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Not a dream, not an imaginary story, not an elseworld.

This is Flash Fact: When Barry Allen wakes at his desk, he discovers the world has changed. Family is alive, loved ones are strangers, and close friends are different, gone or worse. It’s a world on the brink of a cataclysmic war – but where are Earth’s Greatest Heroes to stop it? It’s a place where America’s last hope is Cyborg, who hopes to gather the forces of The Outsider, The Secret 7, S!H!A!Z!A!M!, Citizen Cold and other new and familiar-yet-altered faces! It’s a world that could be running out of time, if The Flash can’t find the villain who altered the time line!

Welcome to FLASHPOINT!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by ANDY KUBERT
Variant cover by ANDY KUBERT
Variant cover by IVAN REIS and GEORGE P

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.2%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Drawing the line at 3.99

  2. Adding pages when charging more.

  3. @stustap  It’s an oversized book. Again, the $2.99 price hold is for a standard sized book.

  4. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    It’s so weird to think that this is finally coming out. We’ve been hearing about it for months. All the ads and promotions for this series became background noise a while ago. Glad to finally start reading the thing and not just hear creators not talk about it.

  5. I hope this is the same Geoff Johns who wrote that amazing Action Comics run from a few years back, and not the one who wrote that last issue of the Flash…I really want this to be good, I really do, but I kind of feel like Johns has lost his touch.

  6. i don’t know about this. Not really wow’ed by anything lately. Don’t know if i want another event. hrrrmm…..

    Not a big fan of these oversized issues…the extra page count gives you more ads and previews, with only a few more story pages. They never seem worth it to me. 

  7. Will not give up on Johns.

  8. Weird fact: I am commited to 3 Flashpoint tie-ins, but I can only commit to this 1st issue of this main title so far. We’ll see.

  9. Johns lost me after Blackest Night, but this looks interesting to me (maybe because I’ve deliberately avoided reading about Flashpoint up till now?), especially with Kubert art. If the reviews are good, I’ll probably try this out.

  10. Johns will deliver on this one. Excited about first issue.

  11. I anticipate the story will be “ok” but the art will amaze.  I am expecting Kubert to knock it out of the park.  As a result, I think it will be a well remembered event.

  12. hope this is good

  13. Looking forward to this, especially considering how underwhelmed I’ve been with Fear Itself, and like Johns more than Fraction.

  14. The Flash book has stunk for months, I’m alright. 

  15. I hope this is good, but I’m willing to drop it if I don’t like it.

  16. Hoping for the best and really amped about the 100 Bullets team doing Batman and Milligan doing another Shade story!

  17. While I am not a huge Flash fan I am a sucker for alternate reality/altered timeline stories. I think I will be giving it a shot and seeing if it holds my attention.

  18. i’m getting this first issue but i’m not sold on the whole event yet. just not excited about this yet

  19. >>i don’t know about this. Not really wow’ed by anything lately. Don’t know if i want another event. hrrrmm…..<<

    Feeling the same, wallythegreenmonster. This seems to be another event for the sake of having an event. Feels very out of left field — and too similar to 90s Age of Apocalypse in the 90s. Kubert is a draw, so I’ll get the main series. And Secret Seven with Perez looks good to. Otherwise…meh. They should have left Barry be.

  20. I’m looking at this like Fear Itself, minimal tie ins and picking up the main story.

  21. Pretty major negative vibes from the iFanbase towards the Flash right now.

  22. ooh boy…

    I’ve been planning to sit this one out, but I didn’t realize Andy Kubert was doing the interior art! This will definitely be a in-store flip through for me, but even if I pass it up it, it won’t take much ifanboy endorsement for me to pick it up next week. 

  23. I hated Blackest Night… but I’ve been loving The Flash. And Johns has definitely proven himself before. I’m in for this.

  24. @JNewcomb  –disappointing 2nd half of the Flash run will do that. Personally i haven’t been WOW’ed by Johns in a while, and i used to LOVE everything he did.

