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The Mighty Thor–imprisoned by his own father!

As Odin and the Asgardians leave the Earth to fend for itself against the God of Fear, the Avengers and the world’s remaining heroes battle the unstoppable tide of terror!

And then– the Serpent’s Hammers fall! Who are the Worthy? Who shall rise up and join the Serpent as living avatars of his evil? And how can the Avengers respond…to fear itself?

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Stuart Immonen
Cover by Steve McNiven & Stuart Immonen

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.4%


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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I hope we find out what the problem is in this issue.

  2. I’m all over this.  First ish was fun and I’m looking to this book to get me more into Marvel….wait…all my books are Marvel this week so far?!

  3. @misterckent  mine too and a few weeks ago it was like that as well

  4. The first issue really surprised me.

  5. Hoping this issue picks up the pace a little more. very interested in both this issue and moon knight 1. 

  6. Liked issue one, but I agree that we need to know what the stakes are by the end of this one.

  7. I’m in for now.

  8. nope

  9. I’m really looking forward to more of this, I loved issue one

  10. Issue one was a great opener, the art was incredible as always from Immonen. Can’t wait for this next ish.

  11. Loved the first issue…good story and great art. Looking forward to this.

  12. I went into this ambivalent.  But I really enjoyed the first issue.  Cannot wait for more.  That much having been said, I am curious what the end game for this is.  The only thing that I see is a return to status quo for the Asgardians, and that is kinda boring resolution.

  13. the first issue didn’t peak my interest other than Odin whoopin Thors’ ass all over the place, I added this to my pull but only cuz I can’t wait to see who will get the hammers and what kind of damage they’re gonna do.

  14. iam in for the long haul

  15. Loved #1.  I’m in for #2.

  16. @Edward: Any reason why it’s “nope”? As event books go this one started very well. 

  17. I read ish 1 and couldn’t stay awake.  Maybe I need to try it again. My feelings are that for such a big deal, i thought the illustrations could have been a step up from what it was.  I found the art, at times, purile.  I’m with Edward on this: Nope.

  18. I was really put off by the hype leading up to Fear Itself but really enjoyed the first issue – so will definitely be getting this. 

  19. Digging this as well. I am sort of enjoying the slow burn.

  20. The whole hook for me is how scared Odin is. That has me very interested.

  21. I’m not a big Marvel reader, so I’m having a bit of trouble staying interesting.  Am I supposed to know who the man and woman in the diamond mine are?  Am I supposed to care about them?  That isn’t a criticism.  I’m actually asking.

  22. Fraction is a poser, other than Immonen’s art, this was average at best.  I mean I guess you do get the sense that the good guys are in trouble, but you know it’s just a facade.  Guess question now is how will the heroes overcome this, cus you know they will.

    @stuclach  that was the Absorbing Man and Titania, two of Marvel’s classic supervillains.

  23. @Franktiger  woooow you successfully discribed the plot every superhero comic (and indeed a great deal of all genres of all media throughout time).  Yes, the good guys almost always win, that is a fact that any 4 year old can easily tell you.  Its not about the fact that the good guys win nearly every time, its about how and what happens in between.  Do you really think the serpent is going to conquor the world and kill all the heroes by the end of this book?  What would that leave?  Yes, by the end of this book the big three will probably be standing over the vanquished bodies of the choosen and all the other baddies, but Im sure there will be at least one casuality or major change in the canon (apparently the last choosen is a real doozie).  Its not about the destination, its about the ride.  If you dont like it, read Kirkman books.

  24. Haven’t read it yet, but this seems to be the only site that’s taking a dump on Fear Itself.  Even  /co/ sort of likes it.  Weird.

  25. @Kamilo  @Franktiger  – This is true. I just read The Viltrumite War (volume, what, 14?) and gotta say, that Invincible event was more satisfying then Secret Invasion and Siege combined. If you want to read better tights n’ capes books, where the outcome is questionable and the “this changes everything” promise is real, I’d look somewhere other then Marvel and DC. They’ve got too much at stake outside of the comics market to bother telling satisfying stories that aren’t stasis-locked.

  26. boring issue, pure filler

  27. For a $3.99 comic, I expect more than setup for other comics taking part in Fear Itself. This does not feel like a “contained” story. I won’t be back for issue 3.

  28. @franktiger Thank you.

