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  1. I’m really hoping for some solid John Stewart storytelling.  The man needs a good story or two.

  2. So is the main Green Lantern book just gonna feature John Stewart during Blackest Night? or is just this issue?

  3. @WintheWonderboy It really hasn’t been stated.

    This should be good. There needs to be more John Stewart action. 

  4. Wasn’t Barry drowning in toxic waste at the end of the last issue. Then at the begining of BN #2 he was a.o.k. with no explanation. Big plot hole.

  5. Crazy shit happens when fear and love do battle, boys, crasy shit.

     we all known dudes who dated crasy, crasy women, right? Remember her?

  6. @edward I almost shed a tear just now remembering those days.

    This book is amazing. As much as i Love Reis on this book, and i cant believe im going to say this, Mahnke has almost made me forget that he even left. Hopefully they do explain what happened to barry though from the last issue.  

  7. @edward – I married one.

  8. Lets just say Barry fell into really dirty water, and Barry can swim. I mean we saw what happened with Barry in Blackest Night. It was just a cheap cliff hanger.

  9. he moves so fast that hes dry now?


  10. @ Peterporker:

    Barry’s suit is probably scotch-guarded. 

  11. I don’t care what the purpose of this title is for the event. It’s Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke!

    This title has been POTW worthy ever since Mahnke has been on board. I can’t wait to see more of his incredible artwork. Anyone else excited to see Sinestro take the spotlight for this issue?

  12. Love Doug Mahnke art! This book has returned to being great after the weak (imo) Agent Orange story.

  13. @stuclach- Why? Because, John Stewart is a black lantern? *rimshot*

    Why can’t Geoff Johns & Doug Mahnke just do every book for DC? Pffft, lazy bastards.

  14. Yeah, definitely loving Dahnke’s work on this. I even prefer his pencils to Reis’s.

  15. @Wade I say let them do everything but the Batverse.

  16. Blackest Night is a cheap Marvel Zombies rip off and the whole emo-spectrum shit’s boring. I’m already tired of reading about it. I’ve been buying GL since Rebirth and this is not doing anything good for the book. Its destroying it. I’m sad cause the art is the best the series as had so far.

    Mahnke’s perfect and thats the only reason I’m not dropping it.

    Nova rules.

  17. @rockinggeek, Nova, which is a double rip off of GL? Right… 

  18. @PraxJarvin – Well done.

  19. @Prax-OHHHH SNAP!!!!  I felt that one over in here in Cali!

  20. @ Prax and stulach: How many years ago? And I think DnA are doing the best job ever to change that. They didn’t create Nova and do not rip off anybody, unlike Johns on Millar/Kirkman.

  21. @rockingeek-if you take zombies out of the equation, how is this anything like Marvel Zombies?

  22. @drakedangerz: Hahaha! If you take the zombies out there’s no blackest Lantern and I don’t think there’s any Blackest Niight left!?!?! And I didn’t wrote it was like Marvel Zombies; I wrote it was a cheap rip off. Marvel Zombies was good and fun.

  23. Oops: Black Lantern.


  24. @rockingeek-ahh, of course.  How foolish of me for ignoring the surface level similarities.  What was I thinking? 

  25. Surface? The whole idea is Scar letting loose "death’s revenge"(Superheros Zombies) on the DCU.

  26. @rockinggeek – No offense intended, but do you think Marvel Zombies wasn’t ripping off piles of previous books?  Civil War/Secret Invasion was nearly identical to an old Astro City story.  Reusing a framing device to tell a new story is a very, very old approach.  Everything steals from everything else.  I stopped caring about who thought of what a long time ago and realized the only thing I really care about is the quality of the story.

    P.S. Green Lantern: Rebirth (with hints about Blackest Night [like introducing the color spectrum]) came out in October of 2004 and Marvel Zombies started coming out in December 2005. 

  27. @rockinggeek – I forgot one other thing: Alan Moore wrote about the Blackest Night Prophecy in an issue of Green Lantern Corp entitled Tygers in 1986, so the idea certainly isn’t recent.

  28. I’m actually confused on something. Isn’t Sinestro going to confront Mongul? Why is he suddenly attacking the Star Sapphires? I think I missed something…

  29. @Prax: I think that the Nova Corps is a ripoff of GL Corps, however, Quasar is the Marvel analog to GL. Then there is the whole Squadron Supereme/JLA thing.

