Gotham Gazette Batman Alive #1

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  1. I’m really debating on getting this or not. I got the other Gotham Gazette and was kinda dissapointed.

  2. I kind of have to get this don’t I? ::sigh.:: It’s a relatively light week otherwise so it may find its way into the pile.

  3. what a cheesy little grin on Gordan’s face. he’s happy his friend’s back

  4. Whos the lady on the cover?

  5. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the first issue, but the solicit for this certainly makes it sound exciting and I always love me some Jamie McKelvie art.

  6. it’s a big week for me, this may fall out of contention…

  7. I think that is Vicki Vale

  8. same as Darth Duck. Big week, this will probubly get the boot.

  9. Oh I’m getting this, the last BftC tie in and I have all the other ones so this is in my pile for sure.

      I do think it will be a good story,  Fabian is a good writer.

  10. I was disappointed with BFTC #3, so I have to admit, I’m less enthused about this as I would have been a couple of weeks ago, but I’m definitely on board.

  11. Hopefully this one caps off the BFTC stuff.  I liked the first one and this one should bookend the series quite nicely.

  12. Jamie McKelvie art = maximum pullness.

  13. @Trichon

    This is the last book on the BftC checklist.

  14. Guillermo March — the artist of the Vicky Vale portion of the issue — kicked serious arse in this book.

  15. Guillermo March — the artist of the Vicky Vale portion of this issue — gave her serious arse in this book.

  16. @Noto Well played.

    This did a better job at capping the event than I’ve seen in a long time, and far better than BFTC. I’m glad it was made a bit clearer here that Dick is Batman (You’d be shocked how many people thought the vague ending of the last issue meant Tim was…) Still, much of it rand false to me. Perhaps… Too Little too late? Alas…

    Also random scene of Vicki Vale in panties was needless. Like… seriously. I’m not the morality police or anything, but it’s just getting annoying. We can’t have a book with a woman in it without someone getting down to their skivvies? I half expected a Barba, Vicki, Stephanie, Harper pillow fight on the last page.

    Truth told I feel a little dirty having written that. :-p 3/5 for me. 

  17. I agree with you guys. This wasn’t a bad way to end BFTC. Reading how Gotham is recovering from everything, really gave some more weight to the whole event. It was also cool to see how characters like Stephanie are taking everything, especailly since it looks like we won’t be seeing her for a while.

  18. Not a bad ending to BFTC. I just wish we could have gotten more closure from the mini itself. Who’s the woman in white?

  19. @aquaman: the woman in white is a supporting character dennis o’neil introduced in his most recent batman story. She once was a movie starlett but was disfigure. She’s like a metaphor of Gotham, once beautiful and full of promice, now damaged and dejected. having said that, i forgot her name

     i like her.  i hope they adopt her as the third person narrator in other stories

  20. I think her name was Doris? Let’s hope we see her panties some time soon. (J/K … I think?)

    This was an average & forgettable wrap-up of a (mostly) average & forgettable "event".

    Multiple artists on a book always screams "rushed" to me, & makes stories feel really disjointed.

    But to end this bitch-post on a positive note — out of all the available options, I’m glad Dick has won the temp job of wearing Batman’s cowl.

  21. I would’ve gone with a 3.5 if I had the option, but I decided to settle on 3. This was a great way to put a cap on the whole series and get everybody ready for the fallout. Much better than the first one, I actually wouldn’t mind seeing these kinds of things every few months if they were up to par with this one.

  22. yeah this was an ok issue even if it did have that vail character. i also liked how it setup tim as red robin

  23. Normally I don’t like multiple artists either, but if each of the artists are telling a different story then I actually like it.  Different moods and emotions are shown through different artists. 

    And I must agree with Prax, normally I have no problem with scantly clad ladies running around but my first though on Vicky at the end was ‘really?’.

  24. Mostly I hope they address how Gotham reacts to the fact that all the sudden Bruce has gone missing.

  25. @BrandonP: He’s "overseas."  It’s not unusual for Bruce Wayne.  He actually was overseas for a year during the One Year Later gap.  I’m not sure that the citizens of Gotham actually care all that much.

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