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  1. Cobrlalalalalalalalalalala

  2. I picked up #1 and #2 late in the game, but man was it worth it. The humor and plot overall have been outstanding.

  3. Man this book is good. Gage and Costa sure can write Chuckles.

  4. Damn, this issue was fantastic.  I can’t believe what they are doing with Chuckles but I am loving it.

  5. This mini has been outstanding…Some of the best Joe comics i’ve ever read…Maybe even the old Marvel stuff……………And this issue show’s us why Chuckles is no GI Joke…..Good guys die.  War is hell.  Knowing is half the battle…The other half is washing all the blood off your hands….Just go buy this.  It’ll put hair on yer chest.






  6. It somehow makes me happy that a six-hundred gazillion dollar G.I. Joe movie has ZERO chance of being as good as this comic book.


  7. chuckles is one of the baddest dudes EVER! not only does he go super deep cover but he flies UNDER the blades of a helicopter….speaking of…is there ever going to be a re-release of the GIJOE animated? my life isnt quite the same without a broadcast energy transmitter and nemisis enforcer

  8. @derangrymoosen: Are talking about the ORIGINAL GI Joe animated on DVD? If so then yes, it is being re-released on DVD by Shout! since Rhino lost the rights years about and never finished the DVD releases of the seasons. Also, check out the Warren Ellis written GI Joe: Resolute that came out about a month ago from Adult Swim (you can find all 11 episodes on youtube last I checked).

  9. Nothing short of spectacular! I’m not done with all my books yet, but I would be very surprised if this doesn’t get my POTW.

  10. This book is a miracle.

  11. I picked up 1-3 today.  Good stuff, but not too much really happens in each issue.  I might go with trades on this as it will probably read better that way (and be cheaper).

  12. @400yrs: It’s only a 4 issue mini plus a special issue.

  13. This is by far the best comics books I have read this year.

  14. @Conor: Thanks!  I guess I’ll pick up the last issue and the special then.  Feels slow for being more than halfway done.

  15. @400yrs: Depends on what you define as slow. Lots of great psychological examination here.

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