The Marvel Universe holds a wake for Bucky Barnes … Fear Itself forever altered the life of Captain America, see how!

Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Butch Guice
Cover by Butch Guice

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.2%


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  1. Decisions. It’s a Fear Itself tie in, but it’s Brubaker.

    • That Fear Itself banner has kept folks away from some great comics! JIM, anyone?
      I’m gonna pick this up only because I hope to see Bru try to dig his way out of the mess Fraction made of his Winter Soldier opus—reeeeally hope Bru somehow realigns the character drama of this event (Still pissed out how matter-of-factly Bucky was killed off.)

    • Your right it is Brubaker.I just can’t believe that all the work that Brubaker put into the character of bucky and they killed him off like that!

    • @avenger68 agreed. Bucky was in my top 5 list. Hopefully they’ll bring him back when they wrap up the retrocentric Cap and Bucky book.

  2. I’ll give it a try if it gets some praise on the site. And only because this is such a light week.

  3. Guice on art? That sold me enough, but the main reason for this is because I’ve been waiting for Brubaker to deal with Bucky’s death since Captain America #1. If anyone but him was writing this, I probably wouldn’t be picking this up

  4. i gotta know what father Bru has to say about bucky’s death.

  5. I decided to drop Iron Man and Thor after Fear Itself, and this is going to help me to decide whether to keep Cap or drop it. From what I understand this is going to set the stage for what is coming up in the CA ongoing.

    • Brubaker tweeted today that this book will reveal his “next big Marvel project.” I’m in for his writing and Guice on art anyway, but that seals the deal for me.

  6. I’m sure anything having to do with Cap will get covered in the ongoing I’m already buying.

  7. Guys, you should probably pick this up. Major stuff going down in here.

  8. Holy crap…. Haven’t been this pleasantly surprised by a comic in a looping time. Suffice it to say, this issue proves that the big two ought to keep a tight lip about certain things more often!

  9. YES! Very excited for what’s to come.

  10. Brubaker just won the comic book awesomeness championship!

  11. so last week in the Cap/Bucky thing I said something about how it feels like Bucky isn’t really dead. All intentional apparently. Can’t wait for the new book!

  12. Also, I want to note how happy I am that I don’t check other comics news sites as much as I check iFanboy. I have to assume the Founders Three received this news just as the rest of the industry media did. Thank you for holding off!

  13. Man, between this and Cap & Bucky, Brubaker is on fire. POW, and boy can I not wait for Winter Soldier.

  14. Looks like as a big Bucky fan I may actually want to pick this up.

  15. I wasn’t going to pick this up. I’m full up on fear itself. I didn’t hate the series as much as many, but I didn’t think it was great either. If anything it just re-established how most events just aren’t very good as a whole.

    But I read the spoils on the review’s thinking “who cares anyway” and I gotta say that i’m so happy upon hearing the status of one of my favorite marvel characters that I may just snag this anyway.

  16. I am going to enjoy listening to people eating their words this week. “Fear Itself ruined Cap!” Looks to me like it took the series in a new, more interesting direction. Winter Soldier sounds like a fun concept that makes a hell of a lot more sense than shiny Cap.

  17. This whole issue was one big solicit for a new series? son of a bitch! Marvel is making it easier and easier to jump on the dc train.

    • are you serious? Isn’t just about every issue of any comic book a “solicit” to the next? The comic industry is very vertical and everything that happens is contengent on something that happened in some other book, whether it be the same title or not. Plus this can be read separately from the other FI .1’s becuase they’re all dealing with different character’s after effects (i won’t be picking up the other ones).

      The story was great and shocking (suprisingly). The art was good. They brought back one of my favorite characters without the huge “________ reborn” or “the return of ________” banners. Maybe the $3.99 price is too high for what this is, but i’ll pay it gladly for content that is handled like this. 5/5 from me.

    • Really jumped down that guy’s throat, you sound like Matt Fraction on Wordballoon

    • Also, he was wrong, this issue rocked.

    • thank you? haha

  18. If you brought this you have no one to blame but yourself.

  19. I love father Bru. I haven’t been this pleasantly surprised in 10 years. And bravo with keeping your mouth shut, Marvel!!

  20. I didn’t like Fear Itself bit I picked this up because it was a one and done cap story written by Brubaker–not Fraction, I would think most fans know by now that different writers matter!?!– and drawn by Butch Guice. And it happened to have an incredible surprise for fans of Bru’s cap run that wasn’t spoiled by solicits. In short, this issue was a blast and I’m clearly not alone in this sentiment. But the haters who didn’t read the issue still gotta hate, I suppose.

  21. I can’t believe you fucks convinced me to pick this up. That was the big news? A character who’s been dead for 3 months is being relaunched by the same guy who’s written him for the past 5 years? Hey I hope it’s good but this isn’t exactly a game-changer and I’m not quite sure why it’s a headline, we’re less than a year removed from Bru’s Bucky Cap book being dropped by half of its readers for being stale

    • Disagree man. We haven’t had a Steve Rogers Cap since Civil War, and we haven’t had a Winter Solider since then either. This is the return of two Awesome characters.

