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  1. Finally. We get to see what John has been up to during Blackest Night.  As a GL responsible for a lot of death, he seems like a nature target for the Black Lanterns.

  2. Double on the ‘finally’. This has been the most interesting aspect of the story I wanted to see get told.

  3. I’ve been reading since the beginning of Agent Orange/Emerald Eclipse, have gone back to read Rebirth and Sinestro Corps War, and yet I still have no grasp of John Stewart as a character.  Everyone keeps raving on about how great of a character he is, so it’ll be interesting to see if he lives up.  I don’t see him being anywhere near as awesome as Kilowog though.

  4. Mr. Stewart I think you’re pointing the gun the wrong way! Dream continuity moment: C’Hp attempts to kill John with a truck.

    @Stu, Champ: From what I’ve read, Johns only dropped the one-page hints because he knew he’d have space in 49, 51 and 52 for John’s story. 

    @slockhart John is a lot of people’s favorite lantern because of JLU. He’s been severely underused in Johns run, sadly. Johns did, however, make Stewart a sniper. Stewart is a cool character though, but probably hasn’t been really utilized well since the 80s. (He did carry his own GL spin-off for 18 issues in the 90s.)

  5. About damn time he gets a spotlight! I’m hesitant about the artwork for this issue, but the preview isn’t that bad. Bring on a Black Lantern planet.

  6. @Prax – Interesting.  I hope John is able to make the most of his spotlight.

  7. @ Prax: I’m not familiar with the JLU cartoon. Everything I know of John Stewart is from the 80’s and 90’s. 

    While John Stewart is my least favorite of Earth’s Green Lanterns, I still think that he has been severely underused in Blackest Night. 

  8. @supertrackmonkey Good thing I said "A lot of people" and not everyone.

  9. @Prax-First thing I said when I started reading GL was "where’s the black man?"

  10. @Prax: Well hopefully all of this wait was worth it. Cause I like Stewart and I hope Johns has some big plan for him for this event.

    I just noticed that Mahnke is not doing the art but…..Ed Benes? Oh man. 🙁 

  11. He really needs some claymores, or at least a spotter to tap him on the shoulder and tell him that he’s facing the wrong way.

  12. @Ruo21-Actually, if he would have turned on his cold-blooded perk then those damn black lanterns never would have found him. 

  13. Damn it, I meant ninja perk. There goes that joke. :-/

  14. TNC: I noticed the same thing. Benes.

  15. Curious news: It seems in 2010 GLC will be gaining a co-feature. Though mum’s the word on what it will be. As well, it seems a whole bunch of comics will be swapping out their current co-features for new ones. So far the only one that appears to be keeping it’s co-feature "star" the same is Detective Comics.

  16. Benes?  alright, get ready for lots of undead booty shots!

  17. @ Prax: So did the JLU cartoon reinvent John Stewart into a Marine sniper? I remember him being an architect… 

  18. @Supertrackmoneky I guess you  didn’t read my post. I state that that is an invention of Johns for the new era. Before that Stewart was sometimes implied to have known Hal from the military but it was never 100% clear what he did. For a while they downplayed the military side of Stewart’s character for fears of being too much like Iron Man’s Rhodey. He’s still an architect in Johns vision, but they added the sniper aspect to give him a unique role in Sinestro Corps War.

  19. Is this a good place to start with Green Lantern?

  20. @JJ-sure.

  21. that cover makes john look like the shittiest sniper ever

  22. I don’t know a think about John Stewart. I’m glad you all seem excited for it, but this could be the first miss step of Blackest Night to me. I have loved the Main series, and the Green Lantern books, I am enjoying it so much I’ve bought some mini-series, which I didn’t do with Civil War or Secret Invasion and I enjoyed them a lot.

    But I am keen to get back to Hal and Barry, I don’t think this will be the issue I am hoping for.

  23. No Mahnke? *tear rolls down cheek*

  24. I was going to ask "Can’t he hear them?". I reconsidered when I realized I’m an idiot.

  25. Two things that surprised me in this: Ed Benes and Jerry Ordway.


    Wow just great stuff by them in this issue. Johns writes a pretty good John Stewart but this issue wasn’t totally perfect. I nice upside to what has been a disappointing event so far.


  26. This issue was pretty ‘eh’ for me.  Nothing glaringly wrong, and nothing stellar.  A nice catch up on Stewart for a newbie like me.

    I actually enjoyed the back-up more than the feature.  I think that’s a first for me.

  27. @drakedangerz & @wadewilson: I didn’t mind the artwork.  Benes is no Mahnke but I think he gets no credit.  Benes work, while not the best, is still solid. 


