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buffalowhig01/21/09YesRead Review
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  1. Oh man, I can’t wait!!  ANd look!  Arthur Suydam can draw things other than Zombies!

  2. cant wait till Moore takes over this book

  3. Very glad to see Suydam doing Ghost Rider covers again!!! Also excited that he will be doing covers, interiors and writing (I think) on a new comic this year from Radical comics (the name escapes me right now).

  4. i like tan eng huat just fine… he drew some bad-ass pin-up moments — def. can’t wait for this ish to drop

  5. I’ve loved Aaron’s run so far.  I wish he was staying on much longer than he announced.

  6. Pure setup and exposition in this issue, but still fairly interesting.  Next issue is gonna be badass.

  7. Yeah, this issue nearly killed me…but next issue should be as awesome as the Ketch vs Blaze throwdown.

  8. I thought this issue was awesome even though it was all set-up. Especially, the page with all the different Ghost Riders from around the world riding the different animals instead of motorcycles (now I want to see a one shot of the one riding the great white shark!).

  9. @comicdork:  100% agreed.  That page was fantastic.  Great White Ghost Rider, anyone?

  10. Why am I enjoying Ghost Rider this much? Its a lot like when Brubaker took on Iron Fist.

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