    I think Marvel Zombies and Blackest Night are two diiferent thing that happen to envolve "zombies".  Are the Black Lanterns considered zombies. They are back for the dead but they don’t crave brains but the do rip hearts out.  I think since they all have the same outlook and dress the same maybe they are a cult.

  30. @stuclach: For me, and its a taste thing, the emo spectrum’s not enough anymore. I’ve been reading GL for 5 years now and I need something else. Sinestro War was so perfect, now everything seems so plain in comparaison. Maybe its just me. But Zombies don’t cut it.

    Civil war and most of all Secret Invasion was pure shit.

    And Marvel Zombies was made as a fun and gooffy UFF spin-off mini series. A pocket Universe, not a fucking big dumb retarded crossover.

    P.S. When I’m talking about Marvel Zombies I’m not talking about series #2-3-4… thats also pure shit(maybe 2 was just ok shit, but still shit)

  31. I don’t understand the comparison between Blackest Night and Marvel Zombies. There is very little in common – except face value. I loved Marvel Zomibe’s when it started in Ultimate Fantastic Four, but since then I thought they story lacked any real substance.

    Blackest Night is all about substance. The hype for this series is what turned my pull List from all Marvel (and one Dark horse) into an even mix of DC and Marvel. The story is very compelling, because unlike Marvel Zombies the series is focused, the Black Lanterns and purpose, and not ever book in DC’s line has cheesy zombie homage covers.

  32. @rockingeek – I sincerely hope Blackest Night can finish as strongly as Sinestro Corp War did.  It was excellent.

    I enjoyed Marvel Zombies, as well.  I liked how the Zombie FF were portrayed in the UFF books.  Very, very sneaky.

    I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying the zombies.  Hopefully, you will enjoy the aftermath in the GL books. 

  33. @Zeppo: all about substance? compelling? the Black Lanterns and purpose?

    I never said Marvel was better than DC. I buy alot more DC books??? I’m a GL fan and think that the big cross over and zombies is not a hype. The power struggle between Mongul and Sinestro thats a fucking hype. But thats just me. I’ve been buying almost everything GL for the past 5 years and I think I would not be so pissed off if this wasn’t a fucking crossover with a miniseries, the Sinestro War format was perfect for Blackest Night.I would not like it more, but at least it would be shorter.

    @ stuclash: The Alan Moore blackest night is really not the samething, have you read it? I have it in my hand right now and: Tyger talks about the final catastrophe and the blackest night is the name of the story publish in tales of the green lantern corps annual no.3 1987, but maybe I’m wrong.


  34. FWIW-I think that we need to really define what a zombie is here.  What happened in Marvel was clearly the classic zombie.  Person dies, body becomes reanimated as a direct result of the death, now animated dead body craves the taste of human flesh, said body can only be destroyed by injury to the brain.

    Realistically speaking, not much of that is going on in BL.  The resurrected are not being turned by some sort of virulent infection.  The resurrected do not want to eat the living.  The resurrected are seemingly indestructible (even past their previous limits).

    What Marvel did was just some sort of ‘one-off.’  Now that is not a bad thing, but the entire thing was essentially just for fun.  It did not connect to the rest, nor did it have any real meaning to it.  Again, this is NOT a bad thing, but that is what it was.

    What DC seems to be doing is creating a meta-commentary on death in the comic book universe.  (This could be proven wrong, as it is ongoing and not concluded)  Just as Infinite Crisis was meta-commentary on continuity.  

    As to the planning of BN; the spectrum was established prior to Marvel Zombies, as was the previously mentioned (and intentionally vague) Moore story.  Johns seems to be attempting to weave them together.  And if black is representative of anything, it is death.  It seems that this was just the most logical fit for what he set in motion.

    Also, my $$ is on Hal’s dad being the White Lantern.  But that is just a guess.

  35. @rockingeek – I have read Tygers and enjoy it a great deal.  I believe the prophecy in that issue is referred to as the Prophecy of the Blackest Night, and we don’t really know how closely the BN storyline will follow that prophecy.  Johns may ignore it, but I would be surprised if he did.  I certainly look forward to finding out.

  36. @MisterJ: awesome respond.

    The cool part about marvel zombies was them taking powers when eating "supers" and becoming more and more powerful and indestructible to finally destroy/eat their whole universe. It connected with the Ultimate U and the Mavel U(Black Panthers) in a small way, but like you said its not a bad thing. 