    • Not sure why everything has to be a game changer. Can’t it just be good comics? Now, whether you think this issue was good is up to you…

    • i loved the story, art, everything. And sooooooo glad bucky is back as winter soldier. But i’m most excited that A. bucky was killed without 6months of “DEATH OF ___” stuff shoved in our face and B. that he was brought back without the reboot banners.

  22. Yes!!! Thank the heavens!!! Fear Itself was the worst Marvel event ever … and I thought Secret Invasion would be tough to top. But this goes a long way towards erasing at least one of its worst aspects. And the new Brubaker series? Yeah, I’ll be on board for that….

    • How exactly does this erase fear itself? Considering this is basically Winter Soldier #0, does it really have anything to do with fear itself?

  23. Cutty-

    the major happenings of feat it self were bucky and thor dying. Now if they bring back thor in 7.3 they will have undone all their happenings before the event even ended. (and the funny thing is the thing people are happiest about in fear itself is when they erase parts of fear itself)

    • Those deaths were hardly the main points of Fear Itself. Bucky and Thor could’ve lived and it would not have had any different effect on the story. That’s what made Thor’s death in particular so lame. Bucky could have lived, died, or just been held out of Fear Itself altogether and it would not have changed the story in the least, Fraction would’ve just picked another B or C-Lister to kill off in the middle issues to raise the stakes.

    • But the plot it self was not memorable (the whole thing seemed constructed to just kill them, though you are right that there deaths served very little purpose) so if the deaths were not the memorable part what was?? Or can you name part of the Fear It Self series more memorable? (not counting the couple of good tie ins like Journey into Mystery and Avengers Academy)

  24. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised — kudos to Marvel for not ruining this ahead of time with needless hyping. It was good to not know what was coming for once.

    And Bucky’s back? Yeah, I’m excited. Like so many others, I found his death in Fear Itself lame, both poorly written and meaningless in the larger narrative. (Thor at least dies as a result of vanquishing the villian). After finishing Gulag, I really had the feeling that Brubaker was setting up a new direction for Bucky, that a new chapter of his life was about to begin, only to be cut short by the editorial demands of some event book. Now that we know that this was not the case, I feel a little better about the whole Fear Itself mess.

    Overall, not one of Brubaker’s strongest issues, but I still enjoyed it. And I’ll definately be onboard for the new series next year. Looking forward to seeing where this goes next . . .

  25. I hope this goes to show Marvel, and DC as well, that there is definitely something to be gained by keeping your big reveals concealed until the readers actually read the books. Had this been teased with cheesy promo images of “Winter Soldier: Reborn”, it would have garnered a collective ho-hum from the comic book community. Instead it got a very positive reaction. And not just that, but one that created a buzz around a book that many were writing off due to the stupid Fear Itself banner and title. A decent amount of people were intrigued as to what happened in this book that they had no interest in, and why it was causing so much talk. Come on publishers. More of this, less blatant spoiler promos!

  26. This is a prime example of what is wrong with comic books today. Marvel promises big changes, nothing will be the same. They deliver with not one but two deaths. Since Thor is the fake death they hand us Bucky. The internet is shocked at the first issue. Maybe, just maybe they were telling us the truth this time. While I fully expected Bucky to come back in a year or two I did not expect him to come back one issue after Fear Itself ended. I don’t care of the God who watches over comics himself wrote this issue. A turd is still a turd. I have never felt so insulted as a reader as I did when I finished this book. There is no way anyone can convince me that a spark of life remained him after the beating he took. Marvel pulled another fast one on us and i think this was the final straw. I think it’s time to just say no to all these mega events that have no lasting changes. Say no to the all the crossovers that only serve just to drive up sales. It’s time to speak with my wallet. I’m dropping all cap books and the post fear books.

    • Yeah, big changes are never permanent, ever, in comics. At least with this one they didn’t jerk us around for a year. Instead, we’ve got a great character back to a cool status quo in a new ongoing by a rad team.

      Maybe it’s just me, but that feels like a win.

    • @ Casey – Don’t get me wrong, I thought this was a good 3.5/4’ish comic and I’m hoping the new Winter Soldier series is good. I just think it’s ridiculous that people on this forum are “OMG, SO SHOCKING!!!” or that this somehow makes up for one of the worst (my opinion) events in the modern age.

      If there is one thing that is not shocking in comics, it’s that a popular character with his own series faked his death.

    • Maybe I liked it so much because, as Fear Itself had done everything else wrong, I just assumed that this terrible death for Bucky was the real deal, a way to shuffle him off so that Steve could come back in time for the movie. I was, indeed, surprised at the reveal in this issue, and excited for the new direction. That probably makes me a rube, but I’m too happy about the result and the execution to care.

    • I think we can both agree that “rube” isn’t used nearly enough

    • Concur, my good man. Concur.

  27. Pretty bummed I saw Bleeding Cool’s spoiler-iffic headline splashed across the front page of their website Wednesday morning.

    That’ll teach me to go anywhere but iFanboy!

  28. This was a good comic. Actually pretty happy that we don’t have to wait like a few years for bucky to come back. Winter soldier should be really good to if Bru’s track record with the character is anything to go by.

  29. Great book. After the last few months, I believed that Bucky was truly gone. And with that, a lot of faith in Marvel was going to go with it. Great surprise. I almost didn’t pick up this book, but it made my week to say the least.

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