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Blackest Night is underway… finally? Blackest Night 1 and 2 have been progressing the DCU, as a whole, towards Blackest Night, but what of all the corps??

GL 45 is where they all are. We got Orange invading Odym, in hopes of getting the blue power – Yellow invading Zamaron and facing the Star Saphires – Alpha Lanterns invading Yasmult – and John Stewart boo-hooing to some rocks.

This book was definatly a 5 and if anyone says differently i hope they get a call from their doctor, while reading this review, that they found some spots on the x-ray.

This issue was crammed full of one-liner goodness and full page reveals. Johns is keeping strong with the story here, Sinestro has some just golden moments with Carol Ferris which to me seemed to really give some insight on the reasons Carol chose to be a saphire. And for reveals…wow…just wow. Withought spoiling anything…is that Salaak’s predecessor? This issue’s story really got me excited again for BN. (I’m not a DCU buff, but i knows mes some gl)

Tan…TAAAAAAAn. Not the worst, but sinestro kinda looked like a singer from one of the “girl pants” bands. At least its not Oviletti.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I was giggling with each page turn.  There was so much content in this issue.  Johns must have taklen a few pointers from Tomasi on how to handle several plot points and a huge cast. Great stuff!

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