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  1. This actually has a pretty damn intriguing premise. 

  2. Yeah, I’m not one for the Human Flame, but the description sounds really good.

  3. I like the idea of a comic centered around "the underbelly of the DCU." Heres hoping it’s as intesting as it sounds…

  4. i have a stinky feeling this might just suck huge balls! but if it doesn’t i’ll be the first to say

  5. i meant say ‘sinking’ but i really did mean ‘huge balls’

  6. @edward For once I agree with you. I reel like Sturges doesn’t have the best track record with Superhero comics. Freddie Williams isn’t one of my favorite artists… but…. this might be fun. Really, I’m only interested in Ink and Dance. But… we’ll see.

  7. of all the aftermath books, i have the highest hopes for this one, but of course, we’ll just have to wait and see…

  8. Is this Final Crisis mess still going?

    Looks like creativity is dwindling at DC: "We can’t think of any good new ideas. Hang on, we paid Moriison a crap load of cash for that Crisis fiasco, so lets squeeze it as dry as we can. To hell with quality and creativity, lets see if crisis can bring in the dollars for another six months!!"

  9. I’m looking forward to these Aftermath titles, except for Ink.  Don’t care about Tattooed Man.

  10. @dirtyharry2030: These Final Crisis Aftermath miniseries are dealing with the aftermath of Final Crisis (it’s in the title after all), just like Dark Reign is dealing with the aftermath of Secret Invasion.  Both companies do this, it’s nothing new. 

  11. @dirtyharry2030 What would Clint think of you? These are exploring the ramifications of Final Crisis in the DC Universe. It’s four mini-series which you are under no obligation to buy. As far as quality, that’s not something you can really judge until it comes out, no? 

    Also just cause you didn’t like Final Crisis doesn’t mean other’s do too. I for one don’t see the problem with it. Different strokes and all that. 

  12. I didn’t like Williams’ art on Flash, but I really liked his art in Robin so I hope its more in that vein, even though I couldn’t say what was the difference between the two (prob inkers/colorists). But I’ve enjoyed all I"ve read from Sturges, so I’m game for this. FCA:Dance is the other mini I’m looking forward to.

  13. I’m gonna have to flick through this in the store before even thinking of buying it, but that’s one hell of a great cover.

  14. i’m most looking forward to Dance because of SYT and Joe Casey… 
    this is the only other FCA title i am considering…  mainly because of Freddie Williams…  i also enjoyed Final Crisis and would like to read something that references it…

  15. @PraxJarvin: Stop taking it personally man. I thought, in my personal opinion, Final Crisis was a total mess. A poor, convoluted story with giant plot holes.

  16. oh teh ironing.

  17. Do us a favor and don’t shit on a book that hasn’t come out yet.

  18. I’m sitting on the fence, loved Final Crisis, think it was a bit too high brow for some or they didn’t like for personal reasons but didn’t they explore this idea with Bart and the Rogues?

     Could be really good though so I’m going to take a flip through it at the store and then decide. 

  19. @dirtyharry What did I take personally? You’re the one hating on a book you’re not even reading and feeling need to announce it.

    Anyway… this was mediocre at best. But I gave it a 1/5 for one very specific reason: The freakin’ miscolored Firestorm! What the hell!? The character’s been around for 5ish years at this point and we still can’t remember he’s Black? Geez. This would have been a 2/5 from me. I have no interest in where it’s going or anything and don’t see how this can hold 6 issues. Definitely going to be going into Dance and Ink with reservations. And completely avoiding the other one. Add to that… I am now no longer certain about my future on JSA.

  20. I loved this issue. The Human Flame is one of my favorite new characters. He is so loathsome and dispicable you just love to hate him. He caused the death of one of DC’s most beloved characters and now he is on the run from the JLA and other supervilains. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  21. This book was awesome.  It might wear thin by the end of the mini-series, but for now, give me more a-hole human flame.  It was like he was the Deuce Bigalow of supervillains. 

  22. I think this is the first time I actually liked Williams’ art!  I didn’t like Flash at all, and wasn’t thrilled with Robin either, so he’s either growing on me, or honing his skill, or both.  Great comic, looking forward to the rest, though a 4-issue mini probably would have made more sense.

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