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  1. Captain Cold is so cool

  2. Who knew a character that looks so lame could so cool.

  3. @Kory: that’s pretty much what i say about all flash villains.  That Johns… what a genius.

  4. Johns for President!

  5. Who knew this poor man Mr Freeze can be such a bad ass. I can not wait when he gets his hands on inertia and zoom.

  6. @MrGlass- He has fixed everything else, let’s see what he can do with the economy.  After that maybe the energy crisis and then global hunger.

  7. Heh "Captain Cold is so cool" … yeah & Heatwave is so hot right now.

    I wasn’t a massive fan of the art on issue #1, I dig Scott Kolins, but the inking style seems weird. It’s the same way it looks in Brave & The Bold, it makes it look like his pencil’s are not even inked. But, it’s Geoff Johns on a Final Crisis Rogues book, so what am I gonna do, not read it?

  8. I’m loving the crazy loose line inking

  9. One of my all-time classic creative teams!  Loved the first issue and I’m sure that this will be more greatness from these two.  I am getting the character cover.

  10. Man,  this issue looks kick-ass based on the preview over at Newsarama.

  11. You know.. the Rogues look stupid.  They really do, yet some how Geoff Jones makes me think they are freaking wicked.  Cold should not be cool.  Look at him for crying out loud!  Yet damn… if he isn’t one f’d up guy who really feels fleshed out to a point where he almost feels more real than any other hero or villain in the DCU.  The stuff with his father… wow.

     Thank you Geoff Johns.  This was great.

  12. Anyone else notice that the first page was an homage to "The Warriors"?

    I couldn’t read any further ’til I saw if anyone else caught it. F’n brilliant! God, I love Geoff Johns. 

  13. I officially love Captain Cold as a character after reading this and the DCU Last Will & Testament issue.

  14. @Kory – I agree 100%.  I’ve never really been into the Flash or the Rogues but these two comics made me want to track down some other stuff about them.  But only if its by Geoff Johns.

  15. @CharlieBlix – I agree with you. I never been into flash or his enemies but I am getting into him from these books. Can’t wait until Rebirth. 

  16. That thing Weather Wizard did with the Tornado was sick.

  17. Johns coud write the phonebook and make it interesting. this book was greatness. and I even got used to Scott Kolins’ art.

  18. … whoah.

  19. Gah I’m missing this, apparently this was much better then the first issue….Thanks to the lovely reviews of you guys of course 😉

    I liked the reference to The Warriors (one of my favorite films), did anyone else notice that like me and FACE did? Cause now I totally see it after reading the first issue again.

  20. @TheNextChampion – Alright… I’ll come out and say it.  I’ve never seen The Warriors.  I’ll go find it and watch it.  Stop making me feel out of the loop already!.. haha.  While I’m at it I’m going to watch The Unforgiven because of Old Man Logan as well.  I don’t know how I’ve never seen either of these movies.

  21. The reference is subtle and broken up, but it’s there. You’ve ronly got to watch the opening credits of the film to see it. I’d definitely encourage watching the whole thing though, as it’s bad ass – spec. the Furies! And, if you feel so inclined, check out the game that came out about three years ago for XBox and Playstation 2 (i think i might go play it now :). Sure you can find it on the used shelf for like $5.

    @Champ – RIGHT THE F ON!

  22. @FACE: Dude I own that game, it rocks! Not to get off-topic, but one of the best film tie-in’s for a game….Now I need to play it some more, you guys have fun with the Rogues.

  23. It rocks all the more considering it’s from Rockstar studios, the guys behind the GTA series. Wish they’d do this thing more often with movie adaptation games – write further into the story instead of just going scene for scene. Guess that’s why most movie games flatout suck.

    But before you guys begin thinking I’ve completely strayed off subject, I noticed something else while playing the game just now: The guy who shot Cyrus, Luther, guess what his gang’s name is???


    a sad side note – the Warriors movie is getting a remake by MTV productions: it will not feature Ajax or the Baseball Furies. please be sure to see the original.  

  24. Rogues are badass

  25. "Mick."


    "Burn it all."


    This issue was AWESOME.

  26. For they guys wanting more Geoff Johns Rogues action, there was a few stand alone stories he did on his Flash run, that were like origin stories of some of the Rogues, that were AWESOME. Also, his last arc on the Flash was called Rogue War & that was really good.

    His whole run on the Flash was good though (remember when the Flash was a good book?) & a lot of his run centered around the Rogues, so any trades or issues you can find will be worth reading.

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