  29. They should’ve put this together with the first issue.

  30. @Kamilo  I know I know I’m stating the obvious that everyone knows, but it’s up to the writer to give us a sense that the heroes are really at risk, that the danger posed on the world is formidable, and like I said, I guess some will be intrigued to see how this rides out, and maybe that’ll include me, but I would challenge the assertion that any 4 yr old could easily tell me that the good guys always win;)

    Just saying this was sorta ineffectual in giving me that feeling of impending doom for the heroes, that there’s a real threat for them, in spite of the impressive visuals provided by Immonen, I mean we have no idea what these hammers do other than to make these characters look like they’re from Tron or something.

  31. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This is what I want out of a Marvel event. 

  32. Who was the blue guy with the hammer in the Pacific Ocean, breaking the pipeline? I believe his “Worthy” name was Nerkkod.

  33. @Ben99 Attuma? He’s an Atlantean villain. They did a really bad job of explaining that. Kind of how Sentry died in Siege in the bottom corner of a page in a teeny tiny panel.

  34. @RessurectionFlan Thanks for the info. I completely forgot about Attuma. Haven’t seen him for a while.

  35. I  liked this a lot. Eagerly awaiting #3.

  36. Good lord Immonen.

    On a side note, Marvel’s hit the spot with Siege and now this so far.  I hope they can stay on track.

  37. Great issue. Enjoyed it much more than the first if not fir the simple fact that things actually happened in this issue. How can you not like a book with Juggernaut, and Hulk wielding big bad ass hammers!

  38. @PaulMontgomery  Dull and boring?

  39. Might be the wrong place to ask, but can anyone reccomend me any good stories with Juggernaunt? I’ve been getting into Thunderbolts and he was pretty ace in this.  Thanks in advance.

  40. @Anthony  my fave comics with Juggernaut were in Uncanny X-Men #183, 194, and 217-218.  Those stories were what defined the character for me.

  41. not bad at all. Kinda intrigued to see where its going. I don’t read Thor, but man that Thor speak font is so tough to read. I dunno how some of you guys do it. 

    the single weirdest news bulletin was “Autism rates skyrocketing”…a bit of a double take for me. 

  42. Don’t know wgy some people are hating on this, i am enjoying this event , can’t wait for the next issue.  My only question is who were the couple in the mine?

  43. @ResurrectionFlan  @Franktiger  Thanks heaps guys, I’ll check em out.

  44. I’m fairly enojoying this series. I’m not quite feeling the scale of it yet, like in Siege, but its still entertaining.

    In the next event series, all of the “worthy” will get variations on Captain America’s shield. HAH!

  45. @Anthony  He’s fought spider-man a couple times. once back in the 70s i think and once back in the 90s. the 90s one was drawn by romita jr. pick that up, its great

  46. @Anthony  @RoiVampire  YES! Amazing Spider-Man #229-230 check that out. Good call!

  47. currently at 7.2% pick of the week? did that many iFanboy members only buy one comic or something?

  48. I liked this issue but didn’t love it, I enjoyed the Spider-man Fear Itself tie in way better.  Still, overall I’m enjoying Fear Itself quite a bit thus far.

  49. I am not very impressed so far with whats going on. Although on a positive note Immonen’s art is as always unbelievebly awesome!

  50. Art awesome …. story ….letdown.

  51. @RoiVampire  You forgot about the other 90’s fight between Juggy and Spidey, the one with X-Force!  It is just about as good as you would expect something written by McFarlane and Liefeld would be.  But the art is fantastic! (if you like that kinda thing) 

    Also, I think that they bring one of the WTC towers in that one, or at least an analog for it.

  52. @MisterJ  That’s the story I immediately thought of.  I think it’s the only Spidey vs. Juggernaut I’ve read. 

    Also, both of the early Deadpool minis had some good Juggernaut/Black Tom action.  Particularly the second one.

  53. dingdingdingdingding one thousand pulls

  54. I thought this was fun, but it feels like it should be happening in the Thor main series.

  55. Great work art. And about the story … i waiting for the next issue to have a real impression of the storyline.

  56. This has been well written and drawn by Fraction and Immonen.  Looking forward to see how this plays out w/Asgard, Sin, and the varying hammers

  57. I liked this. As far as the scale not being action-packed, I like the buildup. I also read DC and the last several years have been filled with events that are over-the-top and I’m nearly burned out. So coming from that standpoint, the start to Fear Itself is a nice change of pace in my pull list. I expect with The Worthy getting hammers, that the action will pick up in a hurry soon enough.

  58. This issue was a chore to read. Pure bluster and event hokum. I still am not getting the point of this thing, and I’m caring less and less with each issue. I *want* to enjoy Fear Itself, but I’m just not. Giving it one more issue to grab me, then I’m dropping it.

  59. I am finding the hammer design to be a bit dull. If you want me to collect them all, they need to look cooler.

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