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  1. This run has been awesome, and the cover is gorgeous. Damn you, Josh Flanagan, I had no interest in this character until you kept talking it up. Now I can’t get enough.

  2. Johns 3:16

  3. @Eyun  Agreed, damn Josh, this is at least the 10th time he’s vexed me.  I realy like this origin story, I am new to the character but have heard a bunch about him through friends…this is a great book and obviously a great jumping on point for folks like me who know nothing about Hal.

  4. After I had heard that Secret Origins was a good jump on point for #1 I’ve been hooked. I’m looking forward to reading what’s to come, and picked up Rebirth which I thought was awesome.

  5. This is just a beautiful book.  I read a lot of heavy/angsty stuff this week, and this just made me smile and smile.

  6. I had just jumped on Green Lantern with the Sinestro War stuff, and I was totally disaapointed that Johns was going to stop making forward progress and re-tell the origin for five issues. But now I’m really happy about this. This has been super-solid so far, and I love Reis’s earthbound art. It’s great to see him draw pilots and and airplanes and the desert.

  7. Nobody tells this origin better than Johns, i’m loving this book.

  8. Where I love the dark and deep books Grant Morrision is putting out right now this book is a great counter point to them.  Is it silly to say that I love this book because it reminds me of what I think old comic books were like?


    Oh and WOW… I love the spash pages in this book.  Great stuff.

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