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  1. I feel like marvel is daring me to not drop the $5 to see a story that the other x books have already spoiled.

  2. I love paying extra for "Spotlight interviews". Hopefully they’ll say they’re a bit sorry for making us wait this long. Seriously, I liked this series a lot, but the repeated delays (like three issues in the last 9 months?) really soured me. It wouldn’t’ve bothered me nearly as much if they didn’t continually fail to meet the announced release dates time and again. Sometimes the date would be within ten days, and then they’d suddenly push it back like 6 weeks. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Cassaday shouldn’t’ve tried to do issues of Planetary while he was doing this.

    If Cassandra Nova shows up in a big way, though, for me it will all have been worth it.

  3. I’m buyin’ it, I don’t care about the delays. I’m just glad to see that the end is near so I can drop this book and save myself some money. 🙂


  4. $4.99???? WOW I usually don’t pay attention to much to the price but $4.99 sure seems like a lot for a book especially one that’s so late.  That being said I’ll still buy it. Sad to see the best X book come to a close.

  5. I was thinking about dropping Astonishing once Ellis and Bianchi took over but after reading Fell by Ellis and seeing some of Bianchi’s work on Wolverine with Loeb I will at least give it a try.

  6. This book pisses me off, but I’m still gonna be a nice little fan and pay for it. Might as well finish out the run. I’m not sold on the idea of Ellis/Bianchi, either. Ellis has a spotty record when it comes to the X-books. I’d much rather see this series end.

  7. Frustrating that it has taken so long, but I must pick this up and I am EXCITED.

  8. Its going to be sad to see these guys go.  I’m just hoping that this one dosn’t let me down.  The story has been great so far.

  9. @capcool, you’re right.  We know who isn’t coming back, cuz this damn book was so late, but I still need to know how that character bites it.  It’s one of my favorite characters, so the death should mean something.  When my no. 1 favorite X-Man (Colossus) died a few years ago, I wasn’t pissed, because his death meant something to the overall X-Universe, it was written well, it made sense, and yet I didn’t see it coming at all.  So far Whedon has impressed me with how he’s handled Piotr’s return, so let’s hope he does this doomed character the justice it deserves.

  10. Um I’m pretty sure the book isn’t late, didn’t they go to a bi-monthly schedule on it. The last few sure seemed to be coming out every two months and they said a while back this would end in April and it is.

  11. the last one came out in January, this issue is pretty late

  12. @SmokMnky, "and they said a while back this would end in April and it is."


    But it’s the end of May:-/ 

  13. I think SmokMnky is somewhere different in the timestream than the rest of us. 

    I still don’t think anybody’s going to die.  If I’m right, I’m brilliant, and if I’m wrong you shouldn’t have listened to me, anyway.

  14. This is the only X-Men book I read so please no-one spoil what’s been spoilt by the other substandard x-books.

    Buffy was a load of crap but this book has been amazing.

    Give up the TV Wheadon and stick to the comics

  15. ohcaroline–They said Kitty was "lost", not dead.  She’s probably just off in the Breakworld somewhere unable to be found.

    How many times was this book pushed back?  Yeah, this book is pretty damn late.

  16. Not as late as Planetary though; about as many issues as Astonishing in something like 11 years versus 4 years.  Hopefully Cassaday is getting that finished before he starts another high profile project.  Not that I give a damn about lateness though.  I’m more concerned about missing a great book than waiting for one.

  17. I realized after I typed that we were no longer in April and time had pasted me by. Please ignore my comment I guess I’ve been replaced by a skrull

  18. @ shogunt  I called this at the ending of the last arc, when Blindfold said they are not all coming back.  I said ‘no one is going to die’ at that point because telegraphing character death that blatantly is not like Whedon at all.  I thought he would never let a prophecy be that straightforward.  Of course, I’ve probably already been proven wrong.

  19. Just finished reading this book. Wow. Just….Wow. 

  20. I read this very slowly knowing "someone isn’t coming back" and was so wrapped up in the story I didn’t see how they were going to save Earth even though looking back it seems so obvious.  It’s probably closest I’ve come to getting emotional during a comic.  I going to miss Whedon on the X-Men, he just nails every character and now really want to see him on a Spidey run.


  21. After all that, my copy didn’t even have any "spotlight interviews" in it, just a bonus gallery of past variant covers. Still a great comic and a good ending to a very good series. I had known six months ago that she was just going to save the day by phasing. I don’t know if that was supposed to be a shock or what. I enjoyed Colossus’s heroism more than Kitty’s. And I really wish Cassandra Nova would have come back, though. (Or was she the one who was giving all the drooling heroes their personal dream sequences? That wasn’t explained?!?!)

  22. I  had a huge week this week (16  comics) and man when I got to this, I wanted to read it again! This was a grand slam homerun. I loved it. Which puts makes me question what is going to happen with Runaways? Can Whedon dave the horrible story he has strewn together thus far? Did anyone check out previews? Terry Moore is going to be doing Runaways now! I loved him on Echo and Strnagers, so i am pumped.

  23. Does anyone know when they plan on releasing Vol. 4 of the trades? I assume it would collect #’s 19-24 and this annual, but haven’t seen any announcements anywhere.

  24. Was there any kind of significance to that last panel on the 2nd to last page where I’m assuming it’s Kitty’s arm and hand?

  25. I didn’t get the interviews either, did anybody?

  26. It might just be me, but if I was involved in trying to resolve this problem, I think i would drop a call to Nova or Silver Surfer. Dont ya think?

  27. Does anybody think will get a Omnibus?

  28. I am so sad to see this creative team go. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book. That being said, this was a great end to their run. 5/5.

  29. @DocSamson   I just checked that out.  The caption boxes are Kitty’s words to Colossus when they were in bed in issue 22.  The image of her hand was in that issue, right before she said the word ‘Gone.’

  30. It was a good end to a story that I found myself uninterested in at times.  I wasn’t too into this Breakworld stuff, but I liked this issue.  Snif, Kitty, snif

  31. this will get an omnibus, for sure. Its going to be amazing.

  32. what a great comic – i have not read one of the astonishing x-men issues leading up to this – as I only picked it up as it was pick of the week – but I could see what was going on – spidey was written really really well – art great!!!

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