  25. Well for what it’s worth, I’m liking the Flash right now.

  26. This could turn out to be a really fun massive event, or a big pile of meh.  I’m really hoping for the former.

  27. yes i’m hoping its super duper rad-tastic!!! Yes that was my 8 yr old self. =)

  28. I really hope this is a fabulously epic event for Barry Allen that is worthwhile in itself and that after that we can get back to wonderful Flash storytelling that isn’t just massive setups.

  29. Johns hasn’t failed to deviler for me on an event yet, though his current Flash run has been the weakest output of his I think we’ve ever seen. Little worried about this one.

  30. I’m sitting the eintirety of Flashpoint out unless I hear my trust iFanboys tell me otherwise. Good luck everyone!

  31. See, I’ve enjoyed this Flash run quite a bit… when it comes out. I know it’s bitchy to whine about delays, but they’ve really killed my interest in the book. And let it be known, I went in with some serious interest! LOVE the Flash, LOVE john’s work, but now… I mean, I’m gonna get Flashpoint, but I’m not chomping at the bit for it.

    I guess… I gues I was hoping that sad-sack Barry would be gone after Rebirth, but all he’s done is whine about how terrible his awesome life is since he came back. I don’t want to read about that guy. I want to read about the Flash.

  32. I know a lot of people aren’t really looking forward to it, but I am. Considering getting all the mini and one shots too

    …though it is an aweful lot of them…

  33. What is the difference between an ‘alternate time line’ and an ‘Elseworld’?  Not trying to be a jerk about it, but is the difference any more than semantics?

    That much having been said, I am very much looking forward to this.

  34. @MisterJ  The difference would be continuity. If the standard time-line changes in continuity, then it’s not an Elseworlds story. It’s like how the current story going on in Wonder Woman isn’t an Elseworlds story.

  35. Going to try this issue and see… not really expecting much as I’ve definitely got DC event fatigue after Blackest Night and Brightest Day and was really disappointed by Flash (which doesn’t really seem to have had long enough to get into its stride).

    The premise – which I understand is having Prof Zoom going back and altering history – could be great but I really can’t see why this couldn’t have been handled in Flash.

    Is the idea ultimately for DC to end with a number of “Flash-family” titles in the same way there’s “Bat-family” etc… ? 

  36. @conor Aren’t all the Elseworlds counted among the 52 worlds that comprise the Multiverse as well? That was the impression I was left with when the whole 52 worlds concept (which I still find needlessly limiting) was introduced a few years ago.

  37. @CaseyJustice  Huh? There were 12 issues of the Flash in 13 months. “Delays,” he says.

  38. it’s okay. i have seen  better. i will stick to it for awhile longer to see how it pans out

  39. @kenkneisel  I think one teaser I read said that this isn’t an alternate universe. It’s our universe, but with a messed up timeline.

  40. Am I the only one that just doesnt understand all the weird time stuff going on with Prof. Zoom? The buildup to this event would be more successful if that was made clearer. 

  41. @kenkneisel  Well, putting aside the fact that in a sense all DC comics are “in-continuity” within the multiverse, I’m talking about events on Earth-1 or whatever number the current DCU inhabits. Flashpoint is happening in the “real” DCU so it’s not an Elseworlds story.

  42. Eh, I give this a shot, it’s a light week for me anyway. If I like the first issue of this then I’ll continue with the main title, not planning on picking up any of the other tie ins though

  43. Now that Brightesy Day has finished this could be my replacement, not too bothered with all the tie ins.

    Really interested to see a wacky universe, rather than the actual content, so I’m not expecting much, just hope it’s fun and it doesn’t bore.

  44. I’m getting the main series to tide me over until the inevitable return of a main Flash title but, honestly, after Countdown, 52, Blackest Night, Brighest Day… I’m just burned out on crisis/event stuff. I wish DC would just get back to good character driven stories (as is being done in Detective Comics at the moment). 

