with Larfleeze and his newfound appreciation for Earth culture, Sinestro uncovers the mystery behind Parallax’s disappearance.

Written by GEOFF JOHNS

Price: $2.99
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  1. That cover makes me laugh… lol

  2. So I take it that it’s next month that’s Atrocitus & Dex-Starr vs. Lobo & Dawg?

  3. I just noticed Dex-Star hanging off the subway. Lawl. 😀

  4. I wonder if they’ll show Dex-Starr’s reaction to seeing an Earthling cat. Is he from a whole planet of intelligent felines? I would be first in line for a Dex-Starr mini. As all cat owners know, nothing in the universe fits the embodiment of rage better than a pissed-off kitty.

  5. Hopefully this will make sense even though I’m not reading Brightest Day

  6. @Zeppo…I think a lot of us are pondering that

  7. that driver looks concerned.  they just want a ride downtown, what’s the big deal?

  8. I’d imagine this reads just fine without Brightest Day as BD has been primarily all about the resurrected heroes and villains.

  9. Since all Dex-Star does is spit blood and kill people, I am not sure his reaction to earth cats will be all that enlightening. I imagine he spits blood at them and kills them.

  10. well you just made the key distinction.  he spits blood and kills people.  other cats he just rubs against and purrs.

  11. the only reason i dislike Dex-Star is because you all like him… i mean what the fuck? is a red lantern cat really that genius? Cats aren’t even angry animals, it doesn’t make sense

  12. I love the cover.  It seems like forever since they came out but that may just be me

  13. I think people like the absurdity of a Red Lantern Kitty Cat. It doesn’t fit or make any sense, which is why it appeals. The cat was a one-off joke that Gleason (I think) tossed in. But the public demanded more blood spewing Kitty and DC responded.

  14. @JimBilly4- I believe it was Shane Davis

  15. Finally, we’re getting Dex-Starr, the Red Lantern kitty! I was hoping that he was going to be the one in Blackest Night who would save the day and kill all the Black Lanterns, but alas, that didn’t happen.

  16. Anyone else  unexplainably tired of reading GL?

  17. No.

  18. @Nathan

    I was before BN, but not anymore

  19. Ha! I never noticed Dex-Star on the cover there…

    I do like the idea of this being a New Guardians title more so then a GL book. I just wish Johns can figure out where to put Hal. Is he or is he not involved with Brightest Day? Oh well. 

  20. @nathanNicado: Yup

  21. @JaqueNargg

    I’m glad I’m not alone. I’m not a big DC reader, but last year I really got into GL. Now they tell me I have to read three more books to follow one. Not gonna happen.

  22. @edward hahaha! yes cats are angry animals but if they weren’t its a comicbook about aliens with magical power rings. Realism is out the window

  23. @nathanNicado Im done with Greenlantern and all related books for the future. Burned out. but i am picking up brightest day because i love deadman

  24. I think I have Green Lantern burnout from the 400 Blackest Night books. But, I’m still buying this & GL Corps this week. I’m like an alcoholic who drinks more to forget his troubles, like that he’s an alcoholic. 

  25. @ABirdseysView You are 100% correct. Shane Davis. I knew I would mess it up. Why didn’t I use the power of the google? Just lazy.

  26. Edward has clearly never had a cat.
    My cat has silently plotted my death for years.

    Go on youtube and search cat fight.

    Cats are intense man.

  27. NO. no, no… cats seem way more greedy than angry. They bind their time and silently plot against you they don’t have paroxysm (how’s that word usage, eh?) of rage.

    A bull is an angry creature. A rottweiler is an angry creature A rhino is an angry creature. Not cats, baby!

  28. The real question is will Larfleeze want the cat as a pet?  All signs point to yes, the cat will puke on him…

  29. This is the book I want to read the most this week.

  30. Another good issues as always. Although if I see that stupid ‘Sword and the Stone’ reference again….

    I like where Johns is taking Atrocitus right now. He might still be a baddie, but it really feels like he’s trying to be somewhat ‘good’ here. Plus how can you not love the evil kitty of death? 

  31. Mahnke killed this, but I’m not sold yet on the premise of finding all the entities. Weird that they’re all in the US, and it just feels like Pokemon.

  32. So, next issue should awesome.

  33. Solid issue. Great setup here for things to come as well as some nice character building. 5/5 for me. 

  34. This was a fun one. I’m comfortable with the pace Johns is moving forward with.

  35. @edward
    Cats can be very angry animals.

    "the only reason i dislike Dex-Star is because you all like him"
    Very telling.

    This was a strong POW contender… then there was Lobo.

  36. @edward: as i’ve always said, sense is overrated.

  37. Seems like this issue caught Blackest Night disease — more fun with colors & things happening than actual story.
    And I gotta say – I think the whole “entities” stuff is fully retarded. Maybe that’s why I didn’t dig the issue …

  38. @WadeWilson-Did you think it was retarded when Ion and Parallax were the only ones running around? This is really just an extension of that. I agree with @JaqueNargg that it’s odd they are all in the U.S. for some reason. I look forward to seeing how Johns explains that one.

    Lobo punching peopel with rings? I’m down.

