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The blockbuster Marvel event of the year continues!

Sin leads the most audacious attack on American soil the world has ever seen as global panic sets in and we fall sway to the power of fear itself. On Asgard, Loki hatches the scheme to end all schemes. And everywhere, the Serpent’s presence is felt…never moreso than when a major Marvel hero falls at his hands. The shock ending to end all shock endings…as the cycle of evil stretching millennia is at last completed.

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Stuart Immonen
Cover by Steve McNiven, Stuart Immonen & Guiseppe Camuncoli

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%
Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh

  2. Having fun with this.  From the art to the story, it’s great.  No tie-ins for me for this event.

  3. Bucky?

  4. Hmm, always interesting to see how the ifanboy community seems to slightly favor the DC side of things. I’m fairly certain that Fear Itself has garnered a fair bit more enthusiasm than Flashpoint so far. I’ll be very curious to see how this direct matchup fairs sales wise (as I’m sure the big two certainly are themselves!!” Regardless, I’m excited for both books and am happy for two events going on simultaneously that both have me excited (I just happen to think that DC needs to pass the reins over to another writer for their next event)

  5. I’m more a Marvel than a DC, but this event is doing nothing for me. This might be my last issue of the series. I’ve not stopped an event mid-flow before.

  6. I’m having fun with this as well. Not delving into tie ins though. Unless they look really interesting like Journey Into Mystery.

  7. Last week’s tie-ins were terrible. I didn’t like issue #2, but it’s the big event so I’ll probably still give it a try, borrow it from a friend or something. Definitely enjoying the only two related Flashpoint books more so far. Flashpoint seems almost absurd and unimportant (which it isn’t, given recent announcements) but Fear Itself is just trying to hard to be edgy. Everything that Ron said about Spencer’s issues in particular rang true for me and for book #2 as well.

  8. Issue 2 was a bit of a disappointment story-wise.  I just can’t say no to Immonen! 

  9. @Jdudley-Im a total Marvel Zombie but I just find Flashpoint to be more interesting at this time-I myself like different takes on characters. One of my favorites is Red Son by Mark Millar-In fear it self it just seem like a bunch of dudes got msytical hammers and there destroying shit without any real emotions being shown-Im still on board  right now but Flashpoint is just better to me and I stop giving a shit about who is  publishing the comic im reading along time ago as long as there good.

  10. sweet, I can’t wait to see what Loki’s gonna be doing

  11. I’m confused with how this and Captain America line up continuity wise. In Cap Bucky is still in t he Russian prison, but the preview for this had what looks like Bucky-Cap in the issue.

  12. the wait for this book has been excruciating but fuck for fraction and immonen I’d wait a year

  13. @BuckyCap: I have a feeling that the Captain America series hasn’t really caught up with Fear Itself

  14. Just buy it for immonen if nothing else.  Fear Itslef is a bigger event than flashpoint so the story is taking a little bit longer to develop but I can definetly feel some big shit coming on.  The tie-ins have been a lot of fun but this would still be great regardless

  15. I guess it’s not an event until someone gets a hole ripped through his chest (or fried by lightning)… so, event on!

  16. Well… not that shocking… didn’t this happen like 2 years ago (different person in the same role).

  17. @BuckyCap – I was going to ask the same damn thing! 

  18. What is up with the vertical word balloons in this series?? I’ve never seen so much wasted space covering great art.

  19. @dent309  How is it bigger? They are both about the same.

  20. @ResurrectionFlan  Fear Itself is two issues longer than Flashpoint

  21. So far, I’m not too impressed with Fear Itself so far, especially the past two episodes.  The assault on the capital is, to me, pretty much the same thing that happened in Grand Theft America in Ultimates 2, except nowhere near as good as Ultimates 2. Going to keep buying it to see where it goes, but…eh…

  22. *Spolier*

    What happened at the end was contrived unemotional rubbish that completely lacked substance. If what happened is permanent then the charachter deserved better. What Hickman did was worlds betond it. And if I’m being honest, Secret Invasion was much better so far.

  23. Strongest of the Fear Itself issues so far. Immonen is killing it. If I don’t see that two page spread in panel of the week I will be shocked.

  24. Immonen is knocking the art out of park every issue, but wow this has been dull and uninspired so far. And that ending was just yawn inducing. I’m jaded because this has been the tack each Marvel event has followed since House of M. Show me something different

  25. @PraxJarvin  
    Agreed. There is nothing creative going on here. A battle they can’t win? Wasn’t that the last event?
    Nazi villains? Really?

    Fraction is better than this. 

  26. I’m not really following whats going on or what the characters are talking about. I know you were supposed to be able to jump right in to this event with #1, but really, it feels like i showed up to class and didn’t to any of my homework. The art was pretty good though. I feel there is a lot of Thor-verse stuff that i’m supposed to already be familiar with. 

