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Garth Ennis (Punisher MAX, Preacher) and Goran Parlov (Punisher MAX) reunite to bring you the life of Marvel’s hardest soldier like no one else could.

In the wake of World War II, Fury is fast running out of battles to fight. But the world’s superpowers are gearing up for a new kind of war and they’ll need a man like Fury to win it.

Story by Garth Ennis
Art by Goran Parlov

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.1%


Jim Punchfist05/03/12YesRead Review
nbcabaniss05/03/12NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I hope this series has some nick fury sexy-time

  2. For some reason I’m just not that into this….I mean it’s Garth Ennis doing a MAX series with Gordon Parlov (very underrated artist)

    If my shop has an extra copy I’ll give it a try. But again, I’m probably going to trade wait even though I’m not that thrilled for the series.

  3. Goran Parlov is my only concern with this book. I didn’t like him drawing Punisher for the urban stories in Ennis’ “Barracuda” arc but I loved him drawing the swamp and redneck filled Gischler arc. Hmmmm..

  4. God damn it.

    Is this a mini? Ongoing? 1 shot?

    • It was originally slated for a six issue mini. But w/ the new may previews, it says “great jumping on point, as the next chapter begins here” and that was #4. Who knows, maybe early sales were positive and they extended it. Who cares what the reason is, as long as we get some MAX Ennis goodness. BTW, Parlov is awesome!

  5. Man this looks cool, but man do I hate giving Marvel $3.99.

  6. Oh my god, I would’ve so pre ordered this if i noticed it in the solicits… But now i’ll wait for the reviews and if it’s good I’ll give it a shot too.

  7. #1 of…?

  8. Garth Ennis? Post WWII Fury? Sold.

  9. Anyone else remember Ennis’ first Fury Max series about ten years ago? It was awesome.

  10. Since multiple people are asking, this appears to be ongoing. #4 is solicited for July and is billed as a jumping on point, so we’re good for a while, I’d say.

  11. Can’t wait.

  12. Supposedly there was an accident during transportation and some books were destroyed and need to be re-printed. This book along with Mind the Gap #1, or so I was told.

  13. Bummed this doesn’t seem to be available digitally. I guess I shall “unpull” it.

    • Marvel doesn’t sell digital MAX or some of the Icon titles such as Kick-Ass and Scarlet. I think it’s because technically you have to show your ID to buy them at the shop. I still buy a few books in print so I went ahead and picked it up as well… it’s worth it, believe me.

  14. Yeah, this didn’t even show up in my NYC mega-shop. Bummer.

  15. I dug it. Just what I was expecting.

  16. I might try this out.

  17. Great start. Love me some Original Nick Fury, He just has something that Ultimate Nick doesn’t. I think it’s substance and history. Ultimate Nick is a great conduit for stuff but Original Nick can carry a series on his lonesome. Love the indochina spook action. Great finish, that can’t end well. Viva Fury.
    Random not related but sort of by a thread trivia, my Swedish friend once told me Batman in Sweden was called Leather patch “L├Ąderlappan” They must regret that now, i have to check but surely they dropped it now. Leather patch Rises coming to a Cinema soon.

  18. I FIGHT AND FUCK LIKE A DEMON! AWESOME! Are they going to be doing more of these series but of different characters?

  19. They tried to idea me and i put on an eye patch and said “I fight and fuck like a demon! sell me that book!” then i bitched smacked him and stole a FF button. BALLER!

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