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  1. I’m not totally sold on this one…the last thing I need to spend another $3.99.  It’s on my pull list but this will be a game time decision.

  2. I’m also not sure about it either.  I’ll make a final decision on Wednesday. 

  3. Chuckles has been my favorite Joe character since the first time I saw the Movie as a kid back in the day. My Chuckles action figure fell apart I played with him so much; needless to say I  will be picking this up.

  4. I agree with most of you. I’m probably going to flip through before I buy.

  5. When I was a kid I had two Chuckles figures so I burned one with a lightbulb (those toys burned really fast!) to make "Killed in Action Chuckles".

  6. Chuckles is bad ass

  7. @Conor-  That’s…wow…let’s say… "creative".

  8. @Conor – "When I was a kid I had two Chuckles figures so I burned one with a lightbulb (those toys burned really fast!) to make "Killed in Action Chuckles".

    I want to make this my signature. I spit my gatorade out when I read that. lmao.

    Nothing like dismembering Joe’s, although I was alway true to the character. no leg swappin’ here if you know what I mean…battle damaged, that’s a different story.  

     … back to topic, I’m going to pick this up.  

  9. Cooooooooooooooooobrraaaaaa!!!  I just read the 5 page preview, as well as the above comments, and got excited for this book again.  I’ll be picking it up fo’ sho’.

  10. I think this has a lot of potential.  Very excited.

  11. I used to have a Chuckles G.I.Joe action figure during my childhood in the year 1980’s I’am so glad Hasbro Toys and Idea Works Comic Book decided to bring him back in his very own comic book series.  I’am looking forward in getting me a copy of this classical G.I.Joe character Chuckles is back awesome really.

  12. Is there a Joe more absolutely bad ass than Chuckles? He never talks, and doesn’t bat an eyelash at riding into battle on top of a helicopter with nothing but a pistol to protect himself.

  13. @flakbait – There is not. That has always been my favorite part of the GI Joe Movie (a guy in a Hawaian shirt with a pistol riding on top of a helicopter just inches from the spinning blades). "Chuckles give this whirlybird a twirl!!!"

    Oh yeah, and let’s not forget THROWING a missile at a Cobra Hiss tank!!! "Next time Chuckles…use the rocket launcher!!!" Yo Joe!

  14. This was fantastic.  Easily the best issue of Joe to come out since the relaunch.  If not for Invincible, this would have been my pick.  I love Chuckles

  15. This book was awesome! The art didn’t do it for me during my first read through but having flipped through it now several times, I think the art is very good and fits the mood of the book. I think IDW is doing a very good job by putting a cohesive story together while still making the books feel different.

  16. it’s the pick of the week! G.I. Joe is relevant again. Can I get a woo-who!

  17. woo-who!!

    Although, I think its supposed to be woo-woo!  Or even w00t-w00t, if  one were so inclined 😉

  18. I call shenanigans on 25% POTW.

  19. This was good comics, pure and simple. I found myself feeling a little like I was reading some Queen & Country. This is definitely the way to bring G.I. Joe into the 21st century.

  20. This was a great book and I wouldn’t have picked it up if it wasn’t POW! So, thanks for that.

     I fully laughed out loud at Chuckles’ comment to Jinx. " Fine. As long as you’re not driving me anywhere."

    I’ll be picking up the next issue, but I’m not sold on the other GIJ books.  Should I or shouldn’t I pick them up?

  21. This has been the best Joe title yet. The main title suffers compared to this.

  22. Great read………..Worth the money, no doubt.

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