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FF #15

• The final chapter for the Council of Reeds!

• Guest-starring the Power Pack!

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Nick Dragotta
Cover by Mike Choi & June Brigman

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Sweet, no Bobillo mucking up the book.

    • As I said before, when Bobillo was gone I’d be back. That didn’t take long at all, lol.

      By the way, did anyone else read the letters page on Fantastic Four? I loved how they talked crap about Bobillo and no one defended him.

    • The letters column was pretty brutal. There were a few people talking him up, but it did seem as if Marvel quickly got the hint that people did not like Bobillo on this book.

      Personally, I had a lot of issues with his pencils, not the least of which was the fact that he lost count of how many members there were in the FF.

    • @jonny/ctrosejr: Did you see the one where Christos Cage had to defend the idea of having gay characters in Avengers Academy?

      Part of me respects the hell out of the guy for doing it but the other half is like ‘Really, they had to respond to the nutjob?’

    • @TheNextChampion: I missed that. Good on him for responding. You know the nutjob they published was the tamest of all the letters they got on the subject.

  2. Yeah glad to see Dragotta on this cause the issue he day waaayyy back for Fantastic Four was really good. Kinda confused on why Dragotta didn’t get to do this series in the first place.

  3. That silent issue he did after the Torch died was fantastic.

  4. Damn, i totally grew up with powerpack. itchin’ to get this:)

  5. though i am getting sick of Mike Choi’s “backgrounds optional” covers.

  6. I really liked what Bobillo was doing…

  7. I had no problem with Bobillo except for a few storytelling hiccups. It looked juvenile but was about the kids. On a similar note I am not sure I keep following this once it tries to makes its own way from the War of the Four Cities plotline… But then Hickman throws in stuff like the Power Pack. The Power Pack! The 13-year old in me is really jazzed.

  8. I liked Bobillo. Those letter’s last issue were crazy.

    • I didn’t particularly like him on FF, but he did have an interesting style, and I could see digging him on something else. I think the main problem was it was such a difference from what, say – Epting and Kitson had been doing on the overall story. Just a touch too different for some folks compared to what we were used to maybe.

  9. Looking forward to this.

  10. So, here’s where i plead ignorance and say that while I’ve seen the Power Pack before i have no idea who they are or what they can do. It’s been years. does anyone know which ones we’re looking at on this cover and what their powers are?

    • Alex Powers (white costume) Age: ~15. Code name: Zero-G or Gee. Power: Controls gravity. Currently a member of the Future Foundation.
      Julie Powers (magenta costume) Age: ~13 Code name: Lightspeed. Power: Controls acceleration. Currently attending classes at Avengers Academy.
      Jack Powers (cyan costume) Age: ~10 Code name: Mass Master. Power: Controls density (mass). Currently ???
      Katie Powers (yellow costume) Age: ~8 Code name: Energizer. Power: Controls energy. Currently ???

  11. I had no problem with Bobillo. I really liked his stuff when I first saw it in “The New Exiles”.

    • Bobillo has talent / gift for cosmic and mechanical things. His drawings of the kids were bad, however. Val look like she was an 80 year-old midget in some panels.

    • I guess I didn’t see it. I’m surprised that everyone who hated Bobillo, loved Dragotta. I don’t think that their styles are much different from each other.

  12. Loved this. Very happy to have Dragotta onboard.

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