    The black lantern are more Undead than zombies. the ring takes control of their bodies and, I think, their powers. Death itself wanna rule the universe trough Scar and Her Black Lantern(Put Thanos in and you have a clasic story.hahaha)

    and the white lantern thing; fucking cheezy as… DC, so you’re probaly right. I enjoy the green lantern and the sinestro corps but the rest just seems thin to me, a background to more important stories of mongul, sinestro, Hal and Hammond. Just the canvas. But I don’t wanna look at a canvas, I wanna see the STORY, the… the reason. Thats just my opinion.

    Nova rules!

  37. @stuclach-I think that you are correct about John’s using Moore’s prophecy.  If you were a DC writer and had a chance to take a dangling plot line from a legend, how could you resist not running with it?

    @rockingeek-I think that we are going to find out that Scar has been manipulated.  He/she/it (what is Scar anyway?) is following this path because he thinks that it will lead to order, which the Guardians have always wanted.  But we are going to find out that ****** (the big bad) is in it for domination, and Scar has been doing the devil’s work for him.

    As to the possible WL, Johns does two things better than anyone working today 1) he irons out continuity, and 2) he makes borderline cheesey/lame AWESOME.  Given how many times he has gone back to the relationship between Hal and his dad, this could be it.

    Let the story play out more, we are only 1/4 of the way in.  If BN is (as a great many have suspected) a meta commentary on death in comics, then THAT is the story and the reason.  But we will see.

  38. @ stuclash- there’s no mention of any prophecy in Moore Tygers or Blackest night. not at all.There’s the Night-eons history and Qull talks about the FINAL CATASTROPHE and thats all and I think its where John’s is taking his influence. The Blackest night story is about the Obsidian deeps.

    @MisterJ- Like I wrote, Death is pulling all the Black Lantern string and Scar is one of those string.

  39. @rockingeek – I don’t have a copy of the issue in my hands, so I can’t check, but I’m extremely certain that the issue entitled Tygers contains a very detailed prophecy (that interestingly mentions Sodam Yat by name) of the fall of the green lanterns.  I don’t know if he uses the words "blackest night", but the words are clearly in the original green lantern oath, so it isn’t a new term. 

  40. @stuclach- yeah, thats the final catastrophe:

    "after untold millennia, the enemies of the green lantern corps willrise united against them. the corps shall be destroyed to the last life form. planet oa shall be as dust. amongst the gathered foemen shall be numbered the weaponers of qward, ranx the sentient city, and the unspeakable cildren of the white lobe. the empire of tears, finally released from entombment, shall join the assault. Sodan Yat, a daxamite hailed as the ultimate green lantern, will perish battling the lobe-spawn. the planet-form green lantern named Mogo will be the last to fall, as ranx explodes a blink-bomb within his core. and afterthat, there will only be the demons, dancing in the ruins of oa to the rhythm of drums bound with taut blue skin"

    and yeah, blackest night comes from the oath.

  41. @rockingeek Much as I love DnA, the Annihilation reboot of Nova is almost moment-for-moment the story of Kyle Rayner. Let’s see… the entire body of "Space Cops" are taken out by a powerful, primal force and left embodied in one man. This one man is guided by the sole remaining owner of the Space Cop power source during his journeys. Along the way he meets several de-powered space cops who escaped the purge and learns how he, a lowly human, has become the most powerful being in the universe. Ultimately the Space Cop Corps is reformed in the lead to a major event (Infinite Crisis/War of Kings, chose your poison). Oh and he briefly becomes a Superpowered entity with a science derived name. Of course this is all in broad strokes, but it’s essentially the same. DnA really wrote the perfect Kyle Rayner book. But even though Rider was already a "Seasoned" Nova, he was considered next to nothing by his other corp mates and the WorldMind distrusts him, much the same way that Ganthet originally wanted the ring back. I’m not faulting Nova for taking this tack, it works well. But it was obvious to me from when it happened back in 05-6 and it’s just gotten even more obvious.

  42. @rockingeek I forgot to say. That’s the "Double rip-off." The concept was already a thinly veiled take on the Green Lantern Corps. And then the successful reboot borrows heavily from a similar reboot in the title it is derived from.

  43. I don’t read GL Corps, what’s Sinestro been up to?  I don’t think I’ve seen him since the Final Crisis Red Lanterns one-shot


  44. I don’t see how this is a rip-off of MARVEL ZOMBIES at all. Besides the fact that they both have zombies, but then couldn’t you call every book a rip-off of another book because "they both have superheroes?"