    This was a good issue and it was about time John got the spotlight.  I thought there wasn’t enough focus on John and Katma-Tui and would have liked to see more.  One thing did jog my memory at the end of the comic it mentions the Black Lantern Spectre, which we haven’t sen since the beginning of the damned event.

  28. In my opinion….

     This issue sucked!  Nothing really wrong with it per se, but right now I expect to see major plot development for Blackest Night out of the two Latern Books, this could have been Blackest Night:Black Green Latern that DC keeps pushing cause they don’t have a lot of black characters and they don’t want to look racist.

     I guess that title would be too long…

  29. This issue holds no candle to the mightiness that was Blackest Night #6. Speaking of which, I noticed it’s not on the board, is it not out on the eastcoast yet? Because my shop owner thought it was really wierd how he had an upsurge in customers this morning, supposedly it’s the only shop in the city that has it but I’m not sure if it’s just the state, or the whole coast.

    Anywho, no spoilers, but it’s a buy if i do say so myself.

  30. By the way anyone actually count the rest of tie ins left on the checklist? O_o…

    Blackest Night – The Power of Shazam
    Blackest Night – Starman
    Blackest Night – Wierd Western Tales
    Blackest Night – The Question
    Blackest Night – The Phantom Stranger
    Blackest Night – The Atom & Hawkman
    Blackest Night – Suicide Squad
    Blackest Night – Catwoman
    Blackest Night – Green Arrow
    Blackest Night – Secret Six

    What’s next? Blackest Night – Myxplitz?
    I feel sorry for the fanboys who decide to collect all tie ins. Sure it’ll probably be 2-3 tie ins a week but for those of us not trying to buy 15 extra books a month this list is a nightmare. The Starman’s cover does look neat though I’ll admit.

  31. I liked this!

  32. @Mangaman

    There’s also a third Adventure Comics tie-in coming up at issue 7.  Not seeing a Secret Six issue anywhere in the solicit though.

    Personally, I’m skipping most of the revived books.  I never read any of them when they were around, so there’s no real reason for me to do it now.  I’ll probably just end up getting Catwoman because of the Batman fan in me, and maybe The Atom & Hawkman, since its Johns and Atom has played such a major part in the main book.

     Really though, that list is nothing.  I remember in the Civil War iFanboy show, they said there was something like 84 tie-ins. 

  33. @Mangaman

    Blackest Night #6 isn’t supposed to be released until next week but it was shipped with this weeks books so that Diamond wouldn’t have to ship anything next week.

  34. Pretty solid.  I like that John got a little time to shine.  I like what he did.

  35. This issue was definitely filler.  Not necessarily bad filler, but filler nonetheless.

  36. This was the definition of a filler issue. I read it, put it down, and couldn’t remember a single thing that happened. Story was bland, and having Benes draw it didn’t help either.

  37. @mangaman: Your store wasn’t supposed to sell BLACKEST NIGHT #6 until next week. It violated its agreement with DC Comics, apparently.

  38. =(

    I should return the favor to my lcs. Any ideas?

  39. Why would they do filler on a character that hasn’t had a pivitol moment in the entire run yet. don’t understand.

  40. My fave GL is John because the sniper is just so cool.

    If he cannot hear these black lanterns, how do other GLs communicate in space?

  41. This one of the main things I’ve been waiting for in Blackest Night — all the resurrections in the DCU explained! Pretty satisfying too.

    Question: how was John Stewart able to make rifle constructs with his ring? I thought the GL rings couldn’t replicate complex machinery?

  42. @Wade : aren’t most of John’s constructs complex machineries? Maybe it depends on the imagination and knowledge of the lantern. Hal overcomes the yellow impurity because he can overcome fear. and maybe John can make these constructs because he knows and understand how to assemble these things.

    Just me. I just jumped on GL with this one.

  43. @mangaman: sexual favours

    anyway, this issue is a great example of conor’s thoughts about Johns’ events running a little long. The events are good but there’s a little filler in there as well.

  44. @NathanNicdao- Or maybe I’m just being too picky, judging by the massive amount of responses, lol.

    @JesTr- My cyber-tears for the art were no disrespect to Benes, I like his art, but Mahnke is like my top 2 or 3 artists right now. 

  45. When is DC going to give Ordway a regular title….he is very underated.

  46. I got the Benes cover.

  47. Yeah Ordway was awesome but I didn’t get the second story because I am not reading Blackest Night.

    Benes was great except in the flashback parts.

    I would’ve been totally satisfied with a full Joh Stewart story,

  48. although I liked this issue, I felt like it was completely useless. 3/5

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