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  1. #1 wasn’t anywhere as great as Unwritten.  I don’t see myself staying on this too long.

  2. I’m just going to try to scream at the book, maybe that will make it improve:




    there we go

  3. I’m going to stick with this for another issue or two, see if it improves. I like the premise, but the first issue was too muddled.

  4. agreed

  5. Am i the only one who liked the first issue?

  6. YES!!

  7. I don’t have a clue what happened last issue. With that said, I think i’ll see where this is going.

  8. I’m giving this title one more chance (issue) to make sense.

  9. The first issue had a few interesting parts I wouldn’t mind seeing how they turn out, I could probably live with waiting for the trade though.

  10. I liked the first issue quite a bit. I’m on for at least the first full arc to see what kind of direction it goes in.

  11. first issuee was great!


  12. The first issue was intense and disturbing. I think a lot of awesome and gruesome stories will come out of this series. I love the first issue. The simple premise and the flawed characters will make a refreshing read.



  14. ha ha, you got me

  15. This is the one I’m most on the wall about except for The Mighty.  I would so like to drop my pulls down one from 11 to 10.  I usually try to stay around six or seven so I’m already WAY up there!

    VERTIGO stuff is always so much better in trade regardless, and I already caught on to Unwritten recently.  I’m definitely putting this one back on the rack tomorrow.  The trade will be out in no time and it’ll be only $9.99 probably.

    I ain’t beat.

  16. come on, this is a wicked awesome issue!?! this is everything vertigo! If not for the perfect Mignola/Stenbeck masterpiece, this was my pick of the week.

  17. A bit hard to follow.

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