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BRIGHTEST DAY shines its light on Star City in this oversized first issue from up-and-coming writer J.T. Krul (BLACKEST NIGHT: TITANS, GREEN ARROW #30) and future superstar artist Diogenes Neves (New Mutants)! “The Fall of Green Arrow” has ended. Now who carries the heavy bow of the Emerald Archer? Coming out of the devastation, what miraculous event has occurred in Star City and what mysteries await inside that bring the forces of good and evil in search of its lone protector? Aim for a whole new era starring Green Arrow in this exciting ongoing series!

Written by J.T. KRUL
Variant cover by ETHAN VAN SCIVER

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.4%


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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. The preview was both decent and groan inducing, so this can go either way. I do like that cover, though.

  2. This cover (and every cover I’ve seen in the solicits) is fantastic. Let’s just hope it’s not the best part of this relaunch. Green Arrow is one of my all-time favorites, but he’s been on very thin ice with me for a while now. Don’t let me down Krul! And please reference Cry For Justice as little as possible.

  3. possibly, if they have 9.2+ copies on the shelf. It’s a nice cover!

  4. I’m going to pick this up to see if it’s trade worthy later, as I love me some Mike Grell era Green Arrow, so I’m hoping it’s good, but the dialogue in that preview wasn’t encouraging but I’ll give it a shot.

  5. I rememer pre-Rise and Fall when I kept going on about how Krul is the next big thing at DC. I don’t know what has happened since then…

  6. @slockart Impotence? Thank you, thank you I’m here all week. Yeah, I was really positive about Krul, too after BN Titans and his Red Arrow spotlit issue in Titans.

  7. Well, to rehash what I posted earlier in ‘softer terms’ I’m thinking that this issue will be the one and only issue that I buy due to how poorly the Rise of Arsenal has went.  Krul really impressed me at first, and now all of that is gone.

  8. Green Arrow is my favorite, and I am hoping that this makes up for Kreisberg’s run.

  9. I’m giving this a chance.  I still think Krul has promise.  Just excise Cry of Justice from your memory.

  10. did n’t like the preview. doubt I’ll like the book.

  11. @OwlyFan: James Robinson wrote CRY FOR JUSTICE.

  12. @PraxJarvin

    I’m just glad they announced he’s taking over Teen Titans.  Felicia Henderson has been driving that book down so hard (even more so than anyone else before her) and it seems like Titans stuff may be all Krul’s capable of handling. And he can handle them really well.

  13. Did anyone else think of the last page of Dark Knight Strikes Again #1 when they got to the end of the preview of this?

  14. Nothing to do with the book really, but I’m psyched because I just found out the chief editor on this book shops at my comic shop. 

    Definitely gonna buy it regardless, I liked the preview. 

  15. Oh, I didn’t even know this was coming out, DC has hardly advertised it in their books recently. O_O

  16. @WadeWilson – I don’t know which DC comics you’ve been buying but the few I’ve picked up have all had Green Arrow ads in them.

  17. Yeah, let’s just hope that this is Blackest Night: Titans Krul writing this, and not Rise of Arsenal Krul.

  18. @Conor.  That’s correct.  I was speaking more to Krul’s work connected to that, i.e. Rise and Fall of Arsenal.  Guess I wasn’t clear

  19. Enjoyable. But not quite solid. Some really weird things going on like characters pontificating about how the city needs GA, which seems to go counter to how the book should go. I also think the full Robin Hood angle is a little too on the nose. But we’ll see where it goes. Better than I expected and no crazy cat-killing. I really enjoyed the art, too. 3/5

  20. Not bad, I’m willing to give this a bit of time.  The Merry Men bit actually has me kind of interested.

  21. @CGPO… yeah the merry men are what made me curious enough to pick up #2.

  22. For a first issue – not bad.  I haven’t been reading any DC, so I have no idea what is going on – Blackest, Darkest, Brightest, blah blah blah blah.

    Hope this doesn’t get bogged down in ridiculous DC continuity so I can loves me some Green Arrow again.

  23. As a long-time GA fan, my hopes may be just a bit too high for this relaunch. This first issue did very little for me, but it was enough to keep me on board and optimistic. I just hope Krul can pull Ollie out from under the pile of shit that Robinson and various other have buried him under recently.

  24. I was impressed enough with the first issue to stay on for the next few.

  25. So Lady Gaga is in charge of Queen Industries now?

  26. last time I heard, they’re kinda putting up Krul as next to Johns

  27. I’m betting that’s Black Canary.  If it is, not much of a surprise, especially when they showed the blonde hair.  I hope they’re not putting this guy next to Johns, I’m hoping they put this out right to paperback and not HC first! lol

  28. Blackest Night Krul showed a lot of promise, but the rise of Arsenal was bad — 90s bad.

     I’m on the fence with this now. The first issue forced a lot of info down our throats — very forced. Art was gread in spots, just okay in others. I think the editor could push Krul to be a better writer, but if he’s left to his own devices — not so sure.

     Will give this two more issues to convince me it’s worth a pull.

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