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FF #7

• Field trip…into the heart of the Negative Zone!

• Scott Lang has already lost a daughter… watch what happens when he puts it all on the line to save… Bentley-23?

• The shocking reveal of the villain pulling the strings and pitting family against family — and a rescue mission unlike anything you’ve ever seen — FF vs FF!

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Michael Allred
Colors by Laura Allred
Cover by Michael Allred & Laura Allred

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.8%


Godzilla05/16/13YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Wow! A story cover, don’t see those a lot these days. Can’t wait for this one!

  2. This book gets better with each issue. I hope Michael Allred stays here forever

  3. This is my only comic for the week.

    The winding-down continues.

  4. I just read the X-Statix Omnibus and it got me excited for more Allred.

    • I really loved that series so much. And when characters died, I was pissed! The first issue was bad enough, after reading the hype about this book and most of them died after one issue. But later on when U-Go Girl died, I was really sad, then pissed, and then I realized what a great job Milligan and Allred were doing. Books like that are why I love comics.

    • I love FF, too, and that’s saying something coming from a certified Marvel hater!

    • And after going back to reread it, I realized Paul Pope, Darwyn Cooke, and Nick Dragotta did some interiors too as an added treat.

  5. JML ( says:

    Definitely didn’t think today would be the day I read the word “cisgendered” in a Marvel comic.

  6. Fun little story. And I was happy to see one of the kids SCIENCE! something. More of that please!

  7. I felt like this comic crossed over from fun to preachy a couple times.

  8. With each successive issue, I love this title more. The entire cast is interesting, though Bentley-23 and Darla have emerged as my favorites, there isn’t a single character I dislike even remotely. Fraction has done a wonderful job of balancing the developments of the rather large team, and mixed the drama and comedy to great effect story-wise. I also really like that the two books (F4 & FF) are starting to connect, albeit subtly.

    Team Allred continues to knock it out of the park every time; from facial expressions, to fight scenes, every page is gorgeous. I can’t wait for the next issue.

  9. This was actually my least favorite issue of FF so far. 🙁 Just a big fight.

    What happened to She-Hulk? She disappeared and then showed up at the end?

    I did like Ant-Man being attacked by Medusa’s eye lashes, that was pretty sweet.

    • Pretty sure Shulkie was on Attilan, which is why she turned up with all the Inhumans at the end.

    • @BCDX97 I agree, pacing was way off and nothing “cool” happened. I liked the “family” theme and Scott’s emotional growth and healing, but I was left unsatisfied. For such a build-up I wanted more to happen than “just a big fight”. Sometimes this title suffers from ADD and is hard to follow, this was one of those times.

  10. This is the first issue of FF I’ve ever read. Very retro and fun!

  11. I need to re-read this. I couldn’t follow the fight scenes well. Still deserves a 4/5 from me.

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