  45. @hydeandgeek: The good thing about the way DC is handling this event is that the main DC universe is essentially unaffected and not tied-in to this event.  (I believe Booster Gold and Flash (and possibly Wonder Woman) are the only ongoing titles that are dealing with the events of Flashpoint.)  So, for people who want DC to tell good character driven stories, you can ignore Flashpoint completely and just read the books you’re already getting.  I think this is a good move on their part.  How much would it suck if Detective got sidetracked right now by Flashpoint?  A lot, I say!

    I guess the flipside is that we get a lot more miniseries and one-shots to fleshout the implications of Flashpoint, which I am fine with but I know a lot of people are upset by.  Can’t please all the people all the time. 

  46. I’m liking the fact that it’s only going to be 5 issues long, rather than 7 or 8 like most events have been. Hopefully that means it’ll be a fast-paced, fun, tight story. Probably pick up the Supes, Bats, and Aquaman tie-ins, and wait and see how the others turn out. Seriously though, 20 tie-ins (minis and one-shots) for a 5-ish main story? Seems a little excessive.

  47. @conor  Thanks for the info.  So, due to the Multiverse is this is one of those differences between Marvel and DC?  In the ‘Marvel world’ there would be no differences between an Elseworld and an Alt-Timeline, correct?

  48. I have at least one problem with this. On the “A Family” panel there’s the new Impulse but not Bart.

    A fun first issue. I’m in for issue two. I will have to wait and see on the tie ins. (I’m sure I can borrow a few from friends though.)

  49. OMG! The twist in here is so shocking, so mindblowing, so unbelievably awesome that I think that it just might be one of the greatest comic book moments of all-time. For those who don’t know what I am talking about pick this issue up & get ready for a new Batman (at least in Flashpoint, unless this event changes the DCU entirely, but I digress.)

  50. @SpiderTitan If you’re talking about the last page I had guessed it fairly early in the issue.

  51. @Minion  The Flash Family panel is from Flash Rebirth. The new Impulse is Iris West, Wally’s daughter, who may grow up to be the next Kid Flash based on the Kingdom Come storyline.  

    Great issue and fantastic artwork.  I’m in for the whole story.  I just hope the next Flash series makes it longer – Bart’s series and then Barry’s were both too short.  

  52. I just reread @Minion’s comment.  You were saying that Bart was missing from that double-page spread from Rebirth.  I get you now.  Kubert swapped XS for Bart – maybe that ties in to the story.

  53. @Brainiac6 No I mean the panel on the third page of this book. It has Barry, Wally, Jay, Liberty Bell, Max Mercury, Impulse, and a black girl I don’t know.

  54. @Brainiac6 Or maybe you were saying that the panel was straight out of Flash rebirth. In which case I look stupid.

  55. @Minion – Brain meant that it seems like the fact that Bart is missing may have something to do with the story. XS is the black girl you don’t know, Bart’s cousin from the future.

  56. @neftones – The Flash was mad delayed, wasn’t it? Am I crazy? Maybe it just felt delayed. I dunno.

  57. Now THAT is a twist. Not a whole lot happened in this issue, but that last page was worth every penny.


    Last page definitely kinda made me roll my eyes. New versions of these characters is always ripe for exploration but that particular reveal just didn’t feel like a “major hook” because of the recent history with that character being so all over the place lately. This is basically the least interesting DC character to see a reinterpretation of—and thus, not really who I want this event to focus on too much.
    And the other side, Kubert is still the man! Veeery pretty issue even though I’m still a little bummed Manipul isn’t penning this.

  59. This was ok. I’m on board. It was definitely pretty, and if Kubert can keep up this should end up being a nice looking book at the very least.

    This isn’t a complaint, just an observation. I assume Thawne’s plan was to arrange it so that Bruce died in Crime Alley, wiping out the possibility of Batman. But somehow Batman came to be because “you can’t stop the idea of Batman blah blah blah … “. But if the rest of the creators at DC paid any attention to the Morrison DCU, Thawne’s plan should have succeeded.  According to Morrison’s Batman work, Bruce is responsible for every event throughout history leading up to him becoming Batman. In other words, if Bruce hadn’t lived past the age of 8, Wayne Manor wouldn’t even be located over the cave. There would be no “idea of Batman”. Food for thought.