    @NawidA  –‘a battle they can’t win’ is like every comic book ever written. lol 

  27. Unimpressed.

  28. This kind of frustrated me. Its jumping around too much. Doesn’t feel like a coherent story.

  29. Is this issue a good jumping off point?

  30. @ResurrectionFlan  Actually, great jumping off points started with last issue.

  31. its interesting how there are more people saying its not very good, but it has a pretty high POW percentage. lots of silent lovers of this series. Fill us in people…what are we missing that you are really loving?

  32. Thought this was the best issue I’ve read. Was about to drop it even though I have faith in Fraction. I’m enjoying the fact that a man would not stand a chance against a god, which is made concrete at the end. I’m also liking the Asgardian developments.

    Nevertheless, the story is only good with the art being excellent.

    I want more story and less fighting, but that is unlikely to happen.

    Jonah Hex’s single issue this week was better than this mini series so far.

    That might put my feelings on this event in perspective.

    Though I’m enjoying it now and will be with it til the end.

  33. I usually like Fraction but not enjoying this.  It all seems like a previews for the miniseries which I’m not going to buy. 

  34. something just seems off about this as a death for Bucky. I think there is more to it than what it seems. although, that is quite the gaping wound.

  35. THAT was the scheme to end all schemes?!?!

  36. You know, what happened to Bucky affected me, but, not as much as it would’ve if it was written better.

  37. It’s strange that they created these awesome designs for the charcters transformed by the hammers but we only get like one panel of each person and from a weird angle.

    i like it. they’re being a bit smart about it instead of just shoving the shit in your face.

  38. What happened to the old man? Hopefully the next issue we will find out what the actual story is going to be about.

  39. @nick0606  I know right?

  40. I like that Thing is being pulled into as one of the heralds.  But Bucky??  That was pretty crazy.  Is he gone?  or just part of the story for now?  We shall see

  41. SPOILERS (I’m assuming that’s a given at this point, but just in case)


    I just re-read the first three issues to try and answer your question and I’m glad I did. Taken individually with weeks between each chapter, I haven’t been terribly invested in the story. The art from Immonen/VonGrawbadger/Martin is consistently stunning, but the story hasn’t taken up much space in my brain.

    But now that I’ve read the story so far in one chunk, I’m a bit more on board and excited to see what’s coming next. Right now, the possibility exists for a massive Asgardians vs. Serpent-influenced humans war that could have some lasting repercussions (maybe a status quo where Odin strands Thor on a Midgardthat hates and/or fears him?). I think we’re likely to see The Worthy join together to fight some other group (perhaps Odin has a change of heart about Thor’s friends and spreads some Hammer love of his own?)

    I gues in short, my socks have yet to be rocked, but I’m still game for whatever’s coming next because I think there’s a lot more to come.

  42. @KenOchalek  –i might try that. I was having the same issues with Brightest day and dropped the book early on. Went back and read the first batch in one sitting and was re-enthused for the series. I don’t like that a story is that dense that it requires re-reading like that, but sometimes it is what it is. 

  43. The character motivations in this book are non-existent. Why did Ben go get the hammer? Because an a-hole yelled at him, that’s just dumb. Odin changes his mind for almost no reason, and you end up thinking… well, what the hell was the point of the issue 1 and 2 Asgard stuff? This just seems so shoddy. Which is a shame because I like Fraction.

  44. @PraxJarvin Reed asked Ben to move the hammer. He was sucked into it before he even came close.

  45. There were some nice moments in this issue, and some great visuals. Bucky got jacked up, did not expect that. Maybe that’s how Cap’n Steve gets the shield back. Still not sure where this is going, but I’ll stick around to see.

  46. I liked this issue – it’s not perfect but considering the scope of the event, it’s never going to be easy pulling it all together. I think once it’s over and you can read all seven issues as a whole, it’ll be a fun ride.

    Obviously goes without saying that the art is bananas.

  47. Last time I checked Falcon, Black Widow, and Shang-chi are not bulletproof or superhuman fast enuf to dodge bullets, so how dumb is it to pit them against Nazi-Mechas that are armed with cannons and gatling guns?

    Interesting to see Loki doing benevolent, yet malevolent things, kinda a complex, new spin on the character.

    Glad Immonen didn’t bother with the wife-beater look on Thing’s FF costume.

  48. I agreed that the ending lacked emotional weight. I understand editorial wanting the big developments like this to happen in the event books, but in this case it (potentially) does a huge disservice to the character by having it not happen in his own book. We’ll see in the coming weeks how it gets spun though.

  49. This has got to be the weakest premise of any Marvel event ever. I have no idea why I’m supposed to care about anything happening in this mini-series, or what impact it has on the Marvel Universe. I wasn’t aware of the latest Marvel death but when I read what happened, I couldn’t be bothered to care. Some time travel bullet thingie will bring him back, or a magic hammer, or something. I’m not sure why I’m reading this.

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