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  1. SO EXCITED!!!

  2. i’m gonna be the one to say it. i would’ve been more excited if this had come out BEFORE Final Crisis was over.

    i can see why it was delayed since the preview looks GORGEOUS, but yeah. it kinda sucks.

  3. Yeah this series is awesome fun.

  4. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!

  5. does anyone know why this is so delayed. wasnt this due out 3 months ago?

  6. could have sworn i dropped this and, yet, somehow it’s still in my box this week. ¡dammit!

  7. @Sammy, I’m pretty sure it’s been delayed due to DC letting George Perez take his time on this–which is a great call. What’s weird is that has had a preview of this up for like a month now. And I don’t think #4 will be as long of a wait as #3 was. The mysteries of scheduling.

  8. this is what I’m most excited for this week !

  9. Final Crisis was good, but the tie-ins are awesome!

  10. #3 of 5?! Didn’t Final Crisis end last week?

  11. @s1lentslayer its geoff johns. if he wants his tie in to come out after the event is over what is dan didio going to do tell him no….haha. 🙂 plus we are not sure when this takes place. all i know is that bart allen is getting ressurectec yayyyyy

  12. Appertantly all we needed to know that happened in the first two issues was the Superman stuff, in relation to FC. So now we can move on to more huge layouts with lots of characters drawn awesomely by Perez. Yay.

  13. Every week I check with eager eyes to see if this book is coming out…

    Big ol’ geeky smile on the face right now!


  14. This book has been great! but the weigh between issues is killer.

  15. Oops. i meant "wait"….. very tired….

  16. This book has been incredible.  Mr Perez is my favorite artist of all time, so the wait has been gut wrenching!! I have enjoyed this "tie in book" much more than the main FC book. I just hope when all is said and done that we have the one "true" legion out of all of this. (that would be the 1980’s baxter version)

  17. I believe next month, the last two issues either come out on the same week, or they’re weeks apart.  I’m excited for this issue though.  It’ll be good stuff.

  18. @cyberjustice and cyberauron









    I know reading between the lines of Johns interviews he pretty much says Bart is coming back, but until it happens please mark comments like that with spoiler tags so people who don’t read the interviews don’t have major plot points like that ruined. Thanks.

  19. @cyberauron: This series fits between Superman Beyond #2 and FC #6. Before the Anti-Life Equation took over (at the very end of FC #3), Superman was taken into the future. (Would it have been so hard for editorial to tell us this point blank beforehand? No. Did the readers who figured out this continuity gain a lot of valuable secret knowledge for having done so? Not really.)

  20. and yet final crisis continues…

  21. Totally worth the wait. I’m just anxious to see what’s going to happen to the Legion now that the three-boot is officially dead.

  22. Since this takes place in the 31st century, wouldn’t this be the Final Crisis?

    Love Perez art…will be shocked if this isn’t my pick of the week. 


  23. i look forward to seeing more of sodam yat’s sweet mohawk.

  24.  Awesome Issue!

    Quick question though…Why does Prime turn into such a scaredy cat when it comes to Bart?

  25. I love the colors and layout of this cover, grabs my eye every time I check out this weeks comics.

  26. Wow. I did not predict that! (Also, phase three? Why do I think it involved the letters k-l-o-n-e.

  27. @Parker – I think its because Bart trapped him in teh Speed Force during Infinite Crisis, but they never really go into too much detail as to why Prime hates him so much.

    I’m the least versed in Legion lore/characters out of the whole DC Universe and I still love this book.  Glad to get another part (even if I don’t know who anyone but Sodam Yat, Superman and Prime are really). 

  28. @Parker he is scared of the flashes, especialy bart. Bart was the one that trapped him in that alternate dimension and the flashes kept him there. to date bart is the only one to legimately beat him. No one has taken him out one on one. The Supermen, Red Sun half of the gl corp to take him down in Infinite crisis. A guardian blows himself up in sinestro corp

  29. Yep, cyberauron’s right. Bart beat Prime’s ass down during Infinite Crisis. Beat him down like a sex starved college student.

  30. I believe Geoff has been setting this up even during the Sinestro Corps War, when the first thing Prime does when he arrives on Earth is going to Bart’s grave and messing up his memorial.

    Too many characters, too much going on… Still managed to be my PotW. Fantastic read.

    And welcome back, awesome teenage Bart. Let’s all forget that you were an adult for a while.

  31. I really enjoyed this issue and didn’t know at all what was going to happen towards the end, although several of these comics really show several people did know.  Anyway, I’m glad this book is once more coming out and I look forward to see what more comes out of the ending.  This issue really made my day.

  32. This book gets better and better with each issue!! I just wish the next two issues would come out next week!!

  33. between the bart allen and the hint at the return of kon-el, tim drake might not be so sad anymore.

  34. This cover reminds me of the main character from Mass Effect.

  35. @micahmeyers i see two potential avenues for kon el to return. the thing with the legion wanting a piece of luther or kon el becoming a black lantern. Johns does need a guy to be sodam yats opposite

  36. @cyberauron- another way to bring back kon-el is luthor making another clone.

  37. the cast is waaaaaay too big.  i got lost several times during the story.  there were points where the art looked great and, when i recognized a character, i enjoyed it emensly, but there is soo much going on with soo many characters that i dont really care about.

  38. @Neb: According to the solicits #4 is out at the end of next month, and #5 is out in May. Just in time for Adventure Comics. I hope hope hope hope the website is wrong (its happened a number of times), but the timing makes sense.

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