  39. @drake- I had other issues with Parallax when he was introduced as being a fear "entity" (that it was a cop out/excuse for what Hal did so they could bring him back) & I don’t remember too much of Ion being an "entity" before this issue. I thought Ion was Kyle, & then Sodam Yat, & it was all the power of all the Lanterns in their body or something.

    My main issue with all these entities is the same as I had with all the multi-coloured lantern corps — it seems like the most important thing is showing these different coloured things & explaining them than telling a story.

    But, yeah, giant space monster things that represent & control emotions is pretty retarded in my eyes.

  40. OH YEAH u know I’m writing a review on this baby. Totally worth it.

  41. @WadeWilson   Ion has been shown as an entity since the beggining of the Sinestro Corps War. Sinestro pulls Ion out of Kyle so that Parallax can posses him.

  42. @WadeWilson The "Ion Power" has been sentient since it first appeared in Winnick’s run… geez, 8 years or so ago(?), just not a space whale. Also, if you think monster things that represent emotions is stupid, you should steer clear of Captain Marvel and the Seven Deadly Sins. 

  43. Yeah TNC! Basically, you suck! We don’t none of your "opinions" in these parts!

  44. @Roi & Prax- I do vaguely remember this Ion entity stuff, but maybe I didn’t pay much attention to it, or I block it out like a bad memory, like how I was beaten up by girls when I was kid … 

    I just find "emotion monsters" (& "emotion spectrum" rings/corps) ridiculous mainly because out of all the millions of creatures on Earth, only one  has emotions — humans. So, to assume they are a big deal & it would affect all other aliens/creatures in the universe is … retarded.

  45. This was the first time in a long while that the main GL book was better than GL Corps.

  46. @WadeWilson  Even if you don’t accept that animals can be afraid or angry you have to accept that in the DC universe there are hundreds and hundreds of alien races as evolved or more evolved than humans who feel the spectrum of emotions as well.

  47. @WadeWilson Scientists only speculate animals don’t have emotions, and even then you really can’t prove it either way. However, I do believe science has determined that Dolphins have emotions because of their patterns and such. (Which will make it even worse when they become our Fishy-overlords.)

  48. The humans and earth will always be the center of stories because the stories are written for humans. They are stories about us for us. Even if the stories are about aliens on a distant planet, they still behave like us and deal with themes common to our lives. There’s no getting away from that. Atrocitus is a monster but he represents something humans relate to.

    All stories are about us and our lives.

  49. @Roi- @Prax- @JJ- Fair points all, & I totally understand that it’s comic books & anything is possible. There’s just some things that are harder than others for me to swallow. (that’s what she said)

    Having said that, even if I could accept this concept of emotion entities & not roll my eyes, I still find the stories boring. Because it’s more about "hey this is Steven he is a giant orange snake, & he controls all greed emotions, & look! This is Larry from dimension 45, he controls all boners" etc etc …

    Having basically the same thing explained/introduced over & over for different colours is boring to me.

    I’m not trying to change anyones mind, I’m happy to agree to disagree, I just hope you understand what I’m saying. 🙂 

  50. well all I know is I completely understand the evil-looking, scary love entity with spindly legs and talons and fangs.

  51. @bird: They kind of adressed that irony in this issue actually.

  52. First of all the love monster "entity" should have been a used tampon. Am i right guys? (that was a very bad joke and it was meant to be ironic. You know, playing up how masochistic comic fans are. sorry everyone)

    Second, check out how long i have been saying the colour lantern thing is stupid for: and be kind; that was where i was new to iFanboy and internet forums in general, i didn’t know THAT would happen.

    Last, i take it back. I like that cat now. It doesn’t seem angry though. just satisfied

  53. I bought in to the colored lanterns. I still think it’s interesting and well done. I  just have yet to make up my mind about these entities.

  54. I read that thread and everything you say you think is bad about the coolor thing Edward, I think about it and I think it’s good. lol

    I’m looking forward to more Star Saphire back story. The panel of that voyeur/stalker thing made me think that the predator and the stripper outfits were deliberate and will add layers of meaning to the mythos.

    That’s just the thing, this story is as much about mythos as it is about character and plot. I like that.

  55. @drake: i don’t think i can even remember what i discussed in that thread. Only that MisterJ was wrong. Bloody MisterJ!!

  56. @JJ The Predator is a late 70s/early 80s GL villain that was obsessed with Carol Ferris. At one point in the 90s they concocted this weird story where he never actually existed but was part of Carol’s subconscious manifesting itself via the Star Sapphire power. (This was an odd turn as it couldn’t explain many scenes where the two were together.)

  57. I always find it funny when people have seemingly arbitrary lines after which their suspension of disbelief fails completely. 

    "Really, you’re fine with space cops who get their power from immortal blue aliens with receding hair lines, but NOW you start to see flaws in the logic of this story?"

  58. Is it my imagination, or did they mess up Atrocitus’ blood map? He tells us there is no Parallax or Ion (because they are chained by the creepy little dude) but there on his map is the Parallax/Fear/Sinestro Corps symbol, up near Boston if I recall correctly. Shouldn’t that be Hope (Adara)? Didn’t they make this same mistake in BN Flash? A nitpick, to be sure, but annoying.

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