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Art and cover by SCOTT CLARK and DAVE BEATY

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

With Flashpoint winding down, all of DC’s tie-in series are trying to wrap up. Some have finished strong while others have fizzled. Some have been strong stand alone books while others have tried to tie in directly to the main story. “Wonder Woman and the Furries” #3 basically covers the same time span that we find in Emperor Aquaman #3 but from a different perspective. What’s impressive is that both mini-series have done a pretty good job of capturing the overall picture of what’s going on.

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning handle the writing here and do a pretty nice job. As I mentioned, they skillfully handle the tricky task of telling a parrallel story to Aquaman’s that is both cohesive and satisfying. The problem is with the issue’s construction. Everything moves along pretty well until the second half where we get several pages of exposition that takes place right in the middle of what should be a hectic battle sequence. How Orm and Penthesilea can carry on such a casual, reflective conversation in the middle of heated combat is beyond me. But I couldn’t help but laugh. Also, while we do see what unfolded on Womder Woman’s side of the conflict, we really get nothing significant or new. It tells us what we already know and then preps us for “Flashpoint” #5. This doesn’t mean it’s a terrible issue but it doesn’t finish with the pop of other Flashpoint minis.

Agustin Padilla’s pencils are good but not great. There’s nothing terrible about his work. The characters look good, the backgrounds look good, and the action sequences look good. But there’s nothing that really grabs you and makes you feel as though you’re seeing something special. Aside from a few background flaws early in the book and a jumbled panel or two during a big fight sequence, it’s satisfactory, above average art that get’s the job done but won’t blow you away.

This is an issue that would probably read a lot better if I hadn’t already read Aquaman #3 and pretty much know what was going to happen. Still this is a good book and Abnett and Lanning

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I read it before Aquaman and it was still awful. Really poor ending to the series/story.

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