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With his hands on a baby dragon, Enrico stands on the precipice of a new life. But is the cost too high to bear?


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  1. I really liked issues 1-3 but I can hardly remember what they were about. The wait has been ridiculous. I think I’m probably going to trade-wait.

  2. Finally!  I dug out the previous issues last night. Perefct Tuesday Night Reading!


    @Deadspace  I read that the first four issues are going to be the first trade, due next month, so you might want to just buy #4

  3. Oh right, this exists

  4. 1 year and 1 month later…I’m gonna need a recap for this.

  5. Does this mean Bad Dog and Fell are next?

  6. Had to do a triple take when I saw this as I was scrolling down the list. 

  7. Infinite Horizon and Red Mass for Mars are next.

  8. @AlanRob – thanks! for some reason i thought the first trade was going to be a small 3 issue book. i’ll pick this up then just to complete the arc. i remember this being a pretty fine book so it’s a shame this has been let down by such a long wait.

  9. I would wait forever for this book. So glad to see it this week.

  10. I ordered the trade for $5 instead.

  11. I can’t even remember if I read issue 3 or not.  I guess I did.  I’ll pick this up if my store has a copy.  Otherwise I might get the trade.

  12. LOL

  13. I didn’t get the issues when they came out, so I think I’ll be getting the trade.

  14. I almost forgot about this…. again.

  15. I think I’ll be reading 4 issues upon oicking this one up. There were dragons… and dragon fights… and a dead dad… That’s all I recall. I understand both Kelly and Fiumara are busy folk, but they need to find a structure/timing that works for them. Over a year between issue 3 + 4 when 3 concludes nothing is not the way to sell a comic book.

    But the next Bad Dog is coming in a month or so.

  16. @JimBilly4: It’s not that they’re busy, it’s that they need to eat and pay rent and stuff. You don’t make any money off of Image books until after they sell (if you’re lucky). Marvel pays per page.

  17. I completely get that. They are busy because they have work that pays. My wife is in the creative/freelance biz. You work when you have paying work and do side projects when you don’t.  And I think things changed a bit in the middle of this particular run, in how much work they both had. I was just saying that if their work is steady, they should plan a publishing structure around it that doesn’t cause a 1 year gap in the middle of a story. You see other busy teams do it all the time. The comic stops for two years and then bang, you get 4 issues. THis is a suggestion going forward more than a complaint about the past. The other thing with Kelly is that he seems to have a lot of these lost children wandering around, for whatever reason. The only reason I care is because the stories are awesome and I don’t want them to die a long, painful death of delays… 

  18. @Conor – "It’s not that they’re busy, it’s that they need to et and pay rent and stuff" So umm… basically they’re busy.

  19. @deadspace: No, that’s not the same thing.

  20. Of course it’s the same thing. Just because it mightn’t be comics they’re busy with doesn’t mean they aren’t busy. 

  21. Yeah, it’s probably safe to assume they make no money off this at the moment, especially without a trade on the shelves yet. Because of that, I find myself more forgiving of delays to a series like this. The only way it will continue to get made is if people support it. It’s not really an ideal model on either side, but hopefully it will lead to bigger sales, and hypothetically shorter waits later on.

  22. No copies at my store but I made them order me one. Boo:(

  23. This issue was good, but not worth-the-wait-good. I was reading this imagining it as a live action movie directed by Sam Mendes or someone equally capable.

  24. Wow, are you serious – the trade comes out next month (on Amazon)?

  25. This was awesome.

  26. Fantastic. Make more. This one was more than 22 pages as well, so also a value buy.

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