  60. There’s a panel with Wesley Dodds AND Len Snart…i nominate that as best panel EVER!!!

  61. I was skeptical about this going in just because the regular Flash comic had lost some steam recently.  Turns out I absolutely loved this issue.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for altered reality stories and discovering all the changes and new takes on characters.  Either way, I’m looking forward to the rest of the series and I’m more interested in some of the tie-ins now that I’ve read the setup.

  62. Wow I loved this.  Maybe Ron should check it out after he procalimed that DC comics had become ‘crap’ on the last audio  show which I just heard this morning.   Kind of a harsh statement  Ron.  Personally I’m loving Detective, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Sinister Six ( yes I know the fanboys have no love for it), Birds of Prey, Jonah Hex, and yes, even the Green Lantern titles which I know a few people seem to have no love for anymore.  And loved Brightest Day.  So no I don’t think they’ve become crap.

    If they did why the hell are you advertising in their books Ron ? Just saying 😉

  63. Meh

  64. @tazz  They’re advertising to make money?

    I think Ron was more saying that, in general, the quality of DC has been waning, not that each individual title is terrible.  Not that I read a lot of DC, but it appears that many people on the site agree with Flash having an average rating of around 3.4 in the last few weeks despite leading up to this big even, Green Lantern pulls are down almost 20% despite entering a mini event and Superman’s quality has been low (grounded…low..not flying high, see what I did there….quite poorly) 7 of the most pulled books last week were marvel, 5 the week before that, and only 3 DC books in the top 10 three weeks ago.

    This was pretty interesting though, I know next to nothing about DC characters but found this to be very enjoyable.  It’s sold me on the main line of books at least.

  65. @Anthony  ” They’re advertising to make money?”

    Ok I admit..that made me laugh..LOL 

  66. Loved this issue.  Not really a fan of Kubert but he did a solid job.  Great ending!

  67. WOAH! did not see that coming. That was fun. This feels like its going to be a crazy elseworlds vibe kinda thing. I hope Johns has a fast pace planned for this….5 issues isn’t a lot. 

    geez i saw that checklist for June. HAHAH wow. glad i’m skipping most all.  

  68. POSSIBLE SPOILER. Loved it with one exception: Did anyone else think it was weird, and possibly supposed to be filler text that didn’t get changed, that the S.H.A.Z.A.M. kids used a Star Wars quote and a Harry Potter reference in this book about an alternate timeline?

  69. @Chrisflinchbaugh  –yeah i didn’t get it either…actually it was flat out weird. I mean one could go crazy with speculation but Harry Potter is a WB property. DC and WB…..but that would just be utterly insane. WB DOES NOT mix brands like that…its almost corporate policy. i can’t imagine they’d go there. Maybe Johns was just trying to show how completely screwed up the DCU is in the Flashpoint timeline?

  70. This was kinda pointless?  Some alt U building, but I don’t know what the end game is except for Barry trying to get back to his own reality.

  71. I’m hooked. I’m a relatively new reader to comics, (started subscribing to various issues in January) so maybe I’m not a cynic when it comes to these big events. The art in these 40 pages was just amazing and with the turn of each page I could feel the build up to the very last page of this issue. If you love the Flash, Batman, Sci-fi, and Time Travel then how could you not have loved this issue??? I’m in for the summer!

  72. A commenter on “The Beat” blog said it best:

    “sometimes I think the only thing more tiresome than event comics is the backlash against them.”

  73. $3.99? If the books are as good as this one, I’ll pay the extra buck. This was AWESOME. This is the kind of book that leaves you wanting more, eager to see what happens.

    Nice nod to the 60’s Batman TV show on the sign as Barry drove to Wayne Manor!

  74. @Chrisflinchbaugh  It wasn’t really weird at all. Kids talk in movie quotes. Just because the lives of the heroes have changed doesn’t mean it’s an alternate reality where George Lucas and J.K. Rowing went down different paths.

