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Not nearly the train wreck that the first issue was, this issue still isn’t what I’d call “good.”  There are a lot of pacing problems, and the artwork is just on the positive side of mediocre.  Mainly this title reads as though Peter Milligan has been working for so long on more restrictive main stream titles that he feels the need to go all Frank Miller and fill the pages with swears and castration.

It’s not awful, but there are a lot of better books out there.  Go pick up The Veil or The Mighty instead.  Or Chew.  Dear God, are you reading Chew yet?

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Hmmm, no improvement from issue #1? … you might have just saved me $2.99.

  2. I’m trade waiting Chew!!  Damn!!  You might as well just trade wait Viking while I’m at it.  If I had any brains in my dome, I would’ve tradewaited for Irredeemable also.  Everybody gets a mighty deal on that one!!  Only $9.99!!

    I should go back to tradewaiting The Boys too, but I won’t.

  3. Hi, 

    What are you talking about? Pacing problem???? and the comparaison to Frank Miller is out of nowhere. Have you any idea of what degree, myth or symbolisim is? I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PEOPLE SAYING THEY DON’T LIKE SOMETHING, but have you ever made a comic? Cause you clearly don’t know what the concept of pacing is… and I would love to see your art.

     And Chew is a retarded concept about nothing.

    #1 was a perfect pastiche of infinite plot thread.

    and my first language’s fucking FRENCH.

  4. I guess you ran over rockingeek’s ferret or something.

  5. @rockingeek: Calm down.  Have some cava tea.  I love myth, but I also like good writing, and, sadly, it’s not Milligan’s forte.  He is one of a series of writers, in my opiniong, who had great concepts, but no mastery of panel to panel writing.  His paceing is, therefore, not something I enjoy.


    As for my comparison to Miller, Miller writes violent struggles with lots of swears and castration.  In this issue, the Oedipus character chops off his cock.  Castration.  That’s the parallel I’m drawing.  



    And, no, number one was not a perfect anything.  It was really bad writing.  I say that as someone who reads dozens of comics per week, and makes most of my money thorugh writing.  Do you have to agree with all my opinions?  Hell, no.  Can you discount my opinions because I don’t write in the comic medium?  Hell, no. Can I draw?  Nope.  Can I recognize good art?  Yeup.  This is ok art.  Not great.  Not awful.


    If anything comes out of nowhere, it’s your declaration of Frenchitude.  So, what?


    Your declaration that Chew is "a retarded concept of nothing" pretty much invalidates any comments you make.  YOu can definitely say you don’t like it, but it is very clearly about sveral different things, all of them far more original and well plotted than this piece of shit comic.


    Sorry about your ferret.

  6. First of all I’m very calm down and thats why I wrote that I was french, cause when I write(in english) about something I really, really disagree with, it always comes out like I’m piss or something. sorry.

    But Chew is still a retarded concept about nothing written like a cheap tv show… in my opinion. But I will give you that the art in Chew is fucking awesome.

    There’s a lot going on panel to panel in Greek Street. Between realities, lies, dreams, visions and delusions of all the bigger than life characters and their ghosts… it makes for a lot of thing going on panel to panel. And I think, in my humble opinion, its where Milligan’s pacing is losing you; am I right?  Its not a one degree straight foward story, but I don’t think its poorly written at all. Give me one exemple, please.

    Chew is about a cibopathic cop and bad guys, in a not too distant future where poultry’s prohibited. These are the reasons I don’t like it. 

     And please don’t think I’m piss or something. Arguing is like my favorite sport.

    And by the way I’m not from fucking France or anything gay like that, I’m from Montreal, Quebec (Canada). This is out of nowhere but I wanted to make sure, cause I fucking hate France.

    Now I wanna translate(to english) the first comic I’m doing and send it to you, so that you can tell me how a piece of shit comic it is. And I think I will, once its finish. Doing the art is like the hardest thing I ever did in my life and I worked in concrete for 5 years. Ok, I know I’m blabbering.

    I kill ferrets for a living!

  7. I don’t know. Lugging around buckets of debris for several days is pretty tiring work.

  8. Ahhhh, ok rockingeek.  Now I get the French mention.  I have nothing against the French, the Canadiens, and definitely nothing against Montreal.  My issue is Peter Milligan, in general.  I don’t find his dialog realistic, or creative enough to excuse it being unrealistic.


    As I have enjoyed his recent Hellblazer run, I was excited with the idea behind this comic, but I found the first issue to be horrible.  His "poor people can’t spell" narration boxes were annoying, and I don’t like the way he cuts back and forth between the different stories.  I believe the first of those problems is bad writing, the second is just my personal taste.


    If a story isn’t going to be straightforward, it needs to be awesome.  Grant Morrison’s The Filth, Paul Pope’s Heavy Liquid, that sort of thing.  On that level Milligan’s work doesn’t, well, work for me.


    I’m not one for arguing online or in person, but now that I understand that you’re an intramural arguer, and not just some jerk with a hard-on for Milligan (not that there’s anythign wrong with that), Ican disenfect some of the vitriol from my satements.


    Would love to see the comics you’re working on.  I’m less critical of people who are newer to the art form, then I am to people who are paid huge money to change the industry, and then, you know, don’t.  (Also Peter Milligan wrote one of the worst X-Men storylines ever, and I will never forgive him for that.)


    Oh, and I leave you with this:  Maybe you’re into this particular Milligan story because it is as far from concrete as you can get?

  9. Haha! Awesome.

    I only bought the first issue(of Golotha???) of his X-men run and dropped it. It was really not to my taste (to be polite).

    But he wrote, in my opinion, the greatest x-book of all time. X-force/x-static. Where Morrison wrote the x-bible and Clairemont invented the big concept.

    I think I’m starting to get out of you what you really hate of Greek Street and I think I get it. I think that the sketchyness of the whole thing, where I see magic, you just fucking hate it? To say the least.

    I love the empty spaces that I can fill with my mind and play God. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m having fun.


  10. I"m glad someone is enjoying it.  It isn’t so much the open spaces in the story that get to me, it’s his dialog and narration.  I just don’t like the way he writes most of the time.


    I didn’t even enjoy his X-Force/X-Statix run.  I loved the concept, and Allred’s art is fantastic, but, again, the way he writes…people don’t talk like that.  And, sometimes, I enjoy things that are written more stylistically, but generally not in Millligan’s case.  Just a personal preference. 


    I’m with you on Morrison and Claremont’s X-Men, though.  Though I originally hated the last two story arcs of Morrison’s run, once I realized that it was a giant middle finger to Joe Quesada and the X-editorial staff, I appreciated it a bit more.

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