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Super Hero executions will now be televised! After taking down members of a “celebrity” gang – privileged, decadent teens who buy their powers and stage fights with unsuspecting victims – Green Arrow finds himself in the crosshairs of the entire team!

It’s Ollie Queen vs. a dozen thrill killers while the world watches – live!

Written by J.T. KRUL

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Avg Rating: 2.7
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  1. I’m betting this won’t even get 200 pulls (down from 623 from the first issue).

  2. I love George Perez, but the art on the first issue of this book looked uninspired and dated (so I passed on it) and Superman was a chore to read, so he went 0 for 2. 🙁

  3. I’ll give this another try when Giffen comes on board. As it stands, the first issue was about the only one of the new 52 that I never finished reading.

  4. I’m in the minority that actually liked the first issue!

  5. I impulse purchased issue one online last night. MISTAAAAAAAAAKE!

  6. Yeah, you are seeing some big differences in excitment going on this week. Some titles are pretty low in pulls in contrast to last month.

  7. I think the first one was a throw away issue but I think it will rebound and this issue will prbly be better everone has off issues.

  8. I’m done with Green Arrow.

  9. Gillen please hurry….

  10. I actually like this book… It’s fun and you don’t have to think about every little detail. I love the classic feel and I think the art is great. I’m obviously in the extreme minority here though. :/

    • I certainly don’t think it is as awful as it’s being portrayed. There are plenty of things that could be done better; the villains are lacklustre, the relationship with the boss running Queen Industries feels forced and the backup team need better definition. That said, I think it’s got good action sequences and I like the art.
      It has potential, and I’m going to give it an arc or two to find it’s feet.

  11. I also liked this issue a lot, the art was very good and the story was fun. Alpha what a a stupid boy; shows what facebooks and craigslists will get yah!! LOL Sorry to soon, to soon? Good luck to GA getting out of this mess.

    Just sayin’,


  12. I’m still confused – is Ollie now younger than Roy Harper? That’s a neat trick arrow right there.

  13. Well I’m out. This book is trash and out of touch. This should feel hip and techy but it feels like the writer hates tech. Hell he put a line in there saying that gamers spend all day shooting people in games so of course they would videotape murders and put them online… Really? When’s this guy leaving the book?

  14. I liked the first issue but have no clue what happened in the second. I might be out which sucks because I like green arrow! I’ll check number 3 just to be sure.

  15. What a load. Did J.T. Krul really draw a connection between violent video games and sociopathic murder? And whats with this ass-backwards view of technology and social media? I feel like this book was written by my grandmother. Except, my grandmother wouldn’t feel compelled to have the main protagonist calling female characters “whores” and “skanks.”

    I’ll give it a one, because it is set in Seattle.

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