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FLASH FACT: The war between the Amazons and the Atlantians has arrived.

The battle between Diana of Themyscira and Emperor Aquaman will tear this world apart – unless The Flash can fix it!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Black and white variant covers by ANDY KUBERT
Variant cover by IVAN REIS and GEORGE PEREZ

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. This is my favorite story in quite a long time…and to think, I didn’t actually start until issue 2 when someone recommended it to me.  FAN-tastic.

  2. Did not love issue 3, but I am ready to be wowed here!

  3. We’re nearing the end.  I hope to see the tie-ins start to be included in the main book.

  4. This has been great. Kudos to Johns and Kubert. The first issue, I didn’t like so much, but each succesive has been great.

  5. Ooh, it’s 40 pages!  Extra story!

  6. Really loving this and will buy the hardcover collections as well. DC hooked me.

  7. I’m really enjoying Flashpoint, and every issue that comes out I get more excited for it!

  8. I have to say I rarely like big event books like this but I find Flahpoint incredibly interesting. Greatly looking forward to this issue.

  9. When Flashpoint is done, I’m optimistic that we can look back on it as a flawed masterpiece. It has been a slow burn event. The best thing I can say about it is that each issue is significantly better than the one before, I hope that continues with this issue.

  10. Hopefully the extra pages aren’t just a JLA Subway crossover.

  11. @IroncladMerc  LOL!!

    @thompsonlive  I’m with you here!

  12. @IroncladMerc Am I the only who thinks that is the best thing coming out of DC. I for one can’t wait to see Danica Patrick, Hope Solo and Shawn Johnson team up by eating the new footlong of the month to save Batman, the Flash, and Wonderwoman from the clutches of Mr Freeze. Hopefully none of this is affected by the reboot

  13. It does not feel like this story is nearing it’s final act so far

  14. Each issue keeps getting better and better, but Kubert’s art has been pretty hit or miss throughout. Still enjoying though.

  15. @IroncladMerc  hahahaha

  16. great storyline, great art, all around enjoyable. however, i’m rather curious as to how Geoff will reach both a climax and conclusion in two issues.

  17. This has been so much better than Fear Itself.

  18. It’s hard to believe we’re already near the end of this event. I really wonder how this is going to get wrapped up in 2 issues.

  19. I actually think this is an elseworlds tale. The Reverse Flash placed Barry in an Elseworld. I think he figured out that the only way he can hurt Barry without hurting himself is to torment him in an alternate Universe. My guess is that after the reboot, some of the elseworlds peeps will move to Earth-1 and some of course … wil die!!

  20. @Fett02  So long as there are tasty $5 sandwiches, there will be supervillains trying to steal them.

  21. @thehangman since the end will set up the new DCU in a two page spread, I assume that it will just climax without a conclusion.  The reboot is the clonclusion.

  22. This is so much worse than Fear Itself.

  23. The story really kicked up in the last issue. Curious to see if the momentum will keep up.

  24. @Beardhunter1  You’re so wrong..

  25. @AmirCat  there are actually a lot of eleseworlds stories that are very similar to what we are seeing here. Thomas Wayne Batman happened in an elseworlds, Dictator Aquaman happened, Pirate Deathlock and i’m sure other shit that happned is happening again.

  26. @edward  – maybe that is what is happening.

  27. I’m not sure there’s ever been a thinner, more bland plot in an event book, and the fact that it’s an alternate reality story makes that even more surprising. What is the story in this book? Flash fixing a world? 4 out of 5 issues in, and what has he done? Bounced around on a continuity tour and been incapacitated about 8 times. There’s no story here, no clear throughline from one scene to the next. It’s just “oh look here’s a guy you know but he’s different! and maybe he’ll help but maybe he won’t. onto the next one!” there’s been zero buildup for a confrontation with Thawne, there’s no connection between Flash’s story and the WW/Aquaman war – Flash just turns on a dime and decides to get involved at the last minute – and every event in this book is just a sliver from a tie-in.

    Flashpoint isn’t driving anything. This issue feels like the first time we’ve seen anything happen, and yet it’s empty. There’s no emotional connection to anything that’s happening, there’s no feeling of significance to the book’s events, it’s just…there. I’m normally a sucker for alternate reality stories, but Flashpoint has fallen flat at every opportunity. Nice to look at, though.

  28. the ending of this was weak i felt. the enchantress turning against them was an odd moment and really, losing Captain Thunder would have meant more if he had been built up a little. He seems to not be a powerhouse in this universe so when he falls it doesn’t really hit you that all is lost now. and then Reverse Flash just shows up and points to a bunch of dead or unconcious people and says it’s barrys fault. weakest of the series so far, and i was really enjoying it

  29. I wanted more of Captain Thunder.  I can’t recall ever having thought this before, but this “event” needs to be longer.

