FLASH FACT: The secrets behind Queen Hippolyta’s death and the start of the world war are revealed.

Art and cover by SCOTT CLARK and DAVE BEATY

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  1. A&L … all you need to say.

  2. This has been pretty good…this and Emperor Aquaman are definitely the two that actually have bearing (or explain) on the Flashpoint universe/reality/timeline. So excited for the final Flashpoint………

  3. I dropped out of Emperor Aquaman, first issue was weak for me. But this has been cool!

  4. I think you made a mistake JNewcomb, the two books really are telling a single united story in six issues. Both have been great.

  5. Really disappointed that I pre-ordered this book based on the solicitation that Scott Clark was doing to art.

  6. Felt the last issue kind of went over a lot of the same ground as the first issue. Also, the art took a dip. Hopefully this finishes strong, fulfilling the promise of that first issue. I wonder if we will see more than two panels of the Furies, you know, the other half of the title?

  7. God that is some clunky exposition at the end. “Hey, let’s discuss every minute detail of our plan while we try not to die fighting guards and escaping a collapsing building!” At the very least they could have probably cut it down by half and still gotten the same idea across.

  8. Probably the worst DNA comic I have ever read.

  9. There really was no reason to include “The Furies” in the title of this mini…

  10. This is possibly the worst comic of the year, and I read Secret Avengers #14

  11. I didn’t care for this. Event tie ins always have a chance of improving the overall story or making it worse. The Aquaman and Wonder Woman minis have done the later and I regret picking them up. The more they tried to explain the whys and hows of the Aquaman/Wonder Woman war the more ridiculous became the plot. The only beat the clicked was that Aquaman ended up being raised by the Atlanteans as a teenager. I barely got through Aunt What’s-Her-Face and Orm’s last minute exposition where they attempted to explain their flimsy motivations.

    As a fan of superhero comics I’m very willing to just go with crazy story ideas. I could have just ridden with the idea that things went sour between Wonder Woman and Aquaman and they ended up in a huge war, destroying western Europe in the process. I was hoping for a story about Woman Woman and The Furies being awesome in a crazy alternate DCU. DnA could have delivered that. Instead I guess editorial told DnA and Tony Bedard to dig some holes they could throw some half-baked back story into. Oh well, it was over quick. And I see others enjoyed this more so that’s nice.

  12. The big climax of this story happens in another book. That’s just stupid.

    • It is a Tie In after all

    • But I’m with JNewcomb on this, it sucks that the story didn’t end in the miniseries. I haven’t been buying Flashpoint itself, just the Aquaman and WW series…on the other hand, maybe it’s good business because I’ll probably get the next Flashpoint.

      Agree with the group that this series trended downward in art and story. Still, this whole story was a pretty fun romp in my book, nowhere near bigben2012 claim as worst comic of the year. Splash page of the Orm kiss was hilarious…in a good way.

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