  75. @conor  –thats an interesting perspective. I guess with Alt realities one should follow those same rules as time travel, where if you start to over-think all the possible ramifications then you’ll hurt your brain. Best to sit back and enjoy the ride. 

    to your point….What an interesting reality where even George Lucas and JK Rowling are so mega that they are unaffected by DCU getting all twisted! =)

  76. Awesome ending. Great art. This was just FUN, plain and simple. Set the event hype aside, (they do need to push books after all), this looks to be a fun 5 issue series. 

    Had no interest in the tie-ins before reading this issue…must admit that I’m now more interested in picking up a couple of them next month. I’m especially curious to see crazy fascist Aquaman!


  77. A few more spoilery thoughts:

    – We’re assuming the last page reveal is true but it is really just Barry’s interpretation of Batman’s words. It could be a red herring.

    – But assuming it is true, how interesting would it be if Thomas Wayne did stick around after this. Wasn’t he in G-Mo’s Batman R.I.P?

    – What is the motivation behind Atlantis’ and Themyscira’s attacks on Europe. What’s in Europe that’s worth taking. Captain Marvel implies he just fought Wonder Woman there. Has the Rock of Eternity perhaps been compromised?

    – Iris Allen apparently is not married to Barry here and in Flash #12 Barry was either naive about or playing with fire with a female co-worker, possibly getting too friendly. I think this may be a clue, just a hunch though.

  78. I thought this was awesome.

    I was not expecting to be as excited for this event as I currently am. Glad I picked this up.

  79. I see a lot of Jim Lee with a lil bit of Bagley in Andy Kubert’s work, it’s good stuff.

    Will be much more into the tie-ins for this than with Fear Itself.

  80. @JNewcomb  Thomas Wayne was not in RIP.

  81. SPOILER This  was pretty awesome (especialey love the dirty look Barry gave when he asked “do i have a car” no…. ” can i borrow yours?” the twist at the end where Bruces father (Thomas Wayne) was batman was epic, plus you gotta consider hed be alot older then what bruce is in regular DCU, like to see if they mention anything about that. The whole Flash 12 issue run goes into this because its obvisouley got something to do with the mirror that was broke, along with the reverse flash. I think this whole thing and all the tie ins is going to be epic, and 10 times better then brightest day.

  82. Loved it.  Perhaps it was the insanely low expectations I had for it but I really, really liked this issue.

  83. This was eh.  Not going to bother with the rest of the mini.  The art was so-so, the reveal at the end wasn’t that surprising, and frankly who cares?  This could have been an arc in Flash instead of it being this over-reaching event.  Kind of reminds me of Blackest Night.  Something that maybe should have been more contained in the Green Lantern books the way Sinestro Corps War was got spread out and had the scope broadened in order to make more money.  I realize these things sell but can Johns just write a comic for a year or two without it building up to some big event?  Just tell good stories, dammit.

  84. @CGPO  He can, but that’s not their strategy. As you said, it’s what sells.

  85. Was this book oversized?  I honestly didn’t notice with the lack of page numbers.

    I just held this book up to the FF #3 book, and yes I guess it is a bit thicker.    Still not sure I like the $4 price point.  I’m slowly pulling further away from comics again and pricing isn’t helping the matter any.

  86. @Rchapoteau  It’s 34 pages vs 22 in FF. So definitely worth the extra $1 in terms of page count. Plus thicker cover paper (which Marvel skimped out on with Fear Itself). It’s probably not much thicker because Marvel tends to have more ads. 

    As for Flashpoint’s content, eh. I’m more excited for the spinoffs to be honest.

  87. I’m rather excited about this… it got off to a strong start…and though there are a LOT of tie-ins, I dont feel compelled to get all of them, just the ones with the characters that interest me.   Its not a weekly or a bi-weekly event, its 5 issues for the main titles so as long as they can release on time, this should hold the momentum.

  88. Wow! Take a break from comics and find out Johns sucks now?!

    Then again, you all have always been a fickle bunch.

  89. @FACE: I don’t think a single one of the level-headed, regular posters have said that Johns “sucks”.  Some of us are getting exhausted, and some of us just aren’t gripped by what he’s doing lately.  Slowly losing affection for a writers work over a period of almost ten years is not exactly “fickle”.

