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  1. This is the first issue with art by Mike Norton…

  2. So this is where Black Canary is! Because she’s definitely not in JLA. And where are those Black Canary cookies? All jokes (and lame jokes at that) aside I really can’t wait for this issue! That and Criminal

  3. It will be interesting to see what Norton can do. Gonna be tough to top Cliff’s work. It fit so well with the tone of the writing.

  4. After last issues big reveal, I’m interested to see if this book goes completely off the track (which is my gut reaction to last issue) or if something awesome comes from it.  Is Mike Norton the one that drew issue #5?  If so, his pencils were not that bad, so it should be a good issue.

  5. I got the first three issues and they were really bad. I mean REALLY bad, so I dropped it … then I look at how many pulls this book has and I’m shocked.

    When did it get good? 

  6. @Neb – No, this is Norton’s first issue.

    @WadeWilson – It’s always been good. 

  7. I’m not that familiar with Mike Norton (although i’m halfway through he’s word balloon podcast)..but I could swear that the preview pages for this title look like cliff chiang’s art.  Is Norton similar??

  8. @nroa – One of Norton’s things is that he doesn’t really have a set art style.  He changes it to try to best suit the book he is drawing.  So here he is drawing in a Chiang style.

  9. This is a rip roaring fun book that has kept me highly entertained. I’m also worried about the wheels coming off. I’ll keep thinking good thoughts. I love Green Arrow, there aren’t many like him.



    preview of the art for the issue 

  11. I found the book kinda jarring, how it went from wacky-over-the-top-super-hero-action to heavy handed melodrama so suddenly.

    But, if so many of you guys are still reading it, maybe it’s worth giving it another shot … 

  12. Huh, still Chiang. Not that I’m complaining. And oh my god those first six pages. I was lolling and rofling at the same time.

  13. @conor: check. 

    @jxc: not chiang, see above.

  14. It is Norton, although he did a great job staying near-identical to Chiang’s style.


    Fabulous issue. 

  15. The only problem I have with Norton in this issue is his Hal Jordan. All the other characters looks great while Hal looks like a rigid block. Also, dialouge error when Ollie is talking to Hal and says that he is "No some space knight who can give perps an M.R.I. while he overs above them."

    Overall, i’m still in love with this book. The story is awesome. It could very easily feel liek the same thing over and over but Winnick is keeping each leg of the journey fresh. 

  16. norton is not chiang. despite his efforts to be him.

  17. Love this book but really did not like the art in this issue. I am not sure it is Norton though. I think it is the coloring. I think that I am really going to miss Chiang though. His art was just outstanding. I think story is still a 5 but art dropped to a 3 this issue.

  18. how funny was the begining.


    Why was chang still listed on the cover?


    didnt care for that cheeky brit guy and speedy sitting next to him (slut) 

  19. @wolf — Speedy’s a slut because she sat next to a guy?

  20. @ astyak – i agree that the coloring plays a part in this, but i think the pencils aren’t great either. i mean, just look at the bad guy on the last page – he looks REALLY terrible, to the point where it almost ruins the impact of the reveal.

  21. I started reading this book thanx to the IFanboy’s girlish glee about it on the podcast. I’ve yet to be dissapointed. The story’s moved along at a nice pace. The characterization’s been on point and the art’s been good. Not breathtaking. Not remarkable. Not awe-inspiring. So I’ve been on the outside looking in everytime someone swoons over Chiang’s work. Now everyone wants to hate on Norton for doing practically the same thing (maybe a little less detail). I can’t help but feel if they had labelled it as Chiang’s work that everyone would have continued to praise it as if it were the second coming.

  22. @FACE – I disagree.  While they’re nothing wrong with Norton, Chiang is something special.

  23. You know, I really liked Norton’s pencils on this one.  I think this is something that can only improve with time.  He will never be Chiang because, well, only Chiang can be Chiang.  But I really found Norton’s pencils to be quite pleasant.

  24. DC really needs to get better at crediting the people in the issue.  I thought it looked weird for Chiang’s art.  Now that I know it was Norton I give it more consideration.

    Solid issue, my only real problems with it that some of the jokes were a tad silly and that when the team is in civilian clothes the artists need to do a better job of differentiating Dinah and Mia a bit more than they do. 

  25. @adrian: I definatley got confused in some the pannals, i couldn’t tell who was dinah and who was mia…



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