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BRIGHTEST DAY dashes on with the stunning conclusion of “The Dastardly Deaths of the Rogues!” With Barry caught between the Rogues and the Renegades, the resurrected Captain Boomerang’s role in the adventure is revealed! You won’t believe how this leads to the upcoming FLASHPOINT…

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and Cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
Variant cover by ALE GARZA & SANDRA HOPE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Glad to see this book still pulling well despite being late recently.  Personally, I have been enjoying the book a great deal.  I think it’s only going to get better from here as we head into Flashpoint.

  2. I’ll believe that this book exists when it’s actually in my hand!

  3. Can’t wait, Manapul’s art has been fantastic on this.  Besides how good it looks, I love that he’s doing something so different from all the other artists.

  4. That Cryptozoologist is one of the best artists working in this medium.  I’m excited.

  5. I really love this series. I might have to go back and re-read the first 5 issues to reacquaint myself, buts its worth the wait. 

  6. I’m finding myself enjoying this more for the art than for the story.

  7. I really like this series but may start wish I truste it enough to trade wait though because I alway need to reread previous issues to remember.

  8. @minion Same for me. the lateness facotrs in too much and i am just not as invested in this adventure as i normally would be if it was shipping on time. most of the time i give lateness a pass, but it’s been a decade since i read and enjoyed the flash, so for a new book to come out thats this awesome and then be late is just kind of ruining it for me

  9. Can’t wait to finally read this. I totally understand the whole losing steam argument, but that’s not really a factor for me. I buy the books I do because I intend on reading them more than once, and I love rereading an arc when a new issue comes out. I buy a low enough amount of books where that’s not a problem. Really excited for Flashpoint as well as the new Flash book whenever they decide to put that out.

    @edward: Thanks for the meaningful commentary.

  10. i’m really torn on this book. I love Barry and am happy to have him back, and i also cannot get enough of Manapul’s art, but the delays have really made me question weather or not i like this book enough to continue on. I know once i get this in my dirty little hands and i read through it, i will be the first one to tell me friends "this is a must read book!".


    damn you delays!

  11. I would like to thank Mr. Katers for reminding me that I was reading this book. I love me some Rogue action!

  12. Woohoo!

  13. On one hand Manapul keeps saying he can do two pages a day. On the other hand this book is always a month late.

    Come on, dude. 

  14. Finally!! I’ve enjoyed the Batman books but I’ve been jonesing for some Flash.

  15. I wonder how much of the problem is Manapul and how much it is Johns writing Green Lantern, Brightest Day, this, Flashpoint, and being the CCO. He’s only human.

  16. @NawidA: Lots of people work on a comic book besides the artist.

  17. It’s the letterer’s fault. Damn dirty letterers!

  18. the child laborers working in the oversees print shops aren’t working fast enough…obviously. 

  19. This is my favourite book right now, I love the story and the art is amazing.

    I don’t notice it’s late because even if it was on time, the wait would be too long. I wish this book was weekly. That’s how much I’m digging it.

    I’ve never read any flash before. In the wait between issues I went back on got Rogue’s Revenge, Blackest Night Flash, and Rebirth. I’m a flash fan now.

  20. Someone mentioned Canada! *half-hearted patriotism*

  21. A few issues back Barry rebuilt and apartment building. So even suspending disbelief…how did he do it. THe stuff still weighs a ton and power tools don’t run at super speed even if the user is The Flash.

     Is it only me or is this story dragging a bit. Love-Love-Love the art!!!

  22. @edward–maybe thats why Comics cost so darn much! haha 

  23. @BruceLuvsClark: I don’t really think you were suspending belief enough.  A properly motivated superspeedster can do anything.  Don’t make me sic Katers on you.

  24. Oh the irony, the FLASH book coming out slow.

    This book is very fun for me, I am glad it is out.

  25. @edward, someone made a better joke than you. get over it.


    anyway, I’m pretty excited for the conclusion to this book. The art has been fantastic and the writing has been just as good. I’m sure it will be worth the wait. 

  26. @Reform Irony, or totally appropriate to the character (or both actually…). Barry Allen is always late for everything. Even the delivery of his own comic book, apparently.

    Personally, I pay next to no attention to tardiness under a month. I might think to myself, hmm, it has been awhile, but I really don’t care. I read a lot of books and it is sometimes a relief to space them out more. Only time it gets me is when a large event is being organized and multiple books all hinge on each other. Then a late book throws a monkety wrench in the story. Otherwise, give me good books and I don’t care if it slips a month. Slip a year and that’s another conversation… 

  27. It’s good to see this book getting lots of attention. It feels like Manapul was always meant to be drawing the Flash.