  90. @conor  Oh I know, these things aren’t going anywhere.  Still it would be nice.  I mean, do we really need some kind of big event spinning out of Johns’ new Aquaman series that’s coming soon?  Tidal Wars 2012 here we come! 😉

  91. Not bad at all, Dropped Flash a while back so I have know Idea how Barry woke up in this different time line but love the art and the Batman stuff.

  92. Found this so crushingly dull.  90% of the issue is a bunch of alternate versions of characters I don’t care about standing on a rooftop talking in poor exposition, all building up to an interesting final reveal that would be far better served as it’s own Elseworlds mini. 

    This, coupled with two boring issues of Fear Itself, and I’m out of these events.

    No moaning, no backlash.  I’m just not going to be reading anymore.

  93. @conor  I agree, teenagers (and many adults in geekdom)often pepper everyday conversation with movie quotes but in this different world I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or more a space to fill in other teenager humor. I wonder if Johns felt that these references would help new readers (to the DCU or comics entirely) they hope to pull in feel comfortable and connected.

  94. Loved this first issue. But I think I’m going to keep my expectations low. 

  95. @Selfstyler  Yes!

  96. Does anyone else find it really weird that in a story about Barry waking up in an alternate/messed-up/whatever timeline, and not knowing how or why, we cut away from him for more than HALF the issue? I found that jarring.

    I’m not saying every story should be told the same way, but most times I’ve seen this type of tale, you stick with that reader POV character for a reason. It’s through their confusion that we get what eactly is messed up, and why that’s bad.

    Sure, as a reader, I know that this Batman and this Shazam etc are strange and askew, but without that character there to voice that, that’s not how it reads. All these characters talking know each other and act perfectly normal, so even if I know something’s wrong, I don’t feel it. /mini review slash rant

  97. @FACE Johns does not suck. His writing is still top notch. I think what his fans, myself included, are feeling is the burnout from Johns writing almost nothing but event comics for what seems like forever. As good as any of these events might be on their own, they lose their punch when the DCU becomes just one event after another.

  98. Wasn’t wowed. Don’t like the art. Felt like I was being pitched a new franchise instead of brought into a new story. The whole issue felt plastic and forced. The only things holding my interest are  Shade and Element Girl, only because I’m a fan of Shade and Metamorpho. After the pomp of Blackest Night and Brightest Day, so far Flashpoint feels like an event for event’s sake.

  99. Had very low expectations for this and was pleasantly surprised.

    I’m in.

  100. I tried to ignore it but I can’t. This has been sitting here at 99 comments all day. I hate being that guy, but I must.

  101. @hydeandgeek  I was thinking about this over the last couple of day… How long until we see an article entitled “Has Geoff Johns Lost The Magic Touch?” on some website? I don’t think this is a case of the book being bad – it isn’t. But compared to his stellar body of work so far, this issue is not as good as his best work. I freely admit that. But I don’t think we should leap to the conclusion that Flashpoint as a whole will suck. That remains to be seen. And I can understand being worn down from events – it does seem like it’s one event after another these days at both major publishers. It gets tedious and expensive. To me, though, this event looks worth reading. It affects characters I really like, so I’ll stick with it and see what happens.


  103. ALL ABOARD! Didn’t have any expectations for Flashpoint, but Love the concept and the first issue was really fun! After my disappointment of The Brightest Day “Event” I am hoping this continues to be fun becauseif  it fails, I’m done with the Big Event stuff from DC for awhile….wait I do like the GL War….I take that back…

  104. I absolutely loved it. I was completely thrown off at the end. Can’t wait for the next issue.

  105. Not bad. I’m eager for #2.

  106. Great art with an interesting story to match.  I won’t be following the tie-ins but I will buy this main title.

  107. WOW!!! This is my new favorite right now!!! WOW is all I can say right now….more later!

  108. It was pretty good, not mind blowing though. Kubert’s art was the saving grace of the book.

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