    This book is a total rip-off of THE WALKING DEAD.

  45. @cutty-Sinestro talked to Soranik and we find out she is his daughter.  That’s pretty much it.  I think he mentioned at some point that he was going to go free some of his corp members from the violet lanterns 

    @kwisdumb-Exactly what I was thinking.  It’s not a rip-off.  The very idea of that is insane.

  46. @cutty – I believe Sinestro is also intending to confront Mongul, who has been leading the Sinestro Corp in his stead.

  47. I believe they are called the Mongul Corps now.

  48. Why do I have a feeling John Stewart is going to be crying like a girl soon?

    What with a planet he helped get destroyed and his lost lover coming back to life…

  49. @thisisegan – Not for long.

  50. @praxjarvin- You are totally right. You convinced me, i’m droping this book. I just don’t like it anymore… now that I think of it, all of the DC books seems irrelevant to me now. I’m dropping all of my DC books, I really don’t know why I’m buying them anymore. Thanks Prax, more money for me.

    I love DnA’s writing and thats why I love Nova so much. And if DnA leave Marvel I’ll stop buying marvel books too(except Runaways cause thats for my wife).

    so thank you, I’ll have more money in my pockets from now on.  And fuck the BIG 2!

  51. @rockingeek – Obvious dropping the book (or any other book) is your prerogative, but how did anything PraxJarvin said convince you to drop anything?

    Interesting that your wife liked Runaways.  I may give my wife a trade and see if she enjoys it.  She really likes Fables and Y.

  52. @stuclach- You helped alot too. You guys made me realized that the reason I was making weak comparaisons and arguing, was that I didn’t like the direction Johns/DC’s taking. For more then a year now I’ve been saying that I would drop all my BIG 2 books(I know vertigo is DC, but its still more "creator own").

    Yeah my wife loves the Runaways(personally I think only the BVK stuff is worth reading)but she loves the characters so much. She wasn’t into Fables at all(I hated Fables), but she fell in love with Preacher. She’s into Ennis’s hellblazer run at the moment.


  53. @rockingeek – Should I say "you’re welcome"?

    My wife would freak as soon as she saw the pending pedo scene in the first (or second?) Preacher trade. She’d probably smack me for showing it to her.  However, she has been enjoying Hellboy trades recently, so she might be opening her mind a bit.

  54. @Prax and stuclach-Don’t expect any Christmas presents from DC this year.

  55. @rockingeek That’s perfectly fine. In all honesty it seems like you were looking for an excuse to do it, so there you go. Don’t mistake my pointing out the similarities of DnA’s Nova to Kyle Rayner’s story for dislike. I happen to think it’s one of the better titles out there (the War of Kings tie-in taking a quality dip). Indeed, Marvel Cosmic has benefited from DnA (but not without their flaws, it’s come at the expense of the Silver Surfer). However, it’s not hard to see where they draw influence from. And if you’re going to make arguments that X series is a rip off of Y, make sure your pet series is free from similar reproach. 

  56. Yes, DnA almost completely rip off Green Lantern, but they add ‘fun’ to it!  Don’t get me wrong, some GLC issues have been fun, but GL is very serious.  Either way, I read GL and Nova.  It’s like a double dose of awesomeness!

  57. PS: Kyle Rayner is my least favorite Green Lantern, but Richard Rider is my favorite Nova Centurion!

    Wow.  Every revelation in this book excited me.  Abin Sur back with a black ring!  Sinestro had a lover!  The 5 inversions (discussed in the Tygers issue mentioned so many time in this thread and the originators of the actual Blackest Night prophecy) are resurrected as Black Lanterns!  The planet John Stewart destroyed is a Black Lantern!  The resurrection of the Orange Lantern constructs!  Each of these could be an entire arc in most books.  I’m very excited for the upcoming issues.

    Is anyone else a bit doubtful that Carol Ferris could have landed even a single blow on someone as impressively powerful as Sinestro?

  59. This comic has lots of pretty colours.

  60. @stuclach Haven’t read the issue, but no. She’s been the Star Sapphire for years. She’s a competent fighter. I’m not sure if they’ve ever fought before (I feel like they have back in the 60s) but it certainly doesn’t bother me.

  61. @stulach That was the first thought that went through my mind when she punched Sinestro. 

    That said, this issue rocked! As previously said above, each page had something worth knowing and kept you motivated in the story. And with each revelation came a new question that were all dying to have answered! First book i read but could very easily be pick of the week.  

