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At the end of this issue I said to myself ‘you know, Marvel is really doing some things right these days’  Putting Jason Aaron on this book was a stroke of genius, certainly not one I would’ve ever thought of, but one that seems so obvious now.

The art in this issue is great!  Boschi has gotten stronger with every issue and this one is his strongest yet, you can literally SEE the flesh burning away as Blaze transforms to Ghost Rider.  And the Ghost Rider himself?  He looks powerful, certainly not like a “damn super hero”.  It’s impressive stuff.

THe story wraps up the first arc and ends on a cliffhanger of sorts, not one that meant anything to me as I’ve not really read Ghost Rider before, but what impressed me was right away, on the letters page Aaron explains!  No need to rush to Wikipedia or to, I don’t know,, he’s aware that some people might not realize the significance.

Finally, from the Marvel side of things, the preview of Moon Knight was a great idea, in a book with the tone of Ghost Rider, why not promote something similar in vein?  Brilliant, (and it looks real purdy) I might even pick up an issue of Moon Knight too…might.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Nice review without revealing major details as I haven’t picked this up yet. I agree that Aaron on this title was genius. I have never read Ghost Rider before but as long as Aaron is on it I will be anxiously awaiting the next issue. The art has grown on me and has definitely improved over the arc.

  2. Thanks!  I had a good time with this issue, and can’t believe I’m excited for a Ghost Rider book.

  3. This issue was freakin’ awesome.

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