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The road to FLASHPOINT is paved with good intentions, but the Flash is about to learn the truth behind those good intentions – and the secret of Hot Pursuit!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant Cover by SCOTT KOLINS

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Hey look, it’s Wally West. I wonder if he’ll actually be in this issue.

    Despite my indifference towards Barry, I am liking the momentum building as we get closer to Flashpoint. Lookin forward to this.

  2. is dropping this book because of Brightest Day/Generation Lost/Action Comics costing more than usual and cause the last issue wasn’t that great. 

  3. Fuck delays! This bitch is early!

  4. Is this ending with #12?

    I’ve grown to like this. Not bothered about Flashpoint as I’ve got BD-fatigue. Need a rest from events.

  5. If its Manapul, then I am there. If he leaves this title post-Flashpoint, I may reconsider. The stories so far have only been so-so.

  6. @midwinter  Yes.

  7. @wallythegreenmonster  hold on for two more issues and you  can have the hold run and see what johns was planning with the whole flashpoint thing


  9. @edward  — yeah i remembered that….such an expensive weak. not happy. At least this isn’t a double sized extra priced edition. 

  10. @wallythegreenmonster  just wait for next week then, mate, i’m sure they wont sell out of this issue. whoever “they” are in your case

  11. Loving Manapul’s work and the direction it’s taking. Just wish Barry would get out of whatever funk he’s in already.

    Random Wally pop-up would also be nice. 

  12. I am very sad the title is ending and I am sure only because of Flashpoint which had better be good. That is Wally and again they are destroying Barry again; ARG!!!!!!!!!
        Well I guess us Flash fans keep getting the shaft at DC for some reason?? However; Flashpoint might be what we have been waiting for?? I guess all we can do is enjoy the ride or get off.


  13. Just picking this up because I wanna know what Flashpoint is…

  14. Flashpoint is basically the DC execs liking Geoff Johns soooooo much that they say “here Geoff….here is the whole DC universe, do what you want with it” and so he goes hog wild and pretty much wipes out all continuity as we know it, therefore reinventing every damn story in the DC realm. I like Johns a lot, but I’m not a fan of this flashpoint shit going on, I’m also not a fan of the “multiverse” so I have a very skewed perception on this book right now….so upsetting.

  15. @al2mrt: This “flashpoint shit” hasn’t even started yet. If you’re already not a fan, ya may wanna sit this one out. And he’s not reinventing anything this time around. It’s a time travel/alteration story. Everything will go back to normal when the good guys win.

  16. I’ll second that about Flashpoint…its an event!  Granted all the events are now just blurring one into another, but Flashpoint itself is just temporary.  We’ll see a few repercussions afterwards, but its all going to more or less return to normal.  Its hardly fair to criticize before we’ve seen even the first issue.  

    When does the first round of Flashpoint and tie-ins hit?  Is it next week?

  17. uughh…so much angst and melodrama for a Flash comic. Not so sure if I want to read Flashpoint now, I’ll wait for #12 to come out before I decide.

  18. This series is a great read, but from what I understand the series isn’t being cxld? It is supposed to be a mo thy ongoing?

  19. what the fuck happened to scott kolins??

  20. An intervention? Really?

    I half expected a depressing recap on the last page. “Barry went without speed for 32 days. He relapsed after watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and disappeared into the Speed Force. He has not been seen since. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, please contact Iris West at …”

    This issue was lame sauce.

    @Skyfire124: It doesn’t technically start til June.  After #12.  Not sure what week though.

    @Brew1701: It was originally solicited as the monthly Flash book.  But since Flashpoint will most likely “change everything we thought we knew about the world of Flash”,  they’ll most likely wait til it’s over to relaunch another monthly.

  21. What a sub par issue. It’s sad to think how quickly this book dropped in quality. I can’t say I’m very excited for Flashpoint if it’s going to be of this quality.

  22. 2.5 stars at best. This series peaked too soon. Its the Spurs in the first round losing to the Griz…..

  23. @Wally. Ha! Nice reference.

    But seriously, what happened to this book? The only thing that has fallen like this was Streets of Gotham, and that was due to the inconsistency of the creative team’s work schedules. I wonder if the same issues are plaguing this book?

    But none of that changes my dislike for Kollin’s new style. It is not bad, but it does not grab me like some of his other work.

  24. This was a well done comic, had all the flashes in it (including ZOOM!) annnnd had Scott Kollins back as the artist for an issue (classic flash artist)!

  25. @MisterJ  –yay basketball fans! haha

    i think Johns is spread too thin. So much of his stuff that started off strong has kinda gotten a touch bland towards the end. I’d rather have 3 or 4 great things from him than a whole universe of just OK. 

  26. @wallythegreenmonster  Agreed.  This is the only Johns book that I am getting anymore, and I used to collect them all.  Kinda a shame.

  27. this was kind of horrible

  28. This was totally horrible.

  29. Picked up this issue along with #10 and I easily preferred the artwork from Manapul in the previous issue. Really looking forward to see what Johns can come up with for the main story of Flashpoint and I’m hoping I don’t get too lost as I’m quite the n00b when it comes to The Flash.

    Also, the whole “event” seems like a great way to spice things up within the universe and then have it easily placed back to normal continuity without having the children’s style, “and then I woke up and it was all a dream.” So the use of the multi-verse is justified in this use.

  30. That Intervention scene made me cringe.

  31. damn this was horrible

  32. Didn’t care for the intervention, but thankfully the story is finally moving along.

    The art was bad. Really bad. Amatuerish. I want FM back.

  33. I don’t understand, Scott Kolins really didn’t do so bad in DCU legacies, but this artwork was just off… And I agree, they’re spreading GJ way too thin, just like how Dustin Nguyen was almost single handedly drawing the dc universe. (or atleast their covers), same with M.J. Straczynski, now look at the state Superman is in now…

  34. I did not like this.

  35. You guys are mental. This was cool.

  36. Intervention scene was forced and totally cliched. The rest of the issue was solid. I’m still on board for Flashpoint.

  37. I know, what’s up with Bart being a needy lil bitch.  Live your life and don’t be so dependent on Barry to guide you, like a lil lost child.

    I’m sucha huge Flash fan that even if this hasn’t been hugely mind-blowing or anything, been intriguing enuf to pull me in.

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