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The most epic battle in BLACKEST NIGHT yet comes to a shocking conclusion as Hal Jordan makes the ultimate move to take on the Black Lantern Spectre. But what price comes with the unleashing of Parallax? And what does this mean for the future of the emotional spectrum’s avatars?

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and cover by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy
Variant cover by Greg Horn

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. I wonder if Johns is going to keep this going for the rest of Blackest Night?

    Probably not, but it should be fun to see how he gets Jordan out of this predictament.

  2. I don’t think so champ.  That’s why this issue is coming before BN #7.  Get him out of the *spoiler Parallax and move on to bigger and better. 

  3. Dear Geoff Johns,


    Get on with it




  4. I think I may have to get the variant cover!

    GL #51 Variant

  5. Dear Edward, 

    You are weirding me out with your avatar.

    What is the deal?
  6. most certainly a horrible jumping on point

  7. I actually agree, a little bit, with Edward. (shutters)  I was fine with this being slow because I was enjoying it so much but the addition of Parallax felt way too forced and way too unnecessary.  But overall I’m still loving this so I’m not too upset.

  8. @JJ: ha ha. prefect

  9. If this ends with the death of Hal Jordan, it’ll be AWESOME. 🙂


  10. "(shutters)" what the fudge does that mean? jeez

  11. @Diabhol: Now that would be a swerve!

    "But these advance cover solicts show Hal….."-fan

    "I messed with your head again, biotch!!!"-Geoff Johns

  12. If Hal dioes who would be in the main GL book? Sodam Yat?

  13. Whoa whoa whoa… why haven’t we seen Sodam Yat during all this Blackest Nightery?

  14. Great cover.

     What’s Nekron been up to while Spectre has been about? Too many players.

  15. @Slockhart: He’s my fave. Isn’t he in GLC? i don’t read that.

    @dirtyharry2030: Mr. Nekron cannot find a good jumping on point.

    @Slockhart: Hey! Maybe Mr.Yat cannot jump on, too!


    My only book this week plus Hit-Monkey from last week.

    Saving money is awesome.


    Sorry. Just a little happy.Just finished watching Zombieland.

  16. @NathanNicdao – I LOVED Zombieland.  Pure fun.  Wouldn’t it be cool if Blackest Night ended in an amusement park.  Nekron loves the tilt-a-whirl. 

  17. If Hal dies, that’ll be retarded.

  18. @NathanNicdao

    Hate to break it to you, but, ummm, Sodam Yat is dead… or at least trapped inside of a sun…  Wasn’t really quite sure what happened there.  

  19. I am loving Blackest Night, until last year I was a Marvel Zombie, but I think BN is better paced than Secret Invasion or Civil War.


  20. This last act of Blackest Night and all connected titles has been awesome. It feels like it’s moving at breakneck speed towards the conclusion. The tension and pacing has been perfect.

  21. I am so excited for the ending of this event, and I mean that in a good way.

  22. So excited for this. SOOOOOOO excited.

  23. @Slockhart: Oh. …. Remember how Columbus felt when Wichita said that Columbus was a ghost town? That feeling. Well, at least Wichita understands me.


  24. Is this a good jumping on point?

    I’m sorry, I’m sorry I can’t help it!

  25. That panel of Parallax ripping Spectre’s face off is gonna give me nightmares forever.

    Great issue and finale for this arc. Mahnke continues to deliver the good and Johns definitely seems to be back in a groove. Fun time for all if I may say.

  26. This was a great issue and it’s been a fun ride. But I am at the point where I want Blackest Night to end.

  27. Fantastic issue. This is green lantern! And again, Doug Manhanke is just OWNING this book. I’ve loved this guy’s pencils since Black Adam a few years back and in that short time, he’s just gotten more intricate and detailed while maintaining the same overall style. 5/5 

  28. I loved that entire Atrocitus/Spectre sequence.  Johns and Manhke had me completely sold on Spectre being the Parallax/Ion/Predator of the Red Lanterns.  I like that they set up some post-BN stories with Parallax/Hector Hammond, and we’ll probably get a story of Atrocitus looking for the Red Entity.


    I love that the violence in this entire event is almost Preacher-esque.  You’ve got the Atom going inside of people then growing, Guy ripping Kryb’s arm off and shoving it down her throat.  The part where Parallax pulled out Spectre’s eye toward the beginning of the issue, then tossed it aside like it was no big deal almost had me giggling.

  29. LOL!

    This issue disrespected alot of characters! 

    Larfleeze (?) calling Luthor a hairless earthman (is that an insult or is he that naive?)

    And Nekron being bad-ass by making The Spectre look like a fool.

  30. This was one of my favorites of the Blackest Night arc.  Fantastic!!!!

  31. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Great comic that I will re-read several times.

  32. @NathanNicdao-Disrespected? Half of the various lantern corps. members are not even remotley friendly to each other, of course they’re gonna talk shit.

    This was OK. Overall I don’t see the point of of dragging the Spectre and Parallax into this only to have them disappear before the next issue of BN hits. I suppose it’s just to set up Parallax for whatever future storyline Johns has planned, but I could have done without this. I’m just getting tired of the BN tie-ins now. Time to move on. The main series is still a blast though.

  33. @drakedangerz It’s not a tie-in! :-p

  34. @Prax-…I don’t get it.

  35. @drake – I thought that at first too (not seeing the point for Spectre and Parallax) but this issue turned me around.

    A great two issue story that works a love letter almost to Hal and his history that can be read or ignored, take it or leave it.  But still fits into the larger story like a puzzle piece.

  36. At first I wasn’t really into the Spectre/Parallax thing, but then I realized Johns is pulling back classic conflicts from as far back as Rebirth. After all, this is part 3 in the overall trilogy so it makes sense that these characters would come into play again.

    So is Parallax binded to Hector Hammond, or something worse?

  37. @JaqueNargg It appears, from dialogue, that Hammond is aware of Parallax landing in Someone else’s lap. My personal, totally fannish hope? Lord Malvolio. However, I’ll be curious t see what happens with. Revamped Rainbow Raider?

  38. Jeez Louise, can Mahnke draw a scary ass Parallax or what?!

  39. Maybe I have Blackest Night fatigue, but this didn’t blow me away. Same thing I said last week, Blackest Night has kinda turned into a series of "oh shit!" splash pages & surprise moments/deaths over actual story. The novelty factor of "Oh wow, this dude is THIS coloured lantern this issue!" is kinda wearing thin on me now, as well as the amount of new powers/abilities that go unexplained with all the multi-coloured lanterns.

    Still a good issue with really good art … just … I’m ready for something new to happen in the story. 

  40. @drake.: no, I mean Johns really exploited that situation.

    anybody has problems with some pages sticking with each other? 

  41. This was a mighty trippy horror comic!

    Oh an dit had superheros in it too. Which was cool.

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