FLASH FACT! They can’t survive unless they find their maker!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE

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  1. I have a feeling this will be the best flashpoint title of the week

  2. I agree! Lemire seems perfectly suited to this concept and I love the concept. I hope the DCNu offers a place for weird tales, both war and western.

  3. Good solicit text.  Sold.

  4. I think so too.  Pretty much a dream team on a wide open character.  I’m psyched!

  5. Pretty fun issue. Excited for Lemire’s full run in Sept.

  6. Very Fun issue liked it alot excited where this is going

  7. By the end of this issue I was loving it. It seemed familiar and different at the same time.

    *possible spoiler

    When Frankenstein broke out of the glass, was that the Flashpoint moment? I’m guessing it was. Otherwise I’m not sure how this is an alternate reality….

  8. This was awesome. Sold on the ongoing.

  9. This was pretty awesome. Can’t wait to get back to Slaughter Swamp.

    @Funcrusher: That’s what I gathered from it.

  10. loved the story but the coloring made the art look like muddy plastic. I hate how overuse of digital colors make it look so generic and soul-less.

  11. I love Frankenstein but wish they’d toss the creatures.  Dare I say it – they should either team Franky with a hot babe or keep him as a loner.

  12. Looked over Batman and Robin and said HELL NO and picked up this instead,,,It was really good look foirward to more of Frankies ADVENTURES.

  13. Had not expectations and this came along and whooped my butt. Thank goodness for still being surprised once in a while.

  14. I thought this was pretty good, especially the beginning. Some of it was very cliche – don’t want to spoil it so I won’t give details, but they mechanism for them being in the modern world was kinda weak. Still, it’s got potential. 4/5

  15. Loved it! REally like the art work!

  16. GI Jake!  Awesome…

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