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  1. Just got caught up to current on this series and i am in love. CAN NOT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THIS!

  2. werd up. This is sure going to be boss

  3. Judging just by what books are out this week, this seems to be a sure bet for my POTW. Looking forward tot his. Excited to see where we end up with GL.

  4. I hope this issue picks up the rest of….what I call a very ‘disappointing’ arc. Larfleeze is a great new character, but anything that doesnt involve him has been pretty weak. We’re so close to Blackest Night and I have cared so little about Hal Jordan….that’s a big problem considering he’s gonna be the main protagonist in the event.

  5. I’m not digging Tan’s art too much in this arc, but I love that cover.

  6. @TNC – I somewhat agree with you.  I don’t think the arc has been disappointing, but you bring up a good point.  Hal has definately been a little underwhelming.

    Anybody else having problems following Phil Tan’s panels?  The guy’s obviously talented, but he’s waaaaaaay too detailed.

  7. last couple of issues have been meh…  i tried re-reading last issue this morning and ended up skimming over most of it because i was getting bored…  i would drop this if not for Blackest Night coming up…

  8. @drake_dangerz – bite your tongue young man, i am really enjoying Tan’s work and wish he was going to be permanent on this book 🙂

  9. @BrikHed-I hate you.  And so does Ivan Reis.  Go back to the Kirkman forum so I can ban you 😛

  10. I was dissapointed with last issue too, but have high hopes for this one.

  11. Geoff Johns: You had me at Sinestro Corps War, but somewhere along the way, I’ve fallen out of love with you.  I may be willing to give you another chance, but don’t disappoint me!

  12. Agent Orange has been a strange little arc, I wouldn’t say its as great as some people seem to think it is, but we all know Blackest Night will be awesome.

  13. I think i would have been more interested in this arc if the art was better.

  14. Yeah, count me among the people who aren’t fans of Tan’s work.  The dude can draw, but I find it hard to follow in some parts.

  15. I’m not a huge fan of Tan (I don’t really mind him), but I think this has been pretty good so far, and I don’t agree with most of the complaints. I’m excited to see what happens in the Vega system. This book, in my opinion, has done a great job of building up to Blackest Night.

  16. I’m pumped. But for some reason less pumped because of the wait. I bet this series will read so much better in trade. =(

  17. @Mangaman: What wait? GREEN LANTERN #40 came out exactly one month ago.

  18. Agent Orange is a curtain jerker.  The main event will soon be on it’s way.  That’s what’s important.   

  19. @Crippler

    Awesome wrestling reference. This and GL: Corps have been an excellent under-card to Blackest Night.

  20. I’ve thought this arc was great so far especially with Hal Jordan wearing the blue and green rings. I’m excited for this issue so we can meet Agent Orange.

  21. Y’know, I’ve been enjoying this overall storyline since SCW and yet I don’t find Hal Jordan the least bit interesting.



  22. If I could wear any of the rings other than the GL one I would definetely pick the Blue ring of hope.

  23. The Variant Cover looks awesome. I hope I can get that.

  24. This cover is very confusing and too much is going on.

  25. Since this book is doing the whole Tales of the _____ Corps thing, I think its time we had a Dax-Starr story! He’s obviously the greatest Lantern who ever lived, so respect must be paid to him!

  26. so…that just happened

  27. @RoiVampire  i was thinking the exact same thing.

  28. Seriously Johns is not pulling any punches with this story line. we haven’t even hit the blackest night yet and this kinda thing has already happened


  29. Total yawnfest.

    Seriously I am bored with this series now. Even Larfleeze is getting a bit old now. Should’ve introduced the Red/Blue lanterns last.

  30. @TNC How is Hal Jordan getting his arm chopped off after a pretty twisted origin story a yawnfest? that was the most shocking page in a DC book this year. 

  31. totally agree with @RoiVampire, again.  my jaw actually dropped.  anything but "yawnfest"… 

  32. @Roi. great! thanks! i don’t have to read it now. Good on ya

  33. @Roi: Wow….his arm got chopped off. Amazing.

    How about the redundant discussion on what hope means to Larfleeze. Dont tell me that origin was twisted or good. It was boring! Did it need to be that long as well? It took up a good portion of the issue. Plus the unintentionally funniest moment of the week for me: Larfleeze giving a very long winded origin; then when the time comes he had to win his rights to be Agent Orange we just get ‘I won.’ LoL! no explaination needed on how he won I guess.

  34. @edward, sorry man, i always figure no one clicks on these on the days the books come out

  35. @edward: Spoilers are fine once the books have come out.  If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t look at the pages until you’ve read the books.

  36. yeah…  spoiled for me too…  it’s my own fault for looking here before reading the book…  i was just looking for some general reactions to help me decide if i should buy the book…  a spoiler warning would have been nice, but seeing as the book is out…  i blame myself…  oh well… 

  37. @TNC Your little tirade was longer than the origin story!

