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While reading this issue one thought was ringing threw my head:

‘Geoff Johns should’ve introduced the Red and Blue Lanterns after Agent Orange’

This arc is soooooo boring. Oh my god, Johns is like nose diving (for me) the quality of this book with this recent arc. There’s just so many things I don’t care about with this story. It’s bad enough we have to care about the Guardians, and the drive for ‘Hope’ with Hal Jordan. But now Larfleeze is becoming quite a bore and a one note character. Seriously, the only living member of the Orange Lanterns was keeping me interesting with this. But after this issue and reading his origin, I now don’t really care about him. If this came out a couple of months ago, I could ride this off saying: ‘Oh it’s a little hitch in the prologue to Blackest Night. Johns will be able to bring this all back with the other Lanterns’. But because this is the last arc before Blackest Night, Johns has now made me care little about Hal Jordan. That’s a huge problem.

On the art side….Eh, Tan is okay. There seems to be some type of change in the style though. I dont know if it’s Tan’s pencils in general or if there is a new colorist/inker on board. But for some reason this looked a lot more detailed and ‘busy’. Maybe it was a new colorist cause this look very muddy at times for me. Tan is no Ivan Reis and I’m not gonna compare the two cause that wouldn’t be fair. But man oh man it would’ve been nice to have some type of less dip in quality between the two.

So yeah….I am now offically bored with this comic. Here we are, exactely 6 weeks away from Blackest Night and I dont care about what’s going on. If I dont care about the main character, then now it’s an uphill battle for me to have reason to like Hal Jordan again. It would’ve had to have been a big rewrite to introduce Red and Blue after Orange. But they should’ve definitely been introduced AFTER this arc. Cause seeing a blue lantern turn a dead star to a live one is enough for me to say ‘Fuck Yeah!’ to Blackest Night.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. What about what happened on the final page?  I thought that was a very interesting turn of events.

  2. It does create some possible mirroring, a la "Return of the Jedi."  But, I have to agree with TNC.  This issue felt like more prologue.  Other than revealing Larfleeze’s origin, which was very rushed, and that final page, which we don’t know what Johns will do with it, nothing much happened in this issue.  Having recently read all the trades and having started on issues with "Rage of the Red Lanterns," this seems like a definite letdown from my expectations.  Fortunately, I like the *concept* enough to stick around, even though the *execution* may leave something to be desired.

  3. @Neb: Eh… wasnt that great of a final page.

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