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  1. Asked my LCS to pull me this variant cover, hope they do cuz this is BADASS!!! Richard Corben would be great on interiors of Ghost Rider.

  2. Best Jason Aaron book you’re not reading.

  3. How come one of the Residents is on the cover of Ghost Rider? and what the hell happened to his top hat?

  4. Blah! This used to be one of my favorite titles but lately it’s been missing all the stuff that was so great about the title when Aaron first started. Where did the crazy over the top B-movie action vibe go?.

    I loved everything up up to and including the Ghost Rider goes to jail arc. Danny Ketch…you suck…bring back the nurses from hell and ghoul infested highways damnit!!!=P

    By the way, Hell yes the variant cover looks insane for this issue!

  5. @butch

    pretty sure that honor still goes to Scalped.

  6. 1st Jason Aaron Ghost Rider I’m not going to get. I hate the art. I was hoping I would get used to it but I haven’t. It ruins the book for me.

  7. …..Is that a giant eyeball using a gun?

    what the hell…..

  8. @Sunnyvale …. well that’s just a given… Maybe I should rephrase: "Best MARVEL Jason Aaron book you’re not reading."

  9. very psyched for this book… also something to be psyched about… TONY MOORE is coming on board for Ghost Rider!!!

  10. Now THAT’S a cover!

  11. I picked up that Orb Eyeball Variant…Straight on the wall to be enjoyed by all!  Jason Aaron is weaving a great yarn.  This is my comic guilty pleasure.  The B movie vibe has backed down, but only a little.  He has to set the stage a little bit to be able to o go over the top.  Scalped is gritty and well done, so I am sure he will deliver here. 

  12. @thenextchampion

    that giant eyeball with the gun is the orb, a villian from the first GR seires. 

  13. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:


    Really?! His pencils are lethal. 

  14. I quite like this artist’s style.

  15. My LCS didn’t get enough of the variant cover for me to get one (bummer). Oh well, the issue was still great and the regular cover wasn’t too bad either.

  16. i almost got the variant until i found out it cost 10 bucks.

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