  28. Build

  29. @JimBilly4   YOUR post says it all, 100% agree.

  30. @conor

    So you’re saying it’s Johns or Buccelato? 

  31. Every issue has been fantastic and the art is hard to beat, can’t wait to see how the arc wraps up and more importantly for what the next arc will be!

  32. Looking forward to this (as usual), but I’ll admit that the delays are hurting the momentum a bit for me. Also, where’s my damn Kid Flash book?! Or at least this "Speed Force" thing!

  33. This was just a damn good comic all around, totally made up for the lateness and made me eat my words. well done

  34. Loved this book! Can’t wait for Flashpoint. I did have an error on my comic and was wondering if anyone else had it. On the page near the end when Barry and Iris are at the coffee shop there is a bit of dialogue that was duplicated but behind the word bubble on the third panel from the top. The dialogue is, "Do we turn when the road does or does the road turn when we do?"

     Did someone forget to double check that? 

  35. @Loshem  It looked like it was supposed to look like that, i don’t know why but it looked like that was on purpose to me

  36. I saw that error too.

    Fun issue. Can’t wait to see where they take this intertemporal issue.

  37. This was alright. Not as good as it has been though.

  38. Great ending to the arc!

  39. Good issue, didn’t like it as good as the others but still very enjoyable.

  40. It was not a bad issue but not as great as the build up was. I find Top’s reason for going through all this trouble to be just…unreasonable.

  41. *SPOILER*



    Question: If in history Barry Allen corrects the case that screws over Top then wouldn’t he currently not be in the police force because they would do the background check before he is allowed in as the police. I know it is a nitpick but it does not make sense to me. He should not be a cop until the history has changed…

  42. This was solid. Like what people mentioned, lot’s of things slightly "off" about this issue. Top’s motive wasn’t that powerful, and a lot of the lettering errors really threw me off. I know it’s picky but I feel it detracts from the quality of the book. Plus the lateness…I had completely forgotten about the kid that Flash was trying to clear. Still though, this is a great title.


  43. On the first page, shouldn’t it read "where’s the top" instead of "who’s the top"?


    That aside, amazing issue. I’m sad to see Manapul go, but I think the Rouge profiles will be fun. Anyone know when the next arc will start though?

  44. THere was a pretty major lettering error in my book. A panel had the letters of a balloon in the ballon and under it over the artwork in a different font. Really werid.

    Other than that, very cool story!

  45. @Avistaan This is just my theory based on what they said about the timeline in this issue. In the original timeline the Top’s ancestor was never charged with the murder. Then Barry gets ressurected and opens the case and starts to change the future history so the Top goes apeshit. The judge mentions in the end of the issue that things are happening in Barry’s time that shouldn’t be happening and Barry changing the Top’s future, or past, is one of those things.

  46. I wasn’t always attracted to Manapul’s art, but the last two issues of this series have won me over. Such an awesome looking book.

  47. @RoiVampire Yeah that makes sense now. I decided to reread the issue earlier today and I found out that the judge also did not complete the Top’s background check, so he was like a cop in the process of being checked out.

  48. Hmmm…I’ve already noticed several typos in the book (some already mentioned by Loshem, JaqueNargg, and Myncy).  

    On page 11 at the bottom Flash is saying "THERE’s AN NNOCENT KID IN PRISON!" It should be "INNOCENT" with an "I" not "NNOCENT".

    @Loshem, since lettering nowadays is done on a computer usually via copy-n-paste I’m assuming the "Do we turn when the road does or does the road turn when we do?" is a lettering duplicate copy-n-paste error, which no one else noticed  before the comic went to press. I believe lettering is the last thing to be done nowadays, and I’m "guessing" this was rushing out the door so quickly no one else noticed. I just don’t think that was meant to be. Basically, I think you can add this to all the other lettering errors.

    (Although don’t be too rough on Sal Cipriano. The Letterer’s time is often the easiest to short change. I would guess the errors here are more indicative of lack of time given him; time which others in the process probably ate up.)

  49. (Again, don’t be TOO rough on Sal. A little, sure, just not too much. It is still his job to get this right.)

  50. This book gets pretty silly with all the time travel stuff.  All superhero comics are bit silly but this is at the far end of the spectrum.  I stopped reading a few times this issue and thought, "wait, what?"  But it looks great and is fun when you just ride with it.  I just hope they can get the schedule back on track now.

  51. Could someone tell me why this arc is called "The Dastardly Death of the Rogues"?  It doesn’t seem to make any sense.

  52. I really liked this run so far, but i think they’ve forced me to trade wait from now on. The delay’s are annoying and if i’m gonna wait 6+ months to read one arc, i’d rather get it all at once. 

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