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  1. Oh i thought this was gonna be based before the first game, whatever I might not get it now.

  2. For Wed

    Should a person who did not play the game buy this or will it be confusing?

  3. You could I mean the story from the game is simple, a alien type creature has invaded a planet. The Planet is now in ruins. ONly a few places are left that hold human life. Thier is an army (COG, Collition of Ordered Goverments) that fights these creatures. This is hard since they (the enemy) live underground. A group of men Marcus, Dom. Cole, and Barid (Delta Squad) find a way to destroy alot of them without going  underground.  This with the lightmass bomb. They put the bomb on a train and then They dump the train into an underground cave. This destroys a lot of the aien’s place, or so we think. Thats basiclly the game. The story wasnt that great, this is just to show us what happens in between games. This may add alot to the story or just be something nice to look at.


    (( Sorry if for the bad grammer and the like, but ya thats it. ))

  4. Opps sorry- I dont know, you most likely wont enjoy it without playing the game.

  5. I guess i will decide on how the art is

  6. AH! I am a HUGE fan of the game and I cannot explain my excitement….just….cant. *EKKKKKKK!*

  7. I’m gonna give this a shot, as I’m big fan of the game.  The art may be a deciding factor.

  8. Wasnt that good, was expecting better not sure why but I was.

  9. I was hoping this would be good.

    it wasn’t.

    rough, uneven art, and a story so boring i wanted to cave my skull in.

  10. honestly, i didnt think it was that bad.  not much of a story, the art was ok to me.  but it was just kinda cool seeing this game in comic form. 

     i dunno, maybe you just have to appreciate the game to enjoy it.  and the hopefully, the story will develop.

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