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Larfleeze arrives on Oa to find the Corps at their most desperate, while Hal is forced to throw new Green Lantern recruits into a battle they might not win! And don’t miss the birth of a brand new threat.

Story by Robert Venditti
Art by Billy Tan, Rob Hunter, & Jon Sibal
Colors by Alex Sinclair & Tony Avina
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Cover by Billy Tan, Alex Sinclair, & Rags Morales

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. 36crazymet (@themikeylamb) says:

    The A-10 was pretty cool!

  2. I’m done. This was a pretty cookie cutter, predictable story. Not interested in the follow up.

  3. I’m enjoying this story.

  4. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I have been reading Green Lantern for years now and it has been just a phenomenal run. These last two issues have fallen into mediocrity.

    It’s really frustrating for me because I identify myself as a DC guy and am a huge Green Lantern fan, but the company has fallen into a slump the last year or so and everything just seems to be missing the mark. I really really hope they get their groove back soon.

  5. So busy it gives me a headache.

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