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  1. Telling me I can’t resist almost makes me want to.

  2. Grant Morrison + Frank Quitely is pretty irresistable.

  3. i agree…  but i worry that there will be more various than Frank Quitely…

  4. A little Frank Quitely is better than none at all.

  5. Is this just a one-shot or a mini-series?

  6. Give me any and all Final Crisis related material….loving it!!!

  7. I’m not sure what this is.  Collection of supplemental stories?  Conor is totally right–Morrison and Quitely make this very very irresistable, but I have such a long pull list this week.  🙁

    I have to flip through this at the store to see if I want to buy it or not.

  8. i only hope it explains why this is all happenning

  9. Hopefully this gets collected with the other FC one-shots.

    Even if it has a (brief) Morrison/Quitely team up….no way is this gonna be worth 3.99

  10. doesn’t the secret flies issue usually come out at the end of a story?

  11. @drakedangerz – The SECRET FILES one-shots that DC puts out are supplimental books.  They give you back story and character background and fill in the gaps in stories.  They’ve been putting out SECRET FILES books for at least 8 years, probably more than 10.

    @micahmyers – Not always.

  12. looking at the preview…   it appears FQ is only doing the cover…  seems most of the writing is Len Wein and Tony Shasteen on art…

  13. Yep, no Quitely. Very very angry.

  14. Damn, I’ve read all the other FC books so I might as well just give in and get this one too, but I really just want the next issue of FC!

  15. @Conor-Ahh, thanks.  My newbie-ness to DC is still showing.  As much as I have read in the last year or so, I am still a young padawan

  16. I un-pulled it.  I don’t think this will be very important.

  17. @cyberauron… AMEN! the more info and explanation the better

    I’m a DC newbie and wiki’d half of the stuff in each ish just to get a basic understanding!

    That said, I don’t regret jumping on board with this series just want more gaps filled in,trying to solve Grant morrison like that damn Rubiks Cube!

  18. I read the latest issue of Final Crisis and I still have only a vauge idea of what is going on.  Do I need to pick up all the supplimental stuff for it to make sense, or will Final Crisis come together in #6 and 7?

  19. @marvelzombie, I’m in the same boat. I found FC resist, submit and requiem helped a little. Overall though, wikipedia is the best to get the meaning of all the back story, etc.

  20. Just un-pulled it.


  21. The Tie-ins the tie-ins!!

  22. Just read that someone unpulled it. Just wondered why people would take the time to announce that. Drinking a frappuccino now. Thinking about doing laundry later…

    (So Len Wein actually created Libra, huh? Makes sense for him to write this issue, then. Quitely’s cover was great. They should clone him or something so he can do more interior work.)

  23. Wow what a waste of 4 bucks. It told the origin of libra which we all learned from wikipedia. Than it just confirmed everything we already knew

  24. Yeah, #*($ you, DC. I hope Len Wein needed and got some money out of this. Then I can feel better about it.

  25. @flapjaxx: It’s the twitter culture. Better get used to it if you plan on using the internet in the future. and based on the comments here, I probably made the right choice not buying this. In a better economy maybe, but not now.

  26. I really enjoyed this.  I knew very little about Libra and now I know quite a bit more and what I do know is pretty great.  Man, I love the SECRET FILES books.

  27. i also really enjoyed this. this explained who libra was which hadn’t been done before.

    @cyberauron: of course you can read his origin on wikipedia, but you can read the synopsis of any comic after the issue is out. so why buy any comic?

  28. This was great.  This is exactly the kind of info that people who are saying FC is too complicated have been clamoring for.  Anyone who still isn’t getting FC and wants to should pick this up.  Lots of great background that really brings the whole plot into focus.  The extras at the end of the book were especially neat-o. 

  29. @micahmyers i found out about libra when they did the sketchbook. I just wanted to lnow more and it only confirmed the stuff we already knew. Libra fights the justice league steal their powers and blows up. somewhere along the line he meets darkseid and become a pawn for him. I just figured for a secret files book we would gind out a little more about darkseids plan

  30. ahh but we get every instance and explanation of the anti-life equation!  yaaay

  31. @cyberauron: i just re-read my comment and it sounds really mean, i apologize. i don’t remember any of libra’s origin from the sketchbook, i will have to go back to see what else i forgot.

  32. @micahmeyers its alright dude don’t apologize dude its it wasn’t that mean. it gave me a chance to further explain myself. 

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