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  1. yay new green lantern

  2. I am very excited for this, as I am each time it comes out.  Just awesome.

  3. I agree. I look forward to this a stupid amount whenever (and before) it comes out. Can’t wait!

  4. Could this be the best origin story ever to be put on print? I debate that it is and nothing matches this classic arc.

    Even if it isnt a high action packed event like Sinestro Corp Wars; this proves to me that Johns can write in any style he wants too….Even if he did do a Hal origin on his beginnings of the title years ago!

  5. i might have preferred Secret Origin in trade

  6. i want to clarify that i don’t mean that in a negative way

  7. @FACE – The trade will be awesome. But I’ve loved this in issues. And I ain’t an issue guy when it comes to arcs. But this series has left me waiting for more when an issue ends, and completely psyched when a new one’s coming out.

  8. @Eyun – good in issues but not really gripping i think. definitely looking forward to each issue just wish i weren’t givin up six months to origin. can’t wait for the blackest night

  9. I’m loving the secret origins, because I just recently got into the Green Lantern comics. Actually, my first GL comic was SO #1 so I’ve been enjoying it. I’ve gone back and read Sinestro Corps & Rebirth. I’ve been really enjoying it and looking forward to more of his work.

  10. @aerodash84 – Right there with you, dude. I only started reading GL after Josh raved about Secret Origin #1 as his POW a while back. Never read it before, gave it a shot, and it’s now one of my favourite characters and this is the book I look forward to most every month (along with Nightwing) 🙂

  11. This book has been amazing all through Johns run and now he is just cementing it as possibly the greatest GL writer ever. He has taken the basic origin and made it so much more interesting and fun. Plus with Ivan Reis you cant go wrong on this book.

  12. I think this is actually better than Emerald Dawn. I think that tried to make him more of a punk-@$$. I’m really enjoying Johns Green Lantern. I’ve been re-reading the Rebirth and No Fear trades. I saw the DC solicitations for October – the Secret Origin trade is a hardcover – not a paperback – hu-bu-wha

  13. @AirDave: Normally they ship out a hardcover of a trade before they do a TPB. Usually the TPB comes out 4-6 months after a hardcover.

    But who cares if this is only hardcover right now? This is one of the best stories coming out of DC right now….So paying an extra 5 bucks for a hardcover doesnt bother me a bit. Is it weird that I find this just as entertaining as the Sinestro Corps war, even if it is an Origin/recon story?

  14. @aerodash84- GL SO#1 was also my first GL comic! And I too followed it up with Sinestro Corp. War and Rebirth. Geoff Johns is an amazing writer!

  15. Is it just me, or does this arc read like a perfect template for a GL movie?

  16. Judging by the way Warner Bros. is screwing around, we will never see a Green Lantern movie.  And if it does get made the superheroe movie bubble will have burst and it will be panned and ignored. *Sigh* 

  17. I can’t believe there’s actual talks for a SuperMax Green Arrow motion picture before a GL movie.  That just makes zero sense to me. 

  18. @Kimbo Iror Man is the reason. But I think it’s a cool idea for a movie. Show people you can do with more with Super-heroes than just tell their origin or have them face off with their major villains.

  19. After seeing the newest Indiana Jones — which wasn’t great as an Indy movie, but I thought had a pretty awesome first hour of Steven Spielberg’s obsession with 50s America — I totally daydream about Spielberg doing a retro Lantern movie, set in the 50s/early 60s a la New Frontier.

  20.  Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Jonah Hex hell even Booster Gold are characters just sitting there collecting dust waiting for movies to even be discussed.  What is
    DC and Warner Bros. waiting for?  Unlike Marvel up until recenty DC had a major studio behind them yet Marvel has been cranking out their properties at a rate of every year or at least every other year.  Meanwhile DC is only giving us Superman and Batman which have been good but have been done to death.  Is there some legal issues over royalties that are keeping these movies from being made?  What is the hold up?  Just write a quality script, there are plenty of quality directors chomping at the bit to make a name for themselves by making movies with these timeless characters.  And as a Batman fan this is hard to say, but I would rather see a GL or Flash movie than a Dark Knight sequel.

    That’s it, thats my rant for the week I’m gonna go punch something.

  21. @Kory: Currently Marc Guggenheim is writing a script for Green Lantern; Wonder Woman has been in development hell for 4 years (Josh Whedon was once director), and Jonah Hex is rumored to been done in film form with a (fake?) picture of Thomas Jane as Hex.

    So yeah DC is doing films…but it just seems like they’re slower then what Marvel studios are doing. I for one would love to see more minor characters at least be shown in entertainment more. Hell that’s why I loved Justice League Unlimited; any show that did episodes on Question, Huntress, Green Arrow and others, is a great show in my mind.

  22. looking forward to getting this when the hardcover comes out..just want to reinforce that all the other GL trades from thsi run also came out in hardcover first – means nothing really.

    I dotn know why i read this site when i only buy in trades! gah..! (too expensive to do issues over here..) 

  23. @VogonPoet30 – That is a great idea.  That would rock.

  24. Hey don’t forget DC is doin’ a little flick, called Watchmen. 😉

    About this GL issue … it was good (duh) , but I am more than ready for things to come back to the present.

  25. @Wade – Only problem is Watchmen isn’t a franchise, and they need another franchise. TDK owned 2008 and they need to get off their arses and get more characters out there.

    The good news is that DC and Warners recently met to set out a plan for the next five years and get things rolling. They seem to finally realise that with Nolan not yet signed to a third Batfilm, and with the Harry Potter franchise ending in the next two years, they need some money spinners quick-smart. 

  26. @Eyun – I guess it’s not such a huge issue to me personally. To me, if something goes from a comic book to a movie, more often than not, I’m left either dissapointed or unimpressed. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies, but I think comics have thier own life, and don’t need movies to be validated. I could care less what the general non comic reading public thinks of these characters we all love. And if it’s about money & competing with Marvel? Well, I’m sure these little multi-million dollar companies will survive. 😛

    I guess I’m sayin’, I love the comics first & foremost, and any movies made out of comics are just a bonus … when they are good. Maybe us comic fans are just spoiled now that there has been so many good comic movies recently, and I’m taking it for granted. But, when this comic movie phase dies off, we are the ones who will still be reading the comics.

  27. I’ve been digging these up from the bin andit’s made a Green Fantern of me.

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