  30. @stuclach  Yeah, the emotional punches in this issue didn’t resonate. this felt like the first two issues of Fear Itself in that it jumped to scenes too fast and people seemed to agree to things for no reason

  31. So Barry goes back and fixes what he can remember, but he can’t fix everything. DCnU. That would have been shocking if we didn’t know it was coming.

  32. Ugh, I’m done. I totally agree with the review by odare77. I felt like I should buy this, just like i felt like I should buy Brightest Day, because eventually the story would get good. I really liked Infinite Crisis, 52, Green Lantern, Brightest Day, but I think he might be feeling burnt out.
    What this event has felt like: have you ever been hanging out with your friends and you really want to go do something, but they just want to sit on the couch, and no one can make up their mind about what to do, so it devolves into “Well, what if we do…” or “what about…”. Everything is just hyped up, throw off ideas. $16 is about as much of that I can take. I’m skipping the last issue. I feel like a parent too, I’m not mad, I’m just dissapointed. 

  33. Oh durnit. I meant Blackest Night the second time. Oh well.

  34. Thought this was really good. Maybe a little better because I read Knights of Vengence first, gave the Batman stuff a little more meat.  Really dug the whole Marvel family merging into a single Infinity-Man style Shazam. The book did make me feel like I might be missing out on some elements of the story by not reading the tie-ins after seeing the Batman have carry over into this book, but in a good way.

  35. @BanjoDuck  you just described my stoner days there.

    The concept of Atlanteans vs Amazons is so epic, the execution has fallen a little short, although I did enjoy this, think Johns has bit off more than he can chew.

  36. Hmmm.  I enjoyed Flashpoint up until this issue, which was pretty rough.  I picked up 3 weeks worth of comics today and have seven Flashpoint tie-ins to read and I’m at least still excited to read those.  Maybe I should’ve read them first.  The main series could still end strong.  I like the idea that nothing is going right with Barry’s makeshift allies and it looks like it’ll end up as a show down between him and the Reverse Flash.  Everything else was just periphery.

  37. Well this series is way better than Marvels junk of the summer Fear Itself by far!! Elseworlds or not it has been simple fun to read for the summer that everyone can keep up with the main book or oen of the tie ins. I have been reading them all and I will be honest there have been times where I was not impressed however; 80% of the time I was enjoying myself. As I also read all of the Fear Itself tie ins and the main book and well….. I have lost all intrest in this and have dropped all ties in except the main book and I think I am done with it. There seems to be to much confusion on where the story is supposed to go and where it needs to?? It just sucks!
      As for this issue I feel it was ok not the best however; it still has me intrested.
    Just sayin’,

  38. Why was there no S!H!A!Z!A!M! miniseries? I would have bought it!

  39. @Impossibilly  Seriously. I want that book

  40. Other than the last few pages this wasn’t very good.  I was hoping for more after how good issue #3 was.

  41. “Oh shit! The plot found me!” That last page is hilarious.

    Seriously, what the hell is up with this book?

  42. Fun book! Didn’t expect to like the Marvel family but I was pleasantly surprised by them.

  43. Why did I read this, buy this. I want my time back. 

  44. @RoiVampire  Yes.

  45. @RoiVampire  It would be awesome.  Like Captain Planet, only he also has ‘Battle-Cat’  So much fun to be had!

  46. I guess this was okay. The war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman is heating up, but I’m really excitied to see how Johns and Kubert will finish this up, because I’m not sure where this is going.

  47. i like this event book.  that being said, i thought it was BS that 1/3 of the book was on the marvel family’s couch then they die 2 minutes after arriving on the battlefield.  what the hell!  no wonder captain thunder didnt have a mini, he gets his ass handed to him rite off the bat.  also, it all feels a little rushed.  i think there should be 2 or 3 more books to this series with a lot more fighting between atlantieans and amazons.  but still, i have been been entertained and am looking forward to the fifth installment and the relaunch.  change is good.  its ten times better than fear itself.

  48. Well folks, you love to see a Cinderella story like this. Fear Itself just exploded out of the gate as the worst event of the summer, but Flashpoint, the little stinker that could, is really putting forth a herculean effort to crash and burn here! Honestly, it’s too close to call right now!

  49. Well, I for one like it, although admittedly not as much as issue 3.  I haven’t read the Aquaman and Wonderwoman tie-ins, but this book has me wanting to pick them up.  Anyone recommend them?

  50. Gave it 3 stars. Enjoyed the art. Can’t help but thinking this feels jammed together, rushed. Like we could use more time to get to know these new characters. This is really going to wrap up and traisition to another paradigm in one more issue? I’m reading a few of the others in this series, Grodd, Batman, Aquaman, WW, and I still feel a bit confused or at least unsure. 

  51. @Firemass13  Yes. Those help with the story. 

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