  62. @PraxJarvin – You are obviously more versed in the history than I am, but we are talking about Sinestro here.  Fear personified.  I was surprised she hit him as hard as she did.

    @rift1128 – I’m a little concerned that Johns is missing some great story opportunities by cramming all this together over such a short period of time, but trust him enough to make use of these events in the future.

  63. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Doug Mahnke is killin’ it softly up in this book! 

  64. If it wasn’t for Batman and Robin #3, this would’ve been my pick.

    Amazing fights in this. Incredible art and I just want to marry Mahnke right now. Plus a great interaction with Sinestro and a ‘Yuh-oh’ moment with Agent Orange. Fantastic issue.

  65. I loved it all so much. Larfleeze is going to get raped.

  66. And early Marvel Zombies is shit.

  67. @stuclach-Just as Sinestro is the most powerful in his corps, I’m assuming Carol is the most powerful of the star sapphires.  So part of me agrees that she probably shouldn’t have been able to give Sinestro that much of a run for his money, I think she could hold her own.  Plus, Violet is at the end of the spectrum, so more powerful.  That might have also helped her keep up with the intergalactic Hilter.

    Oh, and I enjoyed this issue.  Not as much as the last, but I still enjoyed seeing what all the lantern corps are up to.  I don’t know why, but I really didn’t think so many people would get ressurrected when this was first announced.  I mean, I figured some big key players, but not a whole damn planet, and every single corps member in every corp that ever died.  Damn, these black lanterns don’t fuck around. 

  68. You know what? I APPLAUD Geoff Johns for that fantastic planet/zombie concept. Seriously, now I believe there’s no limit to where he’ll go next. Why I wouldn’t be the least surprised if this "blackest night" effected dead vertigo characters… even if not dcproper I’d be hyped to read about a risen Rorschach >_>

    Also on another note, I’m so glad Larfleeze is going to get his come uppin’s. Hate that character.

    @Wade Wilson: O_<… (worst. joke. ever.)

    @TNC: I’m with you there… I have no idea why oh’ why Sinestro hasn’t realized his corps is compromised.

  69. Did anyone else notice that the rings are now up to something like 45% power levels?  How many people hearts have they eaten?  If each heart is giving them 0.01% (as per BN#1), then that is 4,500 hearts eaten.  Holy hungry hippos, Batman, that’s a lot of hearts.

    @drakedangerz – I get what you are saying, but when I think of Sinestro I think of an absolute badass.  In my mind he should be untouchable to anyone who isn’t extremely skilled with constructs.  Carol has some experience and perhaps landed the punch due to her intense emotions.  I am will to accept that.

  70. Was that Abin sur or Amon sur who appeared as a black lantern infront of Sinestro? I suspect Amon since the rest were all Sinestro Corps members.

  71. @stuclach-I totally understand and, mostly, agree with you.

    @jamiefs-I assumed it was Amon Sur, seeing as how he called Sinestro his "fearful leader."  Sinestro wasn’t Abin Sur’s leader in any way, so he would have no reason to say that.

  72. @stuclach:  I don’t think that was Abin Sur, rather it was Amon Sur.  Look at his BL uniform it looks like a Sinestro Corp uniform and he refers to Sinestro as "Leader". Remember Abin is buried on Earth, however I’m sure Abin will be back as a BL.

  73. @jamiefs and @drakedangerz: sorry just saw your comments and realized you already stated the same thing.

  74. I just realized this morning that it makes perfect sense to resurrect a dead planet.  Every other corpse hs some sort of homeworld, so of course the black lanterns would have one!  Damn you, Geoff Johns.  You sly devil

  75. I see.  I assume it was Abin because they showed him in the flashback, but your explanation makes perfect sense.  I look forward to seeing Abin.  I find Amon to be a very boring character.

  76. @stuclach RE: Power Levels

    Yeah that is a lot of hearts, but they have to get the battery up to 100% for either BN #4 or #5, so that the battery can be fully charged and the Big Bad can make his appearance.

    I guess we know how the Blue Lanterns are going to survive Agent Orange’s attack on their planet now.

  77. Wasn’t there a panel in Blackest Night #2 that showed a black ring going to Abin Sur’s gravemark? Maybe it was Amon and I read the panel wrong….but I think Abin is gonna be a factor in the main book in the future.

  78. @TNC-Yes, that was Abin’s grave in BN #2.  He’ll show up later on.  But the guy in this issue was Amon.  I expect a father/son reunion of epic proportions.