    @edward, insight: That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    I really enjoyed this issue. I thought Tan’s art seemed to come off better here, I thought the story flowed well. While I probably could’ve used a bit more of the John sub-plot to break up the story, I was not disappointed with it. In all honesty, as much as I loved the bulk of the issue, the best moments were the two One-Page cuts. The "On our Anniversary" letter was touching and a little unnerving. The Sinestro scene says so much about the man in little space. And, being a fan of John Stewart and Fatality I was really stoked by that page, too.

    I liked Larfleaze’s origin. Was it maybe a bit long… maybe. But honestly, I liked it. And that’s sort of the point of the long origin and the not seen resolution. He won! And the last scene is pretty shocking because I’m not sure what Hal’s going to do. (Unless the Compassion Lantern’s come rolling in and magically heal him?) 

  38. Forgot to say 5/5, POTW for me. Though, I was bit put off by the "out of focus" panel. The rings in the panel didn’t cover enough of the foreground for me to understand why it was needed.

  39. This was a pretty good issue.  Ending was pretty interesting, reminded me of a certain zombie book I read where the main character got his arm chopped off.  Still, it was very entertaining. 

    Also, what’s in the box!?!?!

  40. @drakedangerz Wasn’t it explicitly said? The box contained Parralax.

  41. every issue makes me want the next one more. consistently strong work.

  42. Another great issue. Agent Orange is my favorite of the new lanterns so the more of him the better. The only thing i’m not digging is the art.

  43. Spoilers ahoy!!

    I was wondering if having his hand chopped off is supposed to be some sort of mirror image of Black Hand??

  44. @Prax-Yo, give a spoiler warning man!!!  Don’t want people getting uppity.


    I knew it was Parallax.  I was trying to make a silly joke.  Though I am curious how he got in there and all those juice details.

  45. @MisterJ: Ooooh! That’s a good idea…..that makes total sense now. But that probably wont be proven or shown at all til Blackest Night….if he doesnt get his arm reattached.

  46. Jeez, TNC, did someone piss in your Cornflakes this morning or what?

  47. @captbastrd: I wish… was more of a brown substance that got into my flakes.




  49. @gamboa1047: good point!

    see, there’s an example of a spoiler free post

  50. Damn, gamboa1047, that’s exactly what I was gonna say.

    Thought this was pretty damn good. What are we lookin’ at with the ending though? Luke Skywalker style cyborg arm?  Green Lantern construct arm? Magic pixie dust & the arm grows back? Or Hal pulled the old switcheroo & the "arm" we see getting cut off was actually Blue Hope (new Gaterade flavor coming soon) construct decoy arm?

  51. I thought this issue was much better than the last few. Even Tan’s art, which has been a little too "busy" at times, looks better here. But it’s the coloring that really impressed me, especially after reading Conor’s article about color. There are so many different, contrasting colors going on here at once, but it never looks messy or overwhelming; it just looks great. 

  52. @ WadeWilson , keep in mind Soranik Natu is out there, she could fix Hal’s arm. Not to mention the early indications were that the blue lantern’s need Hal just as much as they need their rings, so I think he’ll be reunited with the Blue soon enough.

  53. Wow…i didn’t think it was overall an amazing issue, but wow what a cliffhanger. Could really change the character of Hal Jordan a ton. Excited for 42!!! 4/5

  54. all that was missing at the end was larfleeze saying HAL I AM YOUR FATHER and hal yelling NOOOOOOOO.   hacky yawn fest indeed

  55. Wow for once Green Lantern isn’t pick of the week for everyone, and there seems to be a number of complaints about Sir Johns?  Weird week indeed.

  56. @TNC: What comics do you like?  All I hear you do is bitch.

  57. @ Handsaw , He loved Final Crisis…..

  58. can someone check on TNC, please? i’m starting to get worried

  59. I think Edward is right. We haven’t heard from TNC for over 24 hours (is that a record?). 

  60. tnc is now a red lantern. hes never coming back

  61. Yes I am red….angry with rage!!!

  62. and he’s back!

  63. …..I dont have to do a ****** song and dance for you! 🙂

  64. but you look so cute in your tap shoes 🙂

  65. This Orange Lantern story arc has gone from interesting to boring me to tears. I just want to get Blackest Night rolling and meet the Violet Lanterns. I feel this arc needs to end ASAP.

  66. @MisterJ: I look good in a top hat, cane, and a tail. But you dont see me dancing. Just cosplayin.

  67. Wow, I don’t see how anyone can find this boring, but to each their own. 5/5 for me.

  68. @kwisdom – Maybe I’m just not in the right mindset right now, this is the first Green Lantern issue (including Corps) that I’ve given less than a 4 to.

  69. Theory: Hal Jordan’s hand will be healed/restored by one of the yet to be seen Indigo Lanterns…

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