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The storyline  that has been the most intriguing to me is finally being surfaced here. John Stewart’s history with Xanshi  is one of the  big factors of  his life. Now with it ‘returning’  in Blackest Night, we will finally see how Stewart is able to cope  with seeing this planet return. But with Blackest Night sorta struggling at the moment (at least to me), I am a bit  curious  what the execution will be.

I will say this, Geoff Johns can write a great Stewart. Everything from narration to dialogue was just perfect for me. He isn’t writing him as a scared shitless character, like so many have been seeing their past come back to haunt them. Stewart is in control and the actions he take are pretty damn cool. But I did get a bit tired with the stuff with the Black Lanterns. I like to think we are past the ‘we are your loved one’s and we want to kill you!’ phase and now we’re in Act 2 of the event. That and the back up story with Atom, Mera, and Blackest Lantern Jean Loring got old after awhile too. I am curious to see how Deadman plays a factor in all of this, but the speech by Jean went on too long.

The art surprised me because I was not happy about Mahnke not being involved with this issue. Instead Ed Benes takes his place and I was expecting some pretty medicore stuff, as I am not a fan of the man. But to my surprise, most of the issue looked pretty damn good. Some of the explosions in here are great and the two page spread in here looked awesome. Then in hindsight with the back up….Jerry Ordway actually did something I like! It isn’t perfect but compared to what I’ve seen of Ordway lately, it looked really good. I want more of that Jerry Ordway and not the one from JSA.

Overall this is a bit of an improvement over the last couple of issues of this title and Blackest Night in general. It gives a different take on how a Green Lantern has fought over his past, and I would love to see Geoff Johns do John Stewart more so in the future. Ed Benes and Jerry Ordway also surprised me as well, even if the back up was a bit unnessicary. It isn’t perfect mind you, but it’s a nice step in the right direction to make this an enjoyable event again.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Good review! I agree with you on Benes’ art.  I liked how he had John use the ring to form up the army gear outfit and a whole squad.

  2. @JesTr: That was a great spread of making those army constructs. Art wise it was a pretty good issue. Shame that the back up was a bit tedious and boring.

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