  79. @drakedangerz & @ TNC: I expect something like the following… Abin says, "Son you were a Sinestro Corps member, really? What the hell? I’d kill you myself if you weren’t already dead. Really what would your mother say?. I’m so disappointed." Amon says,"but dad!" Abin replies, "Screw it, we will talk about this later. Now son time to eat some Skittles! Nom, nom, nom, nom."

  80. SPOILER:Anybody know what guardian that was that became a black lantern? Did that happen a few issues ago with their fight with Larfreeze or from ealier when the guardians first encountered him after he’d stolen Paralax

  81. Another solid issue by Johns and Mahnke. Great characterization and interaction between Carol and Sinestro –nobody can write compelling motivations like Johns. I’m glad Kryb is free and on her way to reunite with her "babies" (creepy, I know… but I love her). Mahnke is a master storyteller, period. Every page and every panel have something special to draw your attention. He really is a great addition to the GL team.

  82. Was Arin Sur recently created or was she always established as Abin Sur’s sis/Sinestro’s love interest? Regardless of that fact, I expect to see her as a BN soon.


  83. @ivithebatmanivi: I haven’t seen her before.

  84. @chadbowen: I think Larfleeze killed a Guardian during the course of controlling the Orange battery. I don’t think it’ll matter in the long run though.

  85. Wow, what a great issue. Black Lantern Abin Sur excites me the most out of anything that happened, I think. This is going to be a very good supplement to the regular BLACKEST NIGHT book. 5/5.

  86. I loved this issue. I have to say, this really has more emotional impact for me as a long-time reader. Also, Carol and Sinestro have fought before (Way back in the 70s, in GL #73-74) so she has an idea of how to fight him. Also, despite being a raving looney, Sinestro is honorable, and I think he honestly was letting Carol go, not expecting her to take a strike at him. Also, she is the most powerful member of the Sapphires, so it’s not surprising. Sinestro is a mastermind, but his power is only equal to that of Hal’s. There were so many little, fun easter eggs for fans. BL Weaponers of Qward! Amon Sur! Lyssa Dark! I’m loving it. Also, Mahnke nailed this issue art wise. Brilliant stuff. 5/5 POTW for me.

  87. @ivithebatmanivi – I don’t recall having seen Arin Sur either.  It seems a bit clunky to create her at this stage of the game, but since they just gave Sinestro a daughter, I guess they figured they’d go all or nothing.

  88. @stuclach She’s new to me, but it’s not unbelievable. As well, Abin Sur and Sinestro were BFFs. Makes sense he’d fall for his sister.

  89. i made it as far as the two page spread of Carol and the Sinestro Corps members before a glaring editorial mistake has officially blown my mind. Carol Ferris, or is it Geoff Johns has interchangeably used "then" in place of "than". noone here has bothered to mention it?! 

  90. @FACE At this point, I’ll take a small, relatively common editorial mistake and the book shipping on time then a perfect issue two months late. I’m a firm believer that spelling doesn’t matter a lick  as long as the meaning is conveyed, as well.

  91. @Prax – tell me you did that intentionally. 

  92. The spelling doesn’t always have to be correct four me to enjoy the issue.

  93. @FACE I did. :-p

  94. @drake: Duh…..that’s for sure.

  95. @TNC-werd.

  96. Does anyone else wanna see "Black Lantern Planet" and Mogo have a space fight?

  97. @Gungadin I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I was pretty sure that was a given. 😉

  98. how exactly would that go?  Just…bumping into each other??


    I’d kill to see that

  99. @drakedangerz – Ha, ha, ha, ha.  Good one.  Wouldn’t their gravity wells simply tear them both apart if they got close to each other?  I don’t think the Black Lantern Planet would be bothered by that.

  100. I hope Doug stays on this book for the long hall. He is geting better every time i see his art

  101. Y’know I think BLACKEST NIGHT is shaping up to be my favorite "Event" of all time

  102. What’s with the Black Rings not being able to read some people’s emotions?

  103. Or was thatin BN: Titans? I read both together last night and now I forgot which happened in which.

  104. @Noto It happens in BN: Titans #1 and BN #2. Both times it is depicting the same scene, for some reason the original Dove can’t be resurrected. (Not) Coincedentally, the current Dove shows up white on the Black Latern’s emotional spectrovision.

  105. Pick of the week.

  106. Sinestro should stop going to Forrest Gump’s barber. 

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