FLASH FACT! He’s more powerful than ever…


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  1. Will this be the tie-in that might finally shed some light on what’s going on in this super-interesting Flashpoint History?  Hope so, but picking it up regardless, love Reverse Flash!
    What does anybody know about Kolins or Gomez?  I’m not familiar with them.

  2. @shiveringking8  – Kolins is the longtime Flash artist, now doing writing.

    Here is his deviant art page:


  3. Kinda curious as to why this isn’t in the main title.  If it is a one-shot, I guess I understand how it could be outside the main.

  4. I think I’ll give it a shot.

  5. I wanted to pick this up but not a fan of the art.

  6. There was no doubt in my mind I would get this being a fan of the Flash and very interested in any backstory to how Reverse Flash pulled this thing off. However, I am shocked by the quality of the art. Perhaps it is intentionally awkward and angular to match the character and story?

  7. This is really weird art. Some of it I love, some of it is just hideous. I’ll still pick this up for the story. But wow… not sure how to feel about it. 

  8. I’m thinking this is what was originally to be The Flash #13.

  9. I’m suprised so many people are pulling this… This was a very iffy book for me. 

  10. @SteenAR  Well, its just a one-shot, so no big committment can make people more likely to take a chance.  At least that is one theory.

  11. @MisterJ  good point. and I didn’t really think that this probably seems like the tie-in that would explain the most about what caused the whole situation.  

  12. @Noto  I think you’re probably right about this being Flash #13

  13. This… Was not as expected. Just a rehash of the Reverse Flash’s background — didn’t really even seem to have anything to do with Flashpoint. Not bad, despite that, but anyone who’s read Rebirth or any of the recent stuff about Thawne can definitely skip this.

  14. @glunders I had the same reaction thumbing through it in the store and left it on the shelf.

  15. Not being a hardcore Flash fan this, for me, was worth the $2.99 but the art was bad. Just bad.

  16. It both kind of repeats some of the Reverse Flashes (Zoom’s) past with Barry Allen in a nutshell, while also going a little more in depth to how he made Barry alone when he was a kid by makeing freinds cease to exsist, and killing off his mother. Being a hardcore fan of the Flash I really loved this issue, and I like the art, it seems to be a common style when someone makes a comic focusing on Zoom. All in all it doesnt have much to do with flashpoint, that we know of anyway, but its still important if you want to understand both Zoom and Barry.

  17. ok story. Gomez’s art was fun. The coloring was reminiscent of both Kolins and Manapual’s work on The Flash but then it looked like a animated cartoon style too. Was hoping for more from this book though

  18. I coulda sworn this was originally a one-shot, but now its a 3 parter? And the book concludes with “THE END” so I wonder if it was extended at the last minute to capitalize on Flashpoint. Hopefully the next issue will be less of a history re-tread, and more of how Zoom changed history.

  19. I enjoyed this book. The art was just like Kollin’s.

  20. @Ntpmcrtp  It was probably just a lettering mistake. There haven’t been any extra issues solicited.

  21. @ctrosejr  It was EXACTLY like that flash issue where we had his origin in December. So weird to rehash it. 

  22. Almost passed on this, but glad I got it, the art grew on me, very Kollins-esque, and thought it was a great read.

  23. I liked the art more than I expected but the story was a huge let down. Glad this was just a single issue. 

  24. @SteenAR  Yeah, that is how I felt about it too.  I went in expecting the opposite, too.

  25. was excited about this book till i saw the art man does it suck monkey you know what.

  26. @bangster1127  – art isnt too bad actually. If you like Scott Kollins.

  27. @ResurrectionFlan  Yeah this was an absolute waste of time if you read the last Flash series, no new information here.  Art was craptastic, I really throught this was Kolins until I found out it was someone else copying Kolins style…sheesh.  It’s like when the original band is bad enough and then you go to a bar and unfortunately find out there is a cover band too.

  28. PLease stay away from this book, nothing to do with Flashpoint. Nothing new or original, disappointing.

  29. Sigh, all of the flashpoint books are disappointing me today.

  30. The art drove me running from this book, almost as if I had the speedforce myself!

    I don’t like to be negative about comics and creators, but this art looks very rushed and really not worthy of a DC title.

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