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  1. Are Jason Aaron and Roland Boschi staying on after this arc?  Aaron = good: Boschi = bad.

  2. Jason Aaron is still writing but Tan Eng Huat will be the new artist he most recently did the four issue mini Silver Surfer: In Thy Name

  3. What issue does Huat start on? This one?

  4. Although I am not a huge fan of Boschi’s art I thought it fit the story well. Just googled some Huat art and it looks a lot less sketchy than Boschi. Anyone have any idea what the next arc is about? Sad to see this great "grindhouse" fun come to an end.

  5. Jason Aaron for President!

    Or, at least writer for Ghost Rider & Wolverine for another year.

  6. I agree comicdork — this grindhouse stuff is FUN. I hope they don’t change the tone too much on the next arc.

  7. If jason aaron is still doing GR than i am not going to worrie at all about it.

  8. This was AMAZING. A great intro that explained what has been happening thus far and an even better ending. Can’t wait for the next arc.

  9. Oh my god this issue was freaking AWESOME!!!! JASON AARON has turned this book around.  His taken a concept from Daniel Way’s run and made it GOOD!!! I wish he had done this book from issue one.  I’ve always been a GR fan but I’m falling in love with the character all over again … a must read … oh and the ending was SWEET!!!

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