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  1. Final Crisis will never end! Ahahaha!

  2. Who is Nemesis again? And what did he have to do with FC?


  3. @onic   I’m not sure exactly how he fit into Final Crisis, but Nemesis is playing a big role in Wonder Woman’s solo book. He’s her boyfriend and partner at the DMA ( Dept. of Metahuman Affairs)


  4. I read a preview of this. Looks interesting

  5. So has FC happened in Wonder Woman yet? If it has then this series is useless as he is in her book just fine. If it hasn’t happened yet, well, then I guess we know he gets through Rise of the Olympian OK. Either way, is a little coordination too much too ask?

  6. @Parker   Totally agree with you. As far as I can remember FC wasn’t referred to at all in WW. 

  7. @zattaric Totally agree with you. As far as I can remember FC wasn’t referred to at all in WW. 


    I would take that as a complement for Gail Simone. 🙂  

  8. An interesting start. I think this is some intelligent writing, but this first issue suffered a little bit from having not much intelligible happening. What we have here is not really a story exactly, but the beginnings of a situation. I do plan on picking up the next issue.

  9. this confused me more than final crisis DROPPED!!!

  10. reading this fealt like a fever dream.

  11. ummm…I’m not going to be finishing this one.  I just can’t imagine reading this for 5 more issues. 

  12. dropped i was so confused

  13. the prisioner, much?

  14. This was the trippiest thing ever. I must have more!

  15. Loved it!!! Cannot wait for the next issue!!

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