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  1. Yes! YESSSS! I barely remember what happened last issue, I just remember that it was AWESOME!

  2. I can’t wait for this!!!

  3. I was JUST thinking about where the hell this comic was. Super excited!

  4. ZOMG finally – the final issue!

    So excited for this and the start of Adventure Comics. 

  5. I love solicitations that begin "This is it!" More writings/speeches should begin with "This is it!"

  6. The delays on this book are ridiculous.

    The resurrected characters have been old news forever now (and this is the issue where it happens!) and the next big DC event already started. 

  7. The ressurected characters showed up in these issues before they appeared any place else. But the perez delays do seem excessive. I know I’ve said he is worth waiting on but this has beenridiculous

  8. @miyamotofreak – I think the resurrected characters were resurrected in #3 and #4. They didn’t show up anywhere until they first showed up in L3W’s.

  9. I wonder how/if the conclusion of this arc will tie in to Blackest Night.  I don’t expect anything direct, but I fully expect some repercussions.

  10. Perez art is worth the wait, even if it is super late. Getting this mostly for the art and completing the series cuz I barely remember what happened last issue *shrug*

  11. Could it be?  Finally.  I’ve been keeping these issues to the side to read all together.  I’m glad I did.  If i read them when they came out I wouldn’t have remembered a thing.  I’m looking forward to sitting down with this.  Who cares if the ‘big events’ have already happened.  I’m just looking forward to a good story with great art. 

  12. Ah, but I thought those resurrected characters come back into the regular U with this issue?

  13. @miyamotofreak – Yea, I think they come back to the present in this issue.

  14. Yes, it’s late. Later than it reasonably should be. But it will be beautiful. It won’t looked rushed. For wonderful Perez art handling up to 3 versions of a character and making them all look unique while recognizably similar…. I’ll take any wait.

    Geoff Johns has made me a Legion fan. His Legion story in Action Comics got me into them. I suddenly got why they were cool. (I read Waid’s rebooted Legion and enjoyed it, but lost interest fast.) And this series rejuvenated my interest in them. I went back and picked up the Showcase Presents volumes. 

  15. Finally!!  Now I just have to wait 8-12 months for the trade!! yay!

  16. @Prax I don’t know if it’s in trade, but try to get your hands on DnA’s ‘Legion Lost’, it’s excellent.

  17. well about damn time, if you ask me.


    still I’m really looking forward to this

  18. This is going to be a fucking Masterpiece.

  19. Yay, I can finally find out how Kid-Flash and Superboy came back to the present.

  20. This cover is awesome! I love me some Dawnstar!

  21. YAY!! I think I’ll dig up the previous issues and jog my memory on what’s happening. It’ll make reading it tomorrow a much better experience.

  22. resurected this issue…Batman?

    just kidding…although thatd be pretty cool.

  23. The story is cool, but the art’s fucking amazing!

    I am not generally fond of books that break the 4th wall. It often comes of as pretentious. However, I enjoyed the way it was used in this issue. I find this a fitting end (??) for Superboy-Prime. Now I’m off to find out if that thread on DC’s forum actually exists.

  25. so that happened.

    just a little too convoluted for me, in general. but boy, that perez art is brilliant. i don’t mind the nonsense with prime, though i have to imagine it’ll really annoy a lot of readers.

  26. @stuchlach I believe it does, actually.

    @TehDave If they know anything about the character, the shouldn’t be. 

    Some minor spoilers followed. Brilliant, fantastic and worth the wait. 5/5 POTW. What a lovely book. Yes, it’s a little convoluted but there are some beautiful moments in this book. I enjoyed the Time Trapper/Superboy-Prime bits. The Kal-El/Kon-El mimicked panels were wonderful. And the 4th wall stuff was awesome. Not all expected, but truly wonderful. And a great nod to SBP’s first appearance. Who says continuity and great story can’t occur together? Also, the Waid Legion being from Earth Prime was a masterstroke. Loved this book. I have to say, I wouldn’t mind seeing Kon-El and Bart Allen joining the Legion down the road.

  27. Great issue and my POTW.  The ending made me laugh.  A fitting punishment for Superboy-Prime, to be stuck living in his parent’s basement, reading comics and bitching about them online.

  28. @PraxJarvin – Yes, the thread does exist and a "Superboy-Prime" is actually posting in it. I hate the term, but this feels very "meta". I like that DC is doing something like this. VERY nontraditional.

  29. SPOILER: This is the DC Forum post where Superboy-Prime is posting in both this issue and in reality:

  30. I wonder if Superboy-Prime has an iFanboy account?

  31. @DorianP TNC IS SBP!

  32. @ prax – you just blew my mind. of course!

  33. Great great ending. It´s fun to see all this sides of Geoff Jones´writing. The art as always, excelent.

    Question: Anybody knows why there was a stone statue of Alan Scott trapped on the floor of the black witch´s lair?

  34. @Simon My guess is that it has to do with an upcoming story line, but it should be noted that Alan Scott’s lantern is Magic based and not Oan based. Starheart retcons aside, Scott’s place as a Magic Hero has been shown in "Crisis on Infinite Earths," "Day of Judgment," "Day of Vengeance," and "Infinite Crisis."

  35. I dont need to ****ing take this…

    *jumps in car and drives towards the sunset*

  36. I gave this five for one reason above all else: geoff johns broke the fourth wall and went all meta…and I understood it and loved it. My hats off to you sir!

  37. i just thought it was great how each Legion was finally sorted out–the "zero hour" Legionnaires are off to wander the multiverse (and a great tip of the hat to the silver-age Wanderers), Waid/Kitson/most recent Legion is the Legion of Earth-Prime, and the Legion in the Geoff Johns Action run is the original, Silver Age Legion. XS and Gates (yea!) from the Zero Hour team have decided to stay with the Silver Age team…

  38. What a surprising end to the series.  Very good.  I really liked the end of Superboy’s story. 

  39. What I enjoy is the fact that after all this time, Superboy-Prime finally got what he wanted back to his own universe but his own actions destroyed it for him.


    So is Prime really left powerless at the end of this? I couldn’t tell if the threats he made toward his family were just whiny, empty ones or signs that he’d somehow gained back his powers.

    Geoff Johns has the power to make me a fan of just about any character he spends time writing, lol.

  41. Another great issue and definately worth the wait!!! I think we all know Superboy Prime will be back. He is too interesting a character to just leave sitting in his parents basement!

  42. This was so incredible….I just wish the delays between issues hadn’t been so long. I’ll probably end up buying the trade because it’s easier than tracking down the singles (which I already own). 🙂


  43. @ShonenRafa Brianiac says that Superboy-Prime has most likely been depowered for a short time. So he eventually will be back. I have a feeling that if he could be Superboy on his own world, he wouldn’t be living in his parent’s basement and posting to the DC messageboards.

  44. @Prax gotcha man, good point.

    Man, Prime is so pathetic it hurts!! 

  45. "Titans Together!" – YAY!

    "Hi, I’m back. Ain’t it cool